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  1. Unlock Perfect Pitch with Endorphin.es AutoPilot 1U: The Smallest Autotuner for Analog Oscillators

    Unlock perfect pitch with Endorphin.es AutoPilot 1U, the smallest autotuner for analog oscillators. This innovative tuner module allows you to tune your oscillators quickly and accurately by applying the AutoPilot 1U in between the pitch CV and the reference waveform. Available in a single autotuner 1U Intellijel format version, this module offers 440 A-note or 261.62 Hz C-note scales with the selected mode saved on the next power up. Simply play the reference note from your sequencer or CV keyboard and with a single tap of a button, your oscillator is tuned to the closest A/C note. Learn more about this compact and efficient tool for achieving pitch-perfect sound in your eurorack setup.

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  2. Unleashing Creative Potential: Exploring the Make Noise Channel Saver Module

    The Channel Saver music synthesizer module by Make Noise is a versatile utility module designed to enhance the creative potential of any modular system. With features such as signal processing, channel manipulation, DC offset generation, and crossfading capabilities, the Channel Saver module offers a wide range of functionality for shaping control and audio signals. Whether you need to scale, amplify, attenuate, or invert incoming signals, the Channel Saver module provides a powerful tool for crafting unique sounds and modulation effects. Additionally, the SUM and INVerted Sum Bus allow for advanced signal processing techniques such as addition, subtraction, mirroring, and inversion. With individual channel outputs for Channels 1 and 2, users can benefit from independent signal routing and modulation possibilities. Overall, the Make Noise Channel Saver module is a valuable addition to any eurorack setup, offering subtle and intentional modulation for a more dynamic and expressive sound palette.

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  3. Unleash Your Creativity with the Ultimate Eurorack Module: Monsoon Matte Black Aluminum

    Featuring all-metal pots, aluminum knobs, and an exclusive matte black anodized aluminum high-quality panel, the Monsoon Matte Black Aluminum eurorack module is a variant on Mutable's Clouds granular module with unique enhancements. This module offers individual, CV-able controls over the 4 blend functions (Wet/Dry, Stereo Spread, Feedback, and Reverb) and LED-equipped sliders for 4 standard controls. These upgrades provide greater control and functionality, especially in live performances. The Monsoon is available with stock firmware or popular alternate firmwares like Parasites, offering expanded capabilities. Contact us for detailed explanations of these alternatives and elevate your eurorack setup to new creative heights.

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  4. Exploring the Befaco Pony VCF: A Space-Conscious Powerhouse for Sound Shaping

    Space-conscious lowpass filter and volume processor. A combination of VCF + VCA + Mixer that lets you mix three different sound sources, and shape their tone, and levels in a breeze. The Pony Filter is built around the SSI2144 FATKEYS™ Chip. Has the elegant sound of the classic transistor filter without the associated distortions, due to Dave Rossum’s “improved ladder” topology.

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  5. Exploring Sonic Frontiers with the Noise Engineering Sinc Legio: A Stereo Oscillator Odyssey

    This review explores the Noise Engineering Sinc Legio, a 6 HP stereo oscillator offering wavemorphing, folding, and phase modulation capabilities. Sinc's diverse algorithms allow for a wide range of timbral possibilities, including phase modulation, FM, and wavefolding. Additionally, Sinc is part of the Legio platform, enabling users to swap firmware for free via the Customer Portal. With its unique features and versatility, Sinc promises a journey into stereo sound-design heaven for modular synth enthusiasts.

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  6. Unlocking Creative Mixing Possibilities with Boredbrain Music Xcelon XP3: A Comprehensive Guide

    This article explores the Boredbrain Music Xcelon XP3, a 3-channel stereo mix expander designed for the Xcelon eurorack mixer. The Xcelon XP3 enhances the main mixer by adding three stereo/dual-mono channels, allowing for expanded creative mixing possibilities. With features like stereo FX sends, dual-mono crossfade mode, CV responsive LED indicators, and twelve discrete control voltage inputs, the Xcelon XP3 offers a versatile and dynamic mixing experience. The technical specifications include audio inputs, CV inputs, input impedance, channel input gain, and dimensions to ensure seamless integration into your eurorack setup. Explore the full potential of the Xcelon XP3 to elevate your sound mixing capabilities.

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  7. Unleashing Random Creativity: Exploring the ST Modular Serial Eurorack Module

    This article discusses the ST Modular Serial Eurorack Module, focusing on its capabilities as an 8-step analog sequencer that generates random gates and voltages. The module excels at creating and cycling through random voltages while producing up to 8 gates. It features a CLOCK input that generates clock pulses based on a voltage threshold, which can be adjusted using a trimmer. The sequencer can be influenced by external CV inputs, allowing for unique note generation. The module offers various functions such as setting step length, looping sequences, adding or deleting notes/gates manually, and controlling CV output levels. With features like wrong polarity protection, the ST Modular Serial module provides a versatile and creative sequencing solution for Eurorack systems.

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  8. Exploring the Versatile Soundscapes of Herzlich Labs' Hyperoxia + Hypoxia: A Deep Dive into the Innovative 1U/0hp Hybrid Filters

    Passive high-pass filter, low-pass filter, and band-pass filter in innovative 1U/0hp hybrid format from Herzlich Labs. Introducing the Hyperoxia + Hypoxia, a unique take on traditional filter concepts. These fully enclosed modules offer enhanced safety and usability with larger knobs for precise control. The normaling connections between filters provide flexibility, allowing independent or combined filter use. Explore the possibilities of this cutting-edge Eurorack solution.

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  9. Unleashing Electric Soundscapes: Exploring the Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice Eurorack Module

    Unleashing Electric Soundscapes with Gamechanger Audio's Plasma Voice Eurorack Module: Manipulating high-voltage discharges for mesmerizing sonic exploration.

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