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  1. Exploring the Versatility of Synthetic Sound Labs ThunDrum Model 2140: A Guide to Creating Percussive Membrane and Metal Based Drums

    Explore the versatility of the Synthetic Sound Labs ThunDrum Model 2140, a compact and user-friendly 8HP Eurorack module for creating percussive membrane and metal-based drums. With its two oscillator FM design, envelope control, and unique synchronous envelope circuit, the ThunDrum offers a wide tonal palette and the ability to create pulsing effects. This module also features various modulation sources, a color control for waveform shaping, and creative patching capabilities. Dive into the realm of dynamic drum sounds with this affordable and expressive module.

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  2. Exploring Percussion Synthesis: The Steady State Fate Entity Ultra-Perc Eurorack Module

    Discover the Steady State Fate Entity Ultra-Perc, an analog percussion synthesizer module offering advanced features such as twin resonant core signal generator, updated dynamics controls, dedicated VC envelopes, noise generator with LP/HP VCF, and external input for processing signals. Expand its capabilities as a signal processor to create advanced percussion or transform it into a twin peak resonant VCF. Experience a wide range of voltage controllable parameters in this 100% analog module.

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  3. Exploring the Sonic Dimensions: Introducing the Intellijel Flurry Eurorack Module

    Introducing the Intellijel Flurry Eurorack Module, a versatile tool that unleashes clocks, noises, and randomness for exploration and experimentation. From synthesis to modulation, clocking to signal modification, Flurry breathes new life and dimensions into your patches. Discover its core functions, including clock/random pulse source, pink/white noise sources, sample/track & hold circuits, analog slew with adjustable time, envelope follower, and 16 noise synthesis algorithms. Embrace the power of noise as a sonic tool with this noise lover's toolbox. Explore the Flurry module: https://intellijel.com/shop/eurorack/flurry/

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  4. Unlocking Patterned Progressions: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Nonlinearcircuits Beat Frequencies Eurorack Module

    The article "Unlocking Patterned Progressions: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Nonlinearcircuits Beat Frequencies Eurorack Module" delves into the exceptional functionality of the Beat Frequencies module. Originating from a 'beat frequency indicator' schematic, the updated module omits CV, pots, and XNOR outputs. Instead, it boasts 12 additional gate outputs and an array of pulsating LEDs. One of the main features centers around its utilization of two input signals; the LED ring lights shift direction based on which signal has the higher frequency. This results in a mesmerizing dance of lights, indicating the closeness or discrepancy between the frequencies. Notably, the circular LED displays behave inconsistively, jerking and spinning, sometimes steadfastly completing revolutions, while at other times fluttering uncertainly between stages. The randomness injects an unpredictable element at both audio and clock rates, leading to a continuous stream of intriguing patterns. Breaking down its nuances further, the article highlights the behavior of its quartet of LED sets; for instance, the topmost set serves as the principal output, the second one runs at half speed, while the third one darts sporadically across its pair of LEDs. The last set pulses at a rhythm akin to the topmost, but in an intermittent manner rather than a steady pattern, contributing to this module's broad range of captivating gate outputs.

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  5. Unleashing Sonic Landscapes: An In-depth Examination of the AI Synthesis AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer in the Eurorack Universe

    In the article 'Unleashing Sonic Landscapes: An In-depth Examination of the AI Synthesis AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer in the Eurorack Universe', the AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer created by AI Synthesis is expertly dissected. As an integral component of the Eurorack universe, this compact 8-in, 8-out matrix mixer is designed to steer audio or cv signals from multiple sources to diverse destinations.

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  6. Unleashing Creativity with Frequency Central's Berlin School: A Comprehensive Review of its Flexible 8 Step Analogue Sequencer

    The Berlin School, a flexible 8 step analogue sequencer from Frequency Central, is a versatile and powerful module that can unleash creativity in your music production. This comprehensive review highlights the module's classic CD4017 analogue sequencer controlled by a microcontroller which brings onboard clock divisions, quantised outputs, quantised manual, and voltage controlled transpose. The module also has 4/6/8 step sequence options that make it a must-have for any music producer looking to craft unique and complex electronic music.

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  7. The Therevox Ondes VCO: Reviving the Sounds of the Ondes Martenot in Eurorack Form

    The Therevox Ondes VCO is a eurorack compatible module that re-creates the original 7th generation Ondes Martenot oscillator with improvements and additional synth-friendly features. Using original schematics and guidance from Jean Landry, the designer has revived these rare sounds from the Ondes Martenot, providing access to the specialized wave shapers and mixing circuits that make up the unique timbral combinations of the instrument. In addition to the temperature correcting pitch circuit, precision components, and stability improvements, the module features a 1V/OCT pitch input, four position octave switch, three buffered outputs, and two high-quality internal VCAs with illuminated level indication. The silkscreened aluminum front panel comes in four different colors with industrial powder-coating and bead-blasted anodizing finishes.

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  8. The Magic of Strega: Alessandro Cortini's Collaboration with Make Noise in a Revolutionary Eurorack Module

    The article 'The Magic of Strega: Alessandro Cortini's Collaboration with Make Noise in a Revolutionary Eurorack Module' explores Strega, a new audio instrument designed in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini. With the ability to generate control signals, conjure audio tones, and process external sounds, Strega is a powerful and versatile tool that offers new sound possibilities. Its patchable 7 sources and 13 destinations, touch bridges, and gateways for momentary modulation routings make it compatible with Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Signals. It includes output cables, AC adapter, headphone, line level amplifier, and Eurorack Output. The small and rugged steel enclosure matches the form factor of 0-Coast and 0-CTRL, and was designed to be controlled by the 0-COAST or the 0-CTRL's MIDI CV B outputs. The article provides insight into Strega's features, capabilities, and innovative design that combines the seen and unseen, the sign and magic, and the alchemy of sound.

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