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  1. Unlocking Sonic Possibilities: Exploring the Zlosynth Instruments Kaseta Eurorack Module

    Unlocking Sonic Possibilities: Explore the Zlosynth Instruments Kaseta Eurorack Module, a tape-based effects processor with tape saturation, delay sculpting, wow and flutter, trigger sequencing, and more.

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  2. Exploring Infinite Possibilities: The Xaoc Devices Rostock Eurorack Module

    Introducing the Xaoc Devices Rostock: a digital delay module with up to 64 stages, voltage control, looping, and scrambling capabilities. Perfect for sequence automation, pattern, chaos generation, and creative modular patches.

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  3. Exploring Limitless Dimensions: Unleashing the Sonic Possibilities of the Bastl Instruments Basil Eurorack Module

    Explore the limitless sonic possibilities of the Bastl Instruments Basil Eurorack Module, a flexible stereo space delay that offers clean and lo-fi flavors, as well as an expansive Space section for experimental reverb. With its V/Oct input, filter in the feedback path, and various modulation options, Basil is not only perfect for clean effects and ambient washes, but also for creating distorted drones and being used as part of a Karplus-Strong synthesis voice. The Speed section allows for longer delay times and octave jumps, while the Freeze function acts as a micro looper. This module truly unleashes the frontiers of space and time in your modular setup.

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  4. Unleash Sonic Power with the Instruo Saïch: A Quad Oscillator for Eurorack Bliss

    The Instruo Saïch is a powerful quad oscillator designed for eurorack systems. With its super-saw functionality and smart VCA mixing, it offers creative and interesting ways to manipulate and combine four fully analogue sawtooth waveforms. It is a perfect companion for the harmonàig quantiser, allowing for the creation of harmonically structured chord voicings. Even without a quad quantiser, the Saïch includes diatonic modes for easy creation of Ionian and Aeolian chord scales. With features such as detuning, intervallic offsets, sub oscillator modes, and FM options, the Instruo Saïch is a versatile module for unleashing sonic power in your eurorack setup.

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  5. IDUM: The Gateway to Intelligent Dance Music with the Instant IDM Gate Processor

    The IDUM Eurorack module by Mystic Circuits is a gate processing effect designed to turn inputs into Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) effortlessly. It aims to make the process of creating complex electronic music easier and more accessible to the average modular user. With eight effect modes and CV modulation inputs for all controls, IDUM can vary sequences or turn music into controlled chaos. It also features an eight-step looper and the ability to manipulate external sequencers using the clock output. IDUM is beginner-friendly and encourages users to tweak the module to taste or to add new features with its open-source code and hardware based on the Arduino Nano Every.

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