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  1. Sonic Serenade: Erica Synths Drum FX meets Super Synthesis TVCA and more!

    This article explores the creative possibilities of combining the Erica Synths Drum Stereo FX module, known for its hi-fi stereo effects, with the Super Synthesis TVCA module, offering smooth distortion and flexible VCA functionality. Additionally, the Voxmachina Mak Mak module adds quad VCA/mixer/attenuator capabilities, while the SoundForce Chorus 6 module delivers a JUNO-style BBD chorus with extensive CV control. To enhance sequencing, the Ladik S-316 16-step CV sequencer provides a versatile tool for generating dynamic musical patterns in a Eurorack setup. Be prepared to embark on a sonic journey filled with unique textures and expressive soundscapes through the synergy of these diverse Eurorack modules.

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  2. Waveform Legion: Multi-Oscillator Mastery with WMD-Legion, Quantus Trajecta, XPO, and PPEXP1

    Explore the possibilities of multi-oscillator configurations with the WMD-Legion, Quantus Trajecta, XPO, and PPEXP1 modules. The WMD-Legion is a precision thru-zero oscillator that offers a wide range of waveforms, including a unique saw wave section with "windows" that add overtone complexity. It also features a sub-oscillator that fully reacts to thru-zero frequency modulation. The Quantus Trajecta is a quad envelope designed for polyphony, with universal controls that adjust all four envelopes simultaneously. The XPO is a stereo prismatic oscillator that generates various waveforms and offers features like pulse width modulation and wavefolding. Finally, the PPEXP1 is an expander module for Pamela’s PRO Workout that provides additional clock outputs and MIDI options. Combine these modules to unlock a world of sonic possibilities.

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  3. Wonderland: The All-In-One Eurorack Patchbay, Matrix Mixer, and Switcher Module

    The Wonderland is an all-in-one, versatile Eurorack patchbay, matrix mixer, and switcher module. It features eight inputs with micro-attenuators and both normal and inverted outputs, allowing for easy signal routing and manipulation. With a switch matrix of 64 push-on/push-off switches, any of the eight inputs can be patched to any of the eight outputs. The on-board micro-attenuators help prevent clipping when multiple inputs are patched to a single output. The Wonderland is perfect for simplifying your Eurorack setup, and its sister module, the Looking Glass, includes full-sized input attenuators and LED status indicators.

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  4. Unleashing Ethereal Soundscapes with the Eowave Weather Drones 1.5: An In-Depth Review

    This article is an in-depth review of the Eowave Weather Drones 1.5, a complete synth voice module that allows the creation of ethereal soundscapes. The module features a digital tri-wave oscillator, an analog VCA, an analog low pass filter, a noise generator, and an envelope. The controls include frequency, spread, character, FM input with attenuator, LFO with square and tri-wave out, filter cutoff and resonance, mod input with attenuator, second mod input without AD envelope with level attenuator, and random sample & hold noise with slew. With its versatile and intuitive controls, the Eowave Weather Drones 1.5 is a must-have module for any soundscaping enthusiast.

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  5. The Instruo Tš-L V2: A Versatile and Compact Analogue VCO/LFO with Wave Folder and New Features

    The Instruō Tš-L V2 is a compact and versatile analogue VCO/LFO module that offers a variety of features in a small footprint. Its triangle core circuitry generates consistent waveforms over a wide frequency range, including simultaneous Square/Sub, Triangle, and Sine waveforms, and a voltage controllable wavefolder with complex PWM waveshaping. The updated Tš-L includes a new LFO button and a 3-way sub switch, making it a powerful audio source and modulation tool. Its specifications include 1V/octave, coarse and fine pitch controls, soft sync, FM input with attenuator, and PWM with CV control. This module is perfect for electronic music enthusiasts looking for a versatile and compact oscillator with advanced features.

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  6. Exploring Versatile Modulations: An In-Depth Look at the cubusynth-4vclfo Eurorack Module

    The cubusynth-4vclfo Eurorack module, featuring four triangle waveform Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFOs), is a versatile modulation tool for creating intricate and dynamic patches. Each LFO has a frequency knob and CV inputs with attenuators, allowing for precise control over modulation rates. Additionally, the "Aux" input is normalized to the four CV inputs, enabling simultaneous modulation of all LFOs with a single signal. Plugging a cable into a CV input breaks its connection from the aux input, providing more opportunities for experimentation. Overall, the cubusynth-4vclfo is an essential addition to any modular setup focused on creative modulation.

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  7. Exploring the Versatility of Ebashi Audio's Triple LFO Eurorack Module

    The Ebashi Audio Triple LFO Eurorack module is a versatile unit that offers three dual-wave LFO channels with a mix for a wide range of frequency modulation. The module has a manually variable wave shape control and speed switchable between three ranges: mid, VCO, and LFO. Each LFO channel has an attenuator for depth, and a control for speed. This module is an excellent addition to any modular synthesizer setup, providing multiple LFO channels in a compact space.

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  8. Exploring the Many Tonal Possibilities of Expert Sleepers' Ivo Eurorack Filter Module

    The Expert Sleepers Ivo Eurorack Filter Module is a versatile resonant low-pass VCF that can switch between 2-pole and 3-pole responses. With voltage control over feedback and cutoff frequency, this analog module can self-oscillate in 2-pole mode. The Ivo module also features two audio inputs, one with an attenuator, making it easy to mix two signals at the filter input. This article will explore the many tonal possibilities offered by the Expert Sleepers Ivo Eurorack Filter Module.

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