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  1. Recreating Alvin Lucier's I'm Sitting in a Room with Eurorack Magic: A Deep Dive into the Nonlinearcircuits I Was Sitting in a Room Module

    This article delves into the intriguing Nonlinearcircuits I Was Sitting in a Room module, designed to recreate Alvin Lucier's iconic work 'I'm Sitting in a Room.' With nine PT2399 chips in series, the module offers voltage-controlled delay time and fixed delays, resulting in noisy yet captivating effects like reverse delay illusions. Experimentation with different outputs for feedback yields varied outcomes, while utilizing additional processing through VCF or Phase shifter can further enhance the sonic possibilities. Apart from serving as a tool for pseudo stereo, multi-phonic, and spatialization effects, the module demands careful consideration due to its high current consumption on the +12V rail.

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  2. Polyphonic Pulse Playground: Endorphin Two of Cups Meets ThunDrum 2140 & More

    In this article, we explore the creative possibilities of combining the Endorphin.es Two of Cups, a 2 voice intuitive sample player, with the Synthetic Sound Labs ThunDrum 2140, a flexible FM percussive membrane drum voice. These modules offer intricate control over sound parameters, allowing for innovative sound design. Additionally, we introduce the Kassutronics Slope module, a voltage-controlled slew limiter and modulation source, and the Synthcube DJ Thomas White Dual LPG for low pass gating capabilities. To enhance polyphony, we integrate the Shkrjn Duophonic Distribution module, enabling the alternating notes of a monophonic sequence between two voices. This combination creates a polyphonic pulse playground for eurorack enthusiasts to explore and experiment with a wide range of sonic possibilities.

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  3. Granular Dub Envelopes: Hector Autodub A-126-2v A-Envelope UBurst

    Granular Dub Envelopes: Hector Autodub A-126-2v A-Envelope UBurst combines the power and versatility of the Hector Eurorack module with Autodub's interactive dub effects and Doepfer's Frequency Shifter II capabilities. The Velectronic A-Envelope adds associative quad-channel ADSR envelopes for dynamic control. To complete the setup, the Calsynth UBurst provides a compact version of Mutable Instruments' Clouds module for granular synthesis. This article explores the creative possibilities of combining these modules for intricate dub and granular texture generation in a Eurorack setup.

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  4. Experimental Soundscapes: Eurorack Module Fusion Fun

    This article explores the creative potential of combining the Worng Electronics SoundStage II, Jomox Mod FM, Vult Caudal, NoisyFruitLab 808 Snare Drum, and Manifold Research Centre The Tetragrid in constructing experimental soundscapes. Each module offers unique features that allow for intricate sound manipulation and modulation, providing a diverse range of sonic possibilities. The fusion of these modules opens up a world of innovative sound design, blurring the lines between traditional music production and avant-garde experimentation. Experiment and push the boundaries of sound with this fusion of Eurorack modules!

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  5. Unleashing Creative Potential with the Make Noise Function Module: A Deep Dive into Function Generation

    Discover the Make Noise Function Module: a versatile single channel function generator with unique features like VC Rise and Fall, exponential to logarithmic shaping, Gate and trigger inputs, and a "Hang" function for intricate modulation possibilities. Ideal for crafting complex envelopes, wave shapes, and sample and hold effects in your Eurorack setup, offering a wide range of functions from short bursts to extended cycles. Unlock your creative potential with this analog computer module designed for control voltage manipulation in synthesis, perfectly complementing your modular system for innovative sound design possibilities.

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  6. Granular Bass Adventures: Clouds & Bass Drum2 Fusion with Motion MTR

    In a thrilling blend of textures and rhythms, we explore the innovative fusion of the Clouds and Bass Drum2 modules with the Motion MTR. The tlm-audio-grains-clouds-clone offers a vast array of granular synthesis possibilities, allowing for intricate manipulation of sound grains with parameters such as transposition and envelope shaping. Paired with the erica-synths-bass-drum-2, known for its massive, punchy sound and unique Trigger/Gate mode, create unconventional bass drum patterns by modulating gate lengths. Enhance your sonic explorations further with the befaco-motion-mtr, a CV and Audio Utility with visual feedback, enabling precise mixing, attenuation, and inversion of signals. Join us on a journey of sonic experimentation and creativity with this dynamic Eurorack setup.

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  7. Drum Adventures: Crafting Unique Beats with 6m0d6, Q-040, and DC-2

    This article explores the exciting world of crafting unique beats using the tubbutec-6m0d6, Ladik Q-040, and Rare Waves DC-2 modules in Eurorack setups. The tubbutec-6m0d6 offers a versatile range of drum sounds beyond the TR-606 classics, including dynamic triggers and additional controls. The Ladik Q-040 provides four semitone CV quantizers in a compact 4HP size. Meanwhile, the Rare Waves DC-2 is a powerful drone synth voice module with a rich, analog sound and updated features for enhanced performance. Combining these modules opens up endless creative possibilities for musicians and producers looking to innovate with their drum and synth productions.

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