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  1. Unleash Creativity with the Eurorack Module E4 Encoder Controller

    The E4 Encoder Controller is a versatile module with four rotary encoders that offer endless turning in either direction, surrounded by a visually stunning square of 32 multicolor LEDs. This unique design allows for a wide range of applications and great flexibility, perfect for mapping functions or presets. The encoders also feature push buttons for added functionality, with LED rings providing instant visual feedback on the current value. The E4's nature enables various useful features such as creating multi-turn pots, fine-tuning modes, switch positions visualization, bipolar value selection, and even trigger capabilities for "strumming". Additionally, the E4 offers a bonus encoquencer circuit for building a melody sequencer based on its encoders and LEDs. Notably, the module's power consumption varies based on LED usage, making it efficient for normal operation.

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  2. Exploring Percussive Possibilities: A Deep Dive into the 'beers-noise' Module

    This article delves deep into the 'beers-noise' module, a dual noise source with crude VCAs that offers two distinct flavors of noise for crafting percussion sounds. While one source provides standard transistor white noise, the other delivers a unique mix of 6x 40106 oscillators. The module's inbuilt VCAs serve as level controls, showcasing the versatility of integrating audio input alongside the noise sources. Inspired by circuits from the TR808, the HEX OSC and VCAs offer creative possibilities, although the module isn't designed to emulate 808 sounds. With a compact 4HP design, low power consumption, and a straightforward MIX OUT function, the 'beers-noise' module presents intriguing percussive possibilities for eurorack enthusiasts.

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  3. Unleashing Unpredictable Creativity: Exploring the doboz-prizma-mkii-white Complex Sequencer

    Unleash your creativity with the doboz-prizma-mkii-white Complex Sequencer, a versatile tool that creates complex melodic and rhythmic progressions with controlled unpredictability. With its 2 tracks of CV and GATE outputs, 16-step sequencer, and auxiliary sequencer with a clock divider, this module allows you to shape your sequences with precision. Perfect for modular enthusiasts, the Mark II version is available as a DIY full kit, making it both accessible and customizable. Explore the possibilities of unpredictable creativity with the doboz-prizma-mkii-white.

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  4. Ciao!!: The Ultimate Eurorack Output Module for Pristine Sound Conversion

    The 'Ciao!!' module is a compact and performance-oriented output module designed for the best modular-to-line level conversion, featuring 2 stereo line outputs, a headphone amplifier, clever input normalization, and signal indication with line-level clip detection.

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  5. Unleash Sonic Landscapes with the Erica Synths Black Stereo Reverb: A Versatile Hi-Fi FX Module

    Unleash versatile, hi-fi stereo effects with the Erica Synths Black Stereo Reverb: a customizable module with selectable reverb sources, three room sizes, manual/triggered freeze, CV control, preset patches, and adjustable stereo spin. Perfect for designing delicate soundscapes.

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  6. Exploring Thresholds: The QU - A Phaser and Sound Mangler Eurorack Module

    Explore the QU, a 10HP phaser and sound mangler inspired by the Doppelganger phaser pedal from the 90’s and Turkish sci-fi writer CM Kosemen. It features dual outputs (clean and distorted), two CV inputs, switches for vibrato effects and QU mode, and three pots for feedback and mix control. The QU module creates unique and evolving sounds, pushing the boundaries of sound manipulation. Discover the exciting possibilities of this module and unleash your creativity.

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  7. Unlocking Infinite Possibilities: The Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1 Eurorack Module

    Unlocking Infinite Possibilities: The Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1 Eurorack Module converts audio to MIDI, CV, and USB signals, allowing versatile control of synths and plug-ins. Its 10HP size, signal conversion capabilities, and gain control offer unmatched flexibility, while hi-Z and Low Cut functions preserve signal integrity. With USB MIDI integration, this module is a game-changer for multi-instrumentalists and DAW enthusiasts alike.

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