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  1. The paratek СЛИМИКС-4: A Compact and Powerful Eurorack Mixer Unit for Your Modular Synth Setup

    In this article, the focus is on the paratek СЛИМИКС-4, a compact and powerful Eurorack mixer unit that's perfect for your modular synth setup. The unit features four independent mono channels for audio signal in a tiny skiff-friendly form factor, with individual volume, mute, and pan functions per channel. With a SNR of 69Db, the stereo output channel sum ensures high-quality sound output. The paratek СЛИМИКС-4 also comes with a wide range of knobs and button colors, and modules can be ordered directly by email from the manufacturer, who accepts PayPal.

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  2. NoisyFruitLab's 808 Snare Drum: The Modern Twist to A Classic Sound.

    The NoisyFruitLab's 808 Snare Drum is a modern and fully analog approach to the classic 808 snare drum sound. This drum module boasts a trigger input, audio output, and control over snappy, level, tone, and noise. The module is compact at only 4HP and has a depth of 40mm. For those looking for a high-quality and contemporary twist on a classic sound, the NoisyFruitLab's 808 Snare Drum is a great option to consider.

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  3. Ladik S-316: A Compact and Versatile 16-Step CV Sequencer Module for Eurorack

    The Ladik S-316 is a versatile 16-step CV sequencer module designed for Eurorack systems. It features clock and reset inputs with accompanying LEDs and manual buttons, gate output with LED, 16-step CV knobs with on/off switches, sequence length knob with LED, and gate length knob with CV in jack. The module also includes four mode switches, CV out jack, and direction options of up, up/down (pendulum), and random. The range can be switched between 5 octaves unquantized, 5 octaves quantized in semitones, and 2 octaves quantized in semitones. The S/H function can be turned on/off and the repeating of certain steps can be adjusted with the sequence length knob. Its compact design takes up only 22TE/ 22HP/ 112mm of width and 35mm /1.4" of depth, with a maximum current of 35mA.

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  4. Get Your Portable Eurorack System Rolling with the ST MIXER: A 5-Channel Stereo Panning Mixer with Headphone Amplifier

    The ST MIXER is a versatile and portable 5-channel stereo panning mixer with a built-in headphone amplifier. It is a great final output module for a small eurorack system designed for use with headphones or portable recorders. The mixeur has three mono channels with level and panning control and one stereo channel with level control and separate inputs for left and right. It also has a stereo headphone output with level control that can drive most headphones and doubles as a recording output. The ST MIXER is perfect for a starter eurorack system with a couple of synth voices and a stereo effect. It is available as a DIY kit from Thonk and Exploding Shed.

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  5. Exploring the Warm Crunch of Super Synthesis TVCA: Reviewing the Simple yet Effective 2-Input VCA with Smooth Distortion

    The article titled 'Exploring the Warm Crunch of Super Synthesis TVCA: Reviewing the Simple yet Effective 2-Input VCA with Smooth Distortion' provides a comprehensive review of the Super Synthesis TVCA, a two-input VCA module with a smooth distortion circuit. The article highlights the TVCA's features, including individual gain per input, a CV input to control the VCA, and a single output that mixes both inputs. The review also covers the TVCA's smooth and warm distortion, which is perfect for adding character to a modular synth setup without overwhelming the signal. Overall, the article provides a positive evaluation of the TVCA and its capabilities.

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  6. Exploring the Versatility of uPeaks Black: A Mutable Peaks Eurorack Module with Multiple Waveform Options and an 808 Drum Sound Emulator

    The article "Exploring the Versatility of uPeaks Black" highlights the features of the Mutable Peaks Eurorack module. This module comes with multiple waveform options, an 808 drum sound emulator, and can be split into two independent units with separate triggers. The author emphasizes how this module's Dead Man's Catch alternative firmware can add new dimensions to sound design and experimentation. The module is also aesthetically pleasing, as it is built by hand in Los Angeles and features metal-shaft T18 pots with Befaco micro knobs and a high-quality aluminum panel. Overall, the uPeaks Black is an excellent addition to a modular synthesizer setup for those who want to experiment with waveform options and drum sound emulation.

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  7. Exploring the Versatility of the Noise Engineering Quantus Trajecta: A Quad Envelope with Polyphony in Mind

    The Noise Engineering Quantus Trajecta is a quad envelope designed with polyphony in mind. The universal controls adjust all four envelopes simultaneously, making it easy to keep separate voices related on the fly. Designed with the structure of the envelope from the Cursus and Loquelic Iteritas Percido in mind, the module also includes additional shape control with the addition of Tremolo and ADSR modes. The Quantus Trajecta is a versatile, performable, and utilitarian module suitable for any musician.

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  8. Exploring the Tonality of Instruō Neóni: An Analog Oscillator with Through-Zero FM Functionality

    The Instruō Neóni is an analog oscillator with through-zero FM functionality that sets it apart from other oscillators in the Instruō product line. Its precision soft sync and directional hard sync modes, nonlinear wavefolding, and internal modulation routings make it the most tonal FM sounds imaginable. Unlike traditional FM, where an oscillator momentarily stalls as negative voltage pulls its frequency down to 0 Hz, Neóni inverts the polarity of its waveforms until positive voltage pulls it back through 0 Hz. This behavior allows for complex waveforms with less non-harmonic sidebands. The module also has linear through-zero and traditional FM with AC and DC coupled functionality, split sawtooth morphing, individual waveform outputs, and LFO mode. Overall, the Instruō Neóni is an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore the tonality of through-zero FM.

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  9. Exploring the Creative Possibilities of ADDAC System ADDAC304 Manual Gates in Your Eurorack Setup.

    The article "Exploring the Creative Possibilities of ADDAC System ADDAC304 Manual Gates in Your Eurorack Setup" delves into the features of the ADDAC304 Manual Gates, an 8-gate module with an intriguing twist: four of the gates can function as momentary switches when their corresponding buttons are pressed. The article discusses how these gates can enhance performance and modulation capabilities in a Eurorack setup and outlines creative ways to incorporate them into a modular system.

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