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  1. Unleash Your Mixing Power with the Noise Engineering Xer Dualis Eurorack Module

    Unleash your mixing power with the Noise Engineering Xer Dualis Eurorack module, a compact 6 HP mixer with four stereo channels, individual level controls, mutes, and stereo output with metering capabilities. Whether you need a submixer for a large system or an easy way to blend all the elements of a portable case, Xer Dualis offers versatility and control.

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  2. Unleashing Sonic Brilliance: Exploring the Cosmotronic Cosmix Pro Eurorack Module

    Unleash sonic brilliance with the Cosmotronic Cosmix Pro Eurorack Module, a high-quality stereo mixer built for live performance, featuring four mono and two stereo channels, CV control over panning, true stereo aux bus, transparent signal path with low noise, and connectors for expansion.

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  3. Slim Down Your Rack with the Powerful e/paratek SLIMIKS-4 Mixer Unit

    The e/paratek Slimiks-4 mixer unit is an excellent option for those who would like to reduce their rack size while still having a powerful and versatile mixer. Its small and compact size makes it perfect for tiny skiff setups, and it boasts 4 independent mono channels for audio signals. Each channel has mute, volume, and pan functions, and there is a stereo output channel with a sum SNR of 69dB. Additionally, the Slimiks-4 comes in a wide range of knob and button colors and can be ordered directly via email.

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  4. Sebsongs Modular ST Mixer XL: The Ultimate Eurorack Stereo Mixer for Headphones and Recording

    The Sebsongs Modular ST Mixer XL is the ultimate stereo mixer for headphones and recording, featuring eight channels, headphone amplifier, and versatile controls for a larger eurorack system with mono voices and stereo effects. Perfect for simultaneous recording and portable use. Available as a DIY kit at Thonk!

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  5. Paratek СЛИМИКС 6: A Tiny, Powerful Eurorack Mixer With Loads of Creative Control

    The Paratek СЛИМИКС 6 is a powerful six-channel stereo mixer unit that's perfect for those looking for a tiny, skiff-friendly unit that offers loads of creative control. Each channel comes with its own independent mono audio signal, as well as individual volume, mute, and pan functions. The mixer also features a stereo output channel sum with an SNR of 69Db, and comes in a range of fun knob and button colors. The unit is available for order directly from the manufacturer via email and accepts PayPal.

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  6. Mixing Spectral Heaven: Exploring the ALM029 Jumble Henge Eurorack Module

    The ALM029 Jumble Henge is a unique and compact Eurorack module that offers a patch-based mixing interface for creating rich stereo mixes from both mono and stereo sources. The module features 16 total inputs with a unique stereo and spectral position for each input, along with per-input resonant analog filters that accentuate lows, low mids, high mids, and highs. It also includes a Mix control for adjusting the depth of the entire mix's filtering, and a clean external stereo input for chaining with another mixer or extra sound source. The Jumble Henge was designed in collaboration with Worng Electronics and is based on their existing larger and more featured 'SoundStage' module. This module is ideal for live sets or more creatively exploring sound in the studio.

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  7. Mix it Up: A Review of the ph Modular Stereo Mixer Eurorack Module

    The ph Modular Stereo Mixer Eurorack Module is a new product that offers four stereo inputs, each with their own mute and attenuator, directed into a stereo output with its own attenuator. The module is manufactured by ph Neutre, tested and assembled by hand, and comes with a ribbon cable and screw M3. This mixer is built to last and all "ph" modules are repairable. To order, contact the manufacturer via email.

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  8. Exploring the Versatile Capabilities of the paratek-mkc3 Stereo Mixer Unit: A Eurorack Module Review

    The paratek-mkc3 Stereo Mixer Unit is an excellent addition to any Eurorack setup, offering versatile capabilities for both audio and CV mixing. With 3 stereo pairs (6 channels) and paired attenuators, this mixer unit is perfect for creating complex and dynamic soundscapes. The left inputs are also normalled to the right input when nothing is inserted, providing added flexibility. Available to order directly through email, the paratek-mkc3 is a must-have for any electronic musician looking to expand their mixing capabilities.

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