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  1. Maximize Your Modular Potential with the Eurorack Module Mob of Emus by Rossum Electro-Music

    The article "Maximize Your Modular Potential with the Eurorack Module Mob of Emus by Rossum Electro-Music" explores the immense creative power and versatile functionality of the Mob of Emus module. With six channels of oscillators, modulators, noise sources, triggers, rhythm patterns, and more, this compact 16HP module offers an array of possibilities for music production and sound design. Its Hex Mode allows for simultaneous control of all channels, while the harmonic control structure enables the creation of rich additive timbres and intricate polyrhythmic patterns. With additional features such as CV inputs, real-time controls, and user presets, the Mob of Emus module becomes the heart of limitless patch possibilities.

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  2. Exploring the Versatile Soundscapes of Happy Nerding's FX AID Pro Black Eurorack Module

    The Happy Nerding FX AID Pro Black Eurorack Module is a highly versatile sound effect tool that allows musicians to explore a wide range of soundscapes. It features an OLED screen that displays the current effect's number, name, and its three parameters. With 200 onboard effects that can be arranged in any order via an online editor, users can easily switch between effects or seek and activate options. It also has a stereo input level control and an advanced internal LFO that can be routed to the Sample Rate, parameters 1-3, or effect selection. The FX AID Pro Black also allows for manual control of the sample rate and has 10 user storable presets with handy indicator lines for each stored parameter. With a screensaver option and easy updates by playing a wav file, this module is perfect for musicians who want to explore new soundscapes and experiment with different effects.

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  3. Exploring the Innovative Melody-Making Powers of the Eventide Misha Eurorack Instrument and Sequencer

    The Eventide Misha Eurorack Instrument and Sequencer is an innovative 28hp module that uses a unique, interval-based approach to creating and playing melodies. It can be played live like a keyboard instrument or used to record sequences that can be modified in a multitude of ways, allowing for new paths of spontaneous creativity. With MIDI, control voltage, and audio jack output options, as well as external control templates, 100 factory scales, and support for up to 100 user/custom scales, the Misha offers comprehensive control over sequence playback and rhythmic variation. It also features four user-assignable buttons, 18 user presets, CV inputs for external trigger/control sources, a clock input for syncing to external sources, polyphony via three CV outputs or MIDI, an audio output for internal oscillator, and a micro-USB for easy firmware updates using Eventide Device Manager. Overall, the Misha is a powerful and innovative melody-making tool that is set to become available in the summer of 2022.

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