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  1. Synced Waves: Mixing EQ Magic with VCO/LFO Alchemy

    This article explores the dynamic possibilities of combining the WildSync DJMEQ-300, Paratek СЛИМИКС-6 Aluminium, and Klavis Twin Waves MKII modules in a Eurorack setup. The WildSync DJMEQ-300 offers a wide range of adjustment for EQ magic, the Paratek mixer unit provides 6 channels of stereo mixing in a compact design, and the Klavis Twin Waves MKII delivers versatile VCO/LFO/random capabilities. Together, these modules offer a synthesis of EQ manipulation, audio mixing, and waveform generation that can elevate your electronic music productions to new heights.

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  2. Boucan: Unleash Chaos and Creativity with the Odd Analog Noise Generator

    Unleash chaos and creativity with Boucan, an odd analog noise generator that can function as a tonal equalizer, waveshaper, distortion, and more. It features two channels with independent controls, three types of fixed noise outputs, and voltage-controlled morphing. Inject external sources or use it as an effect unit for unique and pleasing results. Get ready to make some BBBRRRZZZ!

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  3. Unlock the Potential of Your Eurorack: Introducing the bluebox Eurorack Edition

    Introducing the bluebox Eurorack Edition, a versatile mixer with effects and multichannel recording for Eurorack. Control up to 6 mix settings with CV inputs, connect to your computer via USB-C, and enjoy features like EQ, reverb, delay, and a built-in compressor. Record and play back audio WAV files, route tracks to various outputs, and create professional mixes. This module offers flexibility, superior sound quality, and a user-friendly interface, making it an essential addition to your Eurorack system.

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  4. Unleashing the Power of Analog Saturation with the British Noise Electronics Cascading FET Amplifier Eurorack Module

    The British Noise Electronics Cascading FET Amplifier Eurorack Module is an analog saturation powerhouse that is made up of four cascading JFET amplification stages, each of which can be used separately. The module gives users a lot of control over the amount of gain and distortion, while also allowing for easy use in a stereo configuration with its shared EQ knobs. It is an excellent option for users looking to add analog saturation and distortion to their Eurorack setup.

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  5. Unleashing Creativity with the nonlinearcircuits Intimacy: A Comprehensive Review of the Preamp and EQ Eurorack Module

    The article 'Unleashing Creativity with the nonlinearcircuits Intimacy: A Comprehensive Review of the Preamp and EQ Eurorack Module' explores the features and capabilities of the module, which is based on the Intersound IVP Pre-amp. The module contains a dual band shelving EQ (bass & treble), a 4 band parametric EQ, and a transformer-based driver stage with an added VCA on the input to control the drive level and volume. The DRIVE section, according to the IVP Service manual, is a unique tube voicing circuit that enables creative use of overdrive distortion. The article discusses the module's unique character and sound and its potential for unleashing creativity in electronic music production. The module is available in black/gold panels.

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  6. The Jomox ModBase 09 MK II: Crafting the Bass Drum of Your Dreams through Sound Sculpting and Modulation

    The Jomox ModBase 09 MK II is a versatile and powerful Eurorack drum module that offers a wide range of sound sculpting and modulation options for crafting the perfect bass drum. With features such as pitch envelope tuning, harmonics enrichment, pulse and noise shaping, EQ filtering, gate time control, and compression, the module allows for the creation of everything from slim and clicky kicks to deep and punchy 808-style bass drums. Other advanced features include metalized noise, CV and LFO modulation, MIDI control, and a programmable audio bus envelope. Whether you're a seasoned electronic music producer or just starting out, the ModBase 09 MK II is a must-have addition to any Eurorack setup.

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  7. Discover the Endorphin.es Golden Master Black: Elevate Your Sound with this Multi-Band Processor Module

    The Endorphin.es Golden Master Black is a multi-band processor module that is inspired by mastering tools from the 1990s. It features compression, EQ, and mid/side processing, with three frequency bands that offer a +7 dB boost and -20 dB cut. The module also has a brickwall limiter that sets an upper limit for signals, and enhance/mute buttons. With 16-bit/96kHz audio I/O and 32-bit internal processing, the Golden Master Black is a powerful tool for adding punch and dynamics to your sound. It is also available in a 1U/22HP version for even greater versatility.

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