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  1. Unleashing Sonic Brilliance: Exploring the Cosmotronic Cosmix Pro Eurorack Module

    Unleash sonic brilliance with the Cosmotronic Cosmix Pro Eurorack Module, a high-quality stereo mixer built for live performance, featuring four mono and two stereo channels, CV control over panning, true stereo aux bus, transparent signal path with low noise, and connectors for expansion.

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  2. Unleashing Creativity with Intellijel Metropolix: A Multitrack, Performance-Oriented Pitch, Gate and Mod Sequencer

    The Intellijel Metropolix is a powerful and unique multitrack Eurorack sequencer that offers a wide range of modulation options, both internal and external, enabling users to easily create musically infectious sequences. With two tracks that interpret a master sequence in various ways and eight separate modulation lanes accessible via the MOD button, the Metropolix provides sophisticated and powerful self-modulation. Additionally, the Metropolix can store up to 64 preset configurations and features quick access to important performance parameters, making it an excellent option for live performance and jamming. Overall, the Intellijel Metropolix is a versatile and creative tool that can enhance any Eurorack setup.

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  3. Revolutionize Your Rhythms with Acid Rain Technology's Constellation - A Parametric Rhythm Generator Eurorack Module

    Acid Rain Technology's Constellation is an 8-channel pattern generator that aims to revolutionize rhythm by combining up to eight individual Euclidean patterns of different lengths and density to create long, complex, and musically interesting trigger and gate rhythms. Its unique parametric approach allows any of these parameters to be modulated with CV through one of eight freely assignable CV inputs, introducing significant ability for its rhythmic output to vary over time. Furthermore, the module can achieve a wide range of true polyrhythms through per-channel clock division and multiplication. Constellation's advanced features include saving and loading channel settings from up to 20 save slots per bank and up to 999 banks, manually playing save slots like a keyboard in live mode, and robust internal and external clock options to sync tightly with all other gear. If you're looking for a rhythm generator that provides intentional, unexpected, and exciting rhythms for the foundation of your compositions, Constellation could be a unique set of tools for you.

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  4. Maestro: A Clocked Modulation Controller for Perfectly Synced Performances

    Maestro is a 6 channel clocked modulation controller that brings the functionality of automation lanes from digital audio workstation software into the eurorack world. This module allows for perfectly synced performances by manipulating the parameters of other modules with rapid or slowly evolving voltages. It features 6 channels of live switchable looping/one shot waveforms, a clock system that keeps all waveforms in sync, internal or external clocking options, a "Chain" function for creating complex control voltage streams, a "One Shot" function for rhythmically generating CV, and easily recallable save and load slots. With Maestro, you can effortlessly create dynamic and synchronized modular performances.

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  5. Get the Best of Both Worlds with the AJH Synth MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA: A Five-Channel Audio Mixer with Built-In VCA and Overdrive Circuit

    The AJH Synth MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA is a versatile module that combines a five-channel mixer, built-in VCA, and overdrive circuit. The mixer section features tactile LED switches, which allow for quick muting and unmuting of channels, and a four-segment LED level meter for monitoring output levels. The VCA can be switched from linear to exponential response, making it suitable for use as a sub mixer or standalone VCA. The overdrive circuit adds smooth distortion, with the amount of distortion varying based on channel and master output levels. Overall, the MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a feature-packed mixer with additional VCA and distortion capabilities.

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  6. Get Dubby with AUTODUB: A Review of Steady State Fate's Interactive Stereo VCA Module

    The AUTODUB module by Steady State Fate is a DC-coupled stereo VCA that is specifically designed for interactive dub-style effects and event generation. It features a large activation button that can be set to behave as a momentary or toggle switch, which controls the SEND VCA and produces a click-less mute/unmute effect. An external CV can also be used to control the SEND VCA, and a GATE output jack provides a signal that can be used to control external modules. The module has a DRY-WET mixer that allows fine adjustments and gains of up to 2x on the original input signal and up to 4x on the return signal. Additionally, AUTODUB can be used to process control voltage signals or boost them when higher levels are needed. Overall, AUTODUB is a versatile and valuable addition to any modular system, whether it is used for dub-style effects or as a handy stereo VCA.

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  7. Get Creative with the Tubbutec 6equencer: A Compact and Powerful TR-606 Inspired Drum Sequencer and MIDI Interface

    The Tubbutec 6equencer is a TR-606 inspired drum sequencer and MIDI interface that is packed with powerful features despite its compact size. Available in both 1U and 3U Eurorack form factors, the 6equencer is optimized for live performance and allows for quick programming and editing of drum patterns. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for electronic music producers looking to get creative with their sound.

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  8. Get Creative with Per4mer: A Hands-On Guide to Modbap Modular's Quad Performance Effects Eurorack Module

    The Modbap Modular Per4mer is a 14hp eurorack quad performance effects unit that offers an unparalleled and fun experience by allowing hands-on and CV/Gate controlled eurorack effects. Featuring 4 performance effects (Delay, Reverb, Glitch & Tape Stop) and 2 processing effects (Color and Compressor), the Per4mer allows for a unique creative beat and melody generation experience. With the ability to engage any of the 8 fixed color presets and combining them with the onboard Compressor and Side-Chain input, the Per4mer transforms any audio signal's mood and vibe, making it a powerful tool for live performance. The module also features 4 no-click 24mm mini arcade buttons, clock input, tap tempo, CV control over knobs, gate inputs, and stereo input and output.

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  9. Exploring the Unique Sound of the Eurorack Module: MFE 303 Triple Multimode Steiner Parker Filter, Mixer, and Equalizer

    The MFE 303 Eurorack module is a versatile filter module consisting of three Steiner-Parker filter units, light overdrive input amplifiers, 3-channel equalizer, and an audio summing mixer. The module features a fully analog equalizer with three bands- treble, middle, and depth, each with unique characteristics. The filter channels can be controlled using potentiometers and CV inputs, making it ideal for live performance. The sound of the Steiner-Parker filter units is unique and precise, with modified difficulties of uncontrolled self-oscillation and resonance feedback. This module is also suitable for stereo filtering as incoming audio material is routed to all filter channels if required.

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