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  1. Mixing Spectral Heaven: Exploring the ALM029 Jumble Henge Eurorack Module

    The ALM029 Jumble Henge is a unique and compact Eurorack module that offers a patch-based mixing interface for creating rich stereo mixes from both mono and stereo sources. The module features 16 total inputs with a unique stereo and spectral position for each input, along with per-input resonant analog filters that accentuate lows, low mids, high mids, and highs. It also includes a Mix control for adjusting the depth of the entire mix's filtering, and a clean external stereo input for chaining with another mixer or extra sound source. The Jumble Henge was designed in collaboration with Worng Electronics and is based on their existing larger and more featured 'SoundStage' module. This module is ideal for live sets or more creatively exploring sound in the studio.

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