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  1. Unleashing the Power of Precision: A Review of the WMD Legion Eurorack Module

    WMD Legion is an eight-HP oscillator that comes with an SSI2130 TZFM oscillator chip and a host of useful CV inputs. It features individual waveform outputs, a separate exponential FM input with correlating attenuator, octave switches, and a unique saw wave section inspired by the oscillator in the Alpha Juno synthesizer. The oscialltor features digital calibration, and once one tunes, one will stay in tune. The tune knob can be switched between fine and coarse modes and can be locked out to protect against unintentional movement during a performance. It has a sub-oscillator with switchable octave and Saw, Triangle, Square, and PW waveforms, a first in Eurorack in that it also fully reacts to Thru-Zero FM. The module uses very little power and stays cool and consistent in temperature, meaning it is stable for tuning. However, the downside is that these power supply parts and special opamps are entirely unavailable due to the worldwide semiconductor shortage, and only 600 Legions are available since no other runs are planned.

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  2. Unleashing Aggression: Exploring the Wave SquarifierGETREKT Eurorack Module

    The Wave SquarifierGETREKT Eurorack module is a full analog waveshaper that adds aggression to sound, disrupting and clipping complex audio sources to generate square waves. With touch controls and reactive CV inputs, this module works with both audio and CV sources, making it extremely skiff friendly. Its versatile features allow for the manipulation and flattening of various types of audio, making it a great addition to any wave mangling setup.

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  3. TUKRA: The All-in-One Trigger Sequencer for Your Eurorack Setup

    TUKRA is an 8 track eurorack trigger sequencer with drum synth, sample player, and MIDI integration capabilities with other eurorack modules, drum boxes, DAWs, MIDI devices, and MIDI surface controllers. It has up to 64 steps per pattern, 64 patterns, 64 parts, and 16 songs per project, with clock divider, length, and choke settings independent per track and pattern. The module features 8 trigger/gate, clock, and reset outputs, 4 CV inputs, and audio L & R outs, among others. Its modulation matrix is for almost all parameters and has rhythm variation and time functions.

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  4. Plum Audio RO'VED Black: A Comprehensive Guide to the Mutable-Instruments-Inspired 1U Macro Oscillator

    The Plum Audio RO'VED Black is a 1U Macro Oscillator that is based on the Mutable-Instruments-Inspired Plaits. This innovative oscillator features an improved interface with 4 ClickKnobs that are Plum's 3-in-1 knobs. The tactile controls and custom firmware make the module easy to use and convenient. The RO'VED offers 8 synthesis models for pitched sounds and 8 for noise and percussions with various controls for timbre and morph. The module also features main frequency control, 8 octaves, and various CV inputs and outputs. The Plum Audio RO'VED Black is a great tool for any musician looking to add versatility and functionality to their setup.

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  5. Pamela's PRO Workout: The Most Versatile Clocking Modulator for Your Eurorack Setup

    If you are looking for a versatile clocking modulator for your Eurorack setup, the Pamela's PRO Workout can be a great choice. This compact programmable clocked modulation source offers 8 outputs, which can produce anything from simple clocked triggers to complex rhythmic waveforms, quantized melodic patterns, or random chaos. Its features include clock divisors and multipliers, numerous waveform types, extensive Euclidean, probability and beat-based looping, cross-output modulation, and Flex microtiming for swing, human and bouncing ball-type timing effects. The module also has built-in CV inputs, individual offset, attenuation, and monitoring, and supports various output expanders, including Axon-1. Overall, the Pamela's PRO Workout is an easy-to-use and quick user interface that provides limitless synced modulation possibilities for your setup.

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  6. Maximize Your Modular Potential with the Eurorack Module Mob of Emus by Rossum Electro-Music

    The article "Maximize Your Modular Potential with the Eurorack Module Mob of Emus by Rossum Electro-Music" explores the immense creative power and versatile functionality of the Mob of Emus module. With six channels of oscillators, modulators, noise sources, triggers, rhythm patterns, and more, this compact 16HP module offers an array of possibilities for music production and sound design. Its Hex Mode allows for simultaneous control of all channels, while the harmonic control structure enables the creation of rich additive timbres and intricate polyrhythmic patterns. With additional features such as CV inputs, real-time controls, and user presets, the Mob of Emus module becomes the heart of limitless patch possibilities.

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  7. Introducing the CONTROL Module: Streamlining Control of Your Eurorack Setup

    The CONTROL module is a versatile module for Eurorack setups that simplifies control over four independent stages. Each section generates an adjustable voltage using a potentiometer between -5V and +5V, making it perfect for a range of uses such as checking CV inputs, grouping together module controls, accessing parameters of external synthesizers, and generating continuous GATE signals. Additionally, the module is skiff-friendly and is available with matte black or white panel options. It can be ordered by contacting the manufacturer, Christian from ph modular.

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  8. Get Grooving with the Magerit Metro: A Complete Drum Synthesizer in a Eurorack Module

    The article "Get Grooving with the Magerit Metro: A Complete Drum Synthesizer in a Eurorack Module" highlights the features and functionalities of the Magerit Metro, a 13HP-width Eurorack module that serves as a drum synthesizer and rhythmic sequencer. The module consists of 11 unique algorithms for generating different instruments and rhythms. It also includes six slots for loading instruments and generating patterns, a Euclidean and step sequencer, assignable potentiometers and CV inputs, and modifiable trigger inputs. Additionally, it has built-in echo and reverb effects, providing a stadium-like sound experience. The article recommends checking out the manual for more information on the module's specifications.

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  9. Get Creative with Your Mixes: Exploring the Features of the Modbap Modular Transit Eurorack Mixer

    "Get Creative with Your Mixes: Exploring the Features of the Modbap Modular Transit Eurorack Mixer" is an article that discusses the features of the Transit Eurorack Mixer by Modbap Modular. The module is a 6hp dual stereo channel lane mixer with an all-analog signal path and includes a variety of controls such as mutes per channel, gain control per channel, and ducking input per channel. The mixer also has digitally controlled LEDs for level indication and offers a main stereo output with a master volume control knob and an independent 3.5mm headphone output with its own volume control knob. The article highlights the versatility of the Transit Eurorack Mixer and how it can be used in both small and large modular systems.

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