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  1. Unleash the Power of the Erica Synths Bass Drum 2: A Versatile and Expressive Module for Unique Drum Patterns

    The Erica Synths Bass Drum 2 module is a collaboration with e-licktronic that offers a unique take on the classic 909 bass drum circuit adapted for modular systems. With massive, punchy sound and accent and CV control, this module is highly expressive in live performances. The Bass Drum 2 also offers a trigger/gate mode, allowing for sustained drum sounds and the creation of unconventional bass drum patterns by modulating the gate length. This versatile and expressive module is a must-have for anyone looking for unique drum patterns in their eurorack setup.

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  2. Tubbutec 6m0d6: The Future of Rhythms – Unleashing the Power of TR-606

    The Tubbutec 6m0d6 is a versatile drum module based on the classic TR-606, but with added knobs for exploring new sounds ranging from retro to industrial. It seamlessly blends between 606 bassdrums and 808 sub-bass, offers bit-crushed versions of snare sounds, and more. The module includes all seven TR-606 instruments, with additional parameters and individual outputs. Developed as a collaboration between LPZW.modules and Tubbutec, the 6m0d6 is a must-have for electronic music producers looking for a dynamic and customizable drum module.

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  3. Reviving Mutable Instruments Grids: A Review of After Later Audio's uGrids Eurorack Module

    The After Later Audio uGrids Eurorack module is an 8hp clone of the retired Mutable Instruments Grids, with identical functionality and firmware compatibility with the full-size version. This module is a great addition to any Eurorack setup and is ideal for those looking for a versatile drum module with multiple trigger outputs and intuitive controls. In this review, we will explore the features and benefits of the uGrids and how it can help revive the classic Grids for modern producers.

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  4. Reviewing the Electro-Organic Bassdrum: A Close Look at the Noise Reap Foundation Eurorack Module

    The Noise Reap Foundation Eurorack Module, also known as the Electro-Organic Bassdrum, is a powerful instrument that closely mimics the thump and feel of an acoustic kick drum. This module attempts to recreate the nuance of an actual acoustic instrument using electrical components. The sound is massive and instantly recognizable as analog, with minor digital augmentations. The Nudge CV input gently modulates the tuning of the drum to add variation and interest. Additionally, two of the three analog envelopes that shape the sound are digitally controlled, allowing for some modifications over a traditional analog bassdrum circuit. Overall, the Electro-Organic Bassdrum is a great addition to any eurorack setup, providing a rich sound that can be tailored to individual preferences.

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  5. NoisyFruitLab's 808 Snare Drum: The Modern Twist to A Classic Sound.

    The NoisyFruitLab's 808 Snare Drum is a modern and fully analog approach to the classic 808 snare drum sound. This drum module boasts a trigger input, audio output, and control over snappy, level, tone, and noise. The module is compact at only 4HP and has a depth of 40mm. For those looking for a high-quality and contemporary twist on a classic sound, the NoisyFruitLab's 808 Snare Drum is a great option to consider.

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  6. Get Your Groove On: Exploring the MRG Kick - A Powerful 808-like Eurorack Module

    The MRG Kick is a powerful Eurorack module that offers a clone of the TR-808 Bass Drum, with two trigger inputs, different accent levels, and controls for tone and decay. It is based on a four-layer PCB and uses a rail-to-rail opamp capable of producing a full 24VPP output signal, making it a loud and powerful 808-like BD that is perfect for saturation and distortion. With its ability to generate kicks at different accents and dynamically change them, this module is a must-have for any electronic music enthusiast looking to add a powerful kick to their music.

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  7. Get the Ultimate Boom with Mosaic Bass Drum: Your Must-Have Kick Voice Module

    This article highlights the Mosaic Bass Drum, a must-have kick voice module for any percussionist. The module offers v/oct tracking, allowing it to play the role of both rhythm and melody, and the ability to control character and dampening to achieve the perfect kick sound. With its versatility, the Mosaic Bass Drum is ideal for both shaking the house and sitting in the pocket. If you're looking to bring the ultimate boom to your setup, the Mosaic Bass Drum is the module for you.

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  8. Get creative with the Paratek Пуск-3 Black: A Review of the Vactrol Based 3 Channel Muter/Gater with Random Algorithms

    The Paratek Пуск-3 Black is a vactrol-based 3 Channel Muter/Gater that offers two modes (instant and Latch) with every possible combination of channel-by-channel. This Eurorack module can be used as a trigger for external sources, and features two random algorithms, making it a great tool for creative experimentation. The device can be ordered directly by email and is available for purchase via Reverb.

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  9. Eurorack Module Spotlight: Unleash Explosive Analog Drum Sounds with the Frequency Central Boom!!

    The Frequency Central Boom!! is an explosive analog drum module that offers a wide range of applications. Its VCO, built around the LM13700, features a HIGH/LOW switch and a SWEEP control for versatile responses. The other half of the LM13700 serves as a release envelope generator with a FAST/SLOW switch and RELEASE control. Additionally, the envelope input is velocity sensitive, providing a dynamic response. This module can craft bass drums, tom toms, chirps, blips, and clicks, making it a must-have for any musician looking to create unique drum sounds.

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