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  1. Sequencing Bliss: Running Order Meet Ascolta in Modular Harmony

    In this article, we explore the seamless integration of the Endorphin.es Running Order 1U trigger sequencer with the Jolin Ascolta dual preamp follower in a modular setup. The Running Order module offers precise clock control and intricate trigger sequencing capabilities across two tracks, while the versatile Ascolta module serves as a high-fidelity input preamp with envelope follower and peak detector outputs. Together, these modules create a dynamic and harmonious sequencing environment for both sound manipulation and creative exploration in your Eurorack system.

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  2. Analog Filter Frenzy: Combining Erica Synths, Befaco, Eventide, Pittsburgh Modular & Endorphin.es for Modular Madness

    This article dives into the exciting world of analog filters through a unique combination of Eurorack modules. Discover the sonic capabilities offered by the Erica Synths Black Low Pass VCF, Befaco Motion MTR, Eventide Misha, Pittsburgh Modular A Filter of Crows, and Endorphin.es Cockpit 2 Black. Unleash your creativity and explore new soundscapes by integrating these innovative modules into your modular setup for a truly immersive experience in modular madness.

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  3. Synth Odyssey: Eurorack Magic with Endorphin.es, Joranalogue, Kaona, Cosmotronic, and Jolin

    'Synth Odyssey: Eurorack Magic with Endorphin.es, Joranalogue, Kaona, Cosmotronic, and Jolin' takes readers on a sonic journey blending the innovative capabilities of these Eurorack modules. From Endorphin.es Cockpit 2's dynamic mixing prowess to Joranalogue's versatile Step 8 sequential tracking/sampling register, each module adds a unique layer of creativity. Kaona's Transpos offers transposable precision adding, while Cosmotronic's Peradam delivers side-chained distortion for rich textures. Jolin's Ashiko enhances stereo imaging with quad stereo VCAs. Dive into a world of modular synthesis possibilities with this eclectic mix of Eurorack modules.

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  4. Modular Mayhem: Unleashing the Power of Pandora, TLF, AD110, Running Order, and 2LPG for Epic Eurorack Fun!

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining five Eurorack modules for epic modular mayhem. We start with the Expert Sleepers Pandora, a bandpass filter/distortion processor that offers voltage control over the filter, gain, and feedback, with the capability to synthesize percussion sounds using trigger pulses.

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  5. 3-Channel Macro Madness: Total Recall meets Airstreamer and Rangoon

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining three Eurorack modules: the Endorphin.es Total Recall, the Endorphin.es Airstreamer, and the Big T Music Rangoon. The Total Recall is a versatile 3-channel preset manager, multistage, and macro controller that offers precise control over CV values. Paired with the Airstreamer, an ultra-slim envelope generator, users can create intricate and dynamic soundscapes. Finally, the Rangoon, a limited edition module with a Blade Runner-inspired panel design, enhances the sonic capabilities with its reworking of the popular Rings module by Mutable Instruments. The combination of these modules opens up a world of possibilities for creating unique and expressive electronic music. Additionally, we briefly mention the WMD Geiger Counter and Noise Engineering Ruina Versio modules as additional options for adding distortion and creative effects to the mix.

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  6. How to Optimize Your Eurorack System's Power with the Endorphin.es Shuttle Control: An In-depth Review

    The article 'How to Optimize Your Eurorack System's Power with the Endorphin.es Shuttle Control: An In-depth Review' is a comprehensive guide for eurorack enthusiasts on how to use the Endorphin.es Shuttle Control module to effectively manage power consumption while maintaining a versatile performance. This 12 bit USB-to-MIDI-to-CV converter module with 16 arbitrary assignable channels has an internal PSU that can be powered from various sources and is capable of working as a simultaneous USB on-the-go device and host. The Shuttle Control module is polyphonic and MPE enabled, allowing for up to 8 voices of polyphony, polyphonic key aftertouch, MIDI clock and many more MIDI events to be translated into CV. The article provides a detailed overview of the module's features and functionalities, including how to use the web-based editor for editing presets.

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  7. Exploring the Endorphin.es Two of Cups Black: A User-Friendly 2-Voice Intuitive Sample Player

    Looking for a user-friendly and intuitive sample player module for your Eurorack setup? The Endorphin.es Two of Cups Black could be just what you need. This 2-voice module features 8 banks of samples, with each voice offering zero-latency playback and CV control over Pitch, Gate, and Meta samples scan. You can also adjust parameters such as Decay, Sample volume, Pitch Offset, Sample Select, Looping, and Reverse playback. The module supports WAV files of arbitrary sample rate and comes with a factory sound-bank by Julia Bondar.

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  8. Exploring the Endorphin.es Two of Cups: A Versatile 2-Voice Sample Player Module with Intuitive Controls

    The Endorphin.es Two of Cups is a versatile 2-voice sample player module with intuitive controls, featuring 8 banks each containing 24 samples. With zero-latency playback, each voice has CV control over pitch, gate, and meta samples scan, as well as the ability to set decay, volume, pitch offset up to +/- 2 octaves, sample selection over 24 samples, loop enable/disable, and reverse playback. The module can play WAV files of arbitrary sample rates and features a factory sound-bank by Julia Bondar.

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  9. Exploring the Endorphin.es Total Recall Black: A 3-Channel Preset Manager and Multistage Macro Controller for Maximum Control in Eurorack

    The Endorphin.es Total Recall Black is a powerful 3-channel preset manager and multistage macro controller module for Eurorack synths. With a compact 6HP width, this module offers 3 channels of control voltage generation, attenuation, and attenuation inversion, as well as an 8-preset CV manager with two banks and the ability to instantly, slewed or continuously change between stored CV values. Additionally, the Total Recall Black features a 3-channel macro CV generator with smooth min./max. control via CV, trigger or manual input, ensuring maximum control over your Eurorack setup.

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