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  1. Unleashing Sonic Landscapes: An In-depth Examination of the AI Synthesis AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer in the Eurorack Universe

    In the article 'Unleashing Sonic Landscapes: An In-depth Examination of the AI Synthesis AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer in the Eurorack Universe', the AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer created by AI Synthesis is expertly dissected. As an integral component of the Eurorack universe, this compact 8-in, 8-out matrix mixer is designed to steer audio or cv signals from multiple sources to diverse destinations.

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  2. Takaab 2NON Eurorack Module Review: Exploring The Versatility Of Passive Dual ON-OFF-ON Switches

    The Takaab 2NON Eurorack module by Siam Modular is a versatile passive dual ON-OFF-ON switch that allows users to switch between two inputs or routing one input to either of two outputs. This review explores the Takaab 2NON's functionality, size, and package contents. The module's compact size of 1cm (2HP) x 128.5cm x 1.6cm and a depth of 1.2cm make it a practical addition to any Eurorack setup. The package includes one module and two M3 screws. Overall, the Takaab 2NON is a useful and compact module that provides an effective solution for routing audio and CV signals.

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  3. Modulaire Maritime Victor Alpha 2: The Ultimate 4-Channel Stereo Panning Mixer for Your Eurorack Setup

    The Modulaire Maritime Victor Alpha 2 is a 4-channel stereo panning mixer that can transform 4 mono signals into stereo and allow panoramic control over every mix channel and their levels. The mixer's center-detent potentiometers allow for precise control, and the mix signal is scaled through op-amp buffers to correspond to line level. The Victor Alpha 2 has separate left and right outputs, making it suitable for stereo output, while its high-performance IC borrowed from the Hi-Fi world and VU meter display ensure low noise, clean sound. The Victor Alpha 2 also features a headphone output with independent volume control and Bluetooth connectivity for easy wireless streaming. It is an excellent addition to any modular setup, made more portable by using batteries or power banks.

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  4. Instruō Lion: A Pin-Styled Matrix Mixer for Live Patching and True Summing

    The Instruō Lion is a versatile 6x6 pin-style matrix mixer that can be used for everything from signal routing and effect insert functionality to true summing with cascaded attenuation capabilities. Its interface is similar to those found on iconic modular synthesizers of the 1970s, and it comes with 10 pin cables and 2 insert cables for easy live patching. With the Lion, users can centralize their I/O network and quickly patch signals to new destinations on the fly. It's a great option for electronic musicians looking for a high-quality, reliable matrix mixer for live performance.

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  5. Exploring the Creative Possibilities with Steady State Fate Vortices HiFi Eurorack Mixer Module

    The Steady State Fate Vortices HiFi Eurorack Mixer Module is an excellent device that provides a wide range of audio mixing options. With 14 inputs and 7 outputs, the module provides separate mix outputs for mono and stereo sources, as well as a Master Mix split stereo output and a Master stereo jack output. Its inputs are DC-coupled, which makes it possible to use as a full spectrum control voltage mixer and it has a headroom of approximately 20Vpp. The module also accommodates auxiliary inputs, providing additional unity gain inputs to the mono and stereo mixers for summing external mixes or fx returns. This limited release version of the original Vortices offers the same mixing topology without the tape compression, overdrive and high frequency roll-off, making it a great option for general sound processing, panning, and crossfading applications.

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  6. Explore the Creative Possibilities with the ST Modular SEND Eurorack Module

    The ST Modular SEND Eurorack Module is a versatile and creative tool for processing audio signals. With its two AUX Send and Return inputs, tone control, input level attenuator, and LED indication, it allows for precise adjustments to the portion and frequency of the signal sent to external effects and returned to the module. The module also features gain trimmers for further customization and has built-in polarity protection. Its compact size and intuitive design make it a great performance tool for musicians and audio engineers alike.

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  7. Expanding Signal Distribution With Intellijel's Switched Mult 1U Eurorack Module

    Intellijel's Switched Mult 1U module is a passive signal multiplier with six jacks and a 3-position switch that enables asymmetrical routings. It allows you to route an input signal to multiple outputs, and it can be expanded by connecting other 3-pin Link devices, like an XY I/O 1U module or additional Switched Mult 1U modules. This module is useful for scenarios where you need to trigger multiple envelopes, control volume and filter frequency simultaneously, or distribute mults across your case.

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  8. Chain RouterADDAC809: The CV-Operated I/O Router Solving Your Audio Signal Routing Woes

    The ADDAC809 Chain Router is a CV-operated I/O router that simplifies the process of signal routing by allowing one source to be routed through two different chains before being sent to an output. This module offers six routing patterns, including having the input go to either the output or one of two possible chains, or passing through both chains before reaching the output. The Chain Router is a practical solution for audio producers and musicians who want to quickly switch the order of their delay and looper effects without needing to repatch anything.

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  9. Boredbrain Music Mimix: A Versatile Dual Multiple & Unity Mixer for Eurorack Systems

    The Boredbrain Music Mimix is a versatile dual multiple and unity mixer module for eurorack systems. It features two buffered multiples with augmented fourth outputs, as well as a 4-input unity summing mixer. The module ensures no signal loss or interaction between copies and is perfect for copying voltages scaled to 1V/oct. The augmented copies allow for experimentation with inverted and rectified signals. The summing mixer combines all four inputs at unity gain, making it great for creating unique modulations or mixing audio signals. The Mimix is a powerful utility module that expands the creative possibilities of any eurorack system.

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