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  1. Unleashing Creative Video Manipulation: A Review of the Reverse Landfill Blur Eurorack Module

    The Reverse Landfill Blur Eurorack Module is an analog video filter that can be used to achieve blur and softening trail effects. It comes equipped with a blur amount potmeter, a gain adjustment for matching or unmatching blurred and dry signals, and a 3-way switch for selecting different blur ranges. With input and output jacks and video rate CV control, this module can be used on any kind of video input signal for unique results. A camera feedback feature allows for voltage controlled soft trailing wash-outs and fades. The module also has a CV input that can be adjusted between 0-1v or 0-5v for easy interfacing with other eurorack modules. Overall, the Reverse Landfill Blur Eurorack Module is an excellent tool for unleashing creative video manipulation effects.

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  2. Get Groovy with the 4ms Company SCM Shuffling Clock Multiplier V2 (Black Panel) Eurorack Module

    The 4ms Company SCM Shuffling Clock Multiplier V2 (Black Panel) is a clock multiplier Eurorack module that produces eight multiplied clock tempos, ranging from x1 to x8 (x32 by using the Breakout). Some of the outputs can be shuffled/swung, and the amount of shuffle is controlled by a CV Slip jack. Additionally, a Rotate CV jack re-assigns the multiplication number of each jack. This module has five Slipped/Shuffled/Skipped clock outputs, three steady clock outputs, and can connect to the SCM Breakout for more features. The black panel version is not available as a built unit from 4ms, but black panels are available separately for users to install in place of the standard silver panel.

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  3. Exploring the Versatility of Michigan Synth Works' Micro Temps Utile: A Black Panel Clock Generator

    The Michigan Synth Works Micro Temps Utile is a versatile black panel clock generator that offers a range of hardware and firmware features, including a Teensy 3.1/3.2 processor, 128x64 OLED display, two clock inputs, four CV inputs, and six clock outputs with various voltage options. The module's firmware includes seven selectable modes, including trigger sequencing, clock division/multiplication, LFSR, randomization, Euclidean rhythms, logic gates, and DAC capabilities. With its compact 14HP size and intuitive interface, the Micro Temps Utile is a powerful addition to any Eurorack setup.

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  4. Connectivity Simplified: Review of Michigan Synth Works 2HP2CV USB-to-CV Adapter Module with Black Panel

    The Michigan Synth Works 2HP2CV USB-to-CV Adapter Module is a highly practical and compact module accessory that comes with a sleek black panel. The 2HP width module features a mini USB connection and LED indicators for Gate activity. With a depth of just 17mm, the module is fully calibrated, making it a great addition to any eurorack setup. This module is an adaptation of the Mutable Instruments CVpal and promises to simplify connectivity.

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