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  1. Exploring the Vintage Charm of the Feedback VCZIII B Premium VCO Module

    In this article, we delve into the vintage charm of the Feedback VCZIII B Premium VCO Module, a modern re-creation of the revered VCOs from a famous British synth released in 1969. Collaborating with CMS-LAB, Feedback modules have crafted a VCO that retains the organic sound of the original while meeting the demands of Eurorack integration in the 21st century. The Premium version of VCZIII B offers multiturn fine-tuning potentiometers, voltage controlled waveshape modulation, MIX out for waveform combination, separate waveform outputs, and optimized knob ranges for enhanced functionality. With features like improved temperature balancing, variable oscillator SYNC, and frequency modulation input, this VCO opens up a world of new sound possibilities for modular enthusiasts.

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  2. Waveform Fusion: AI012 Animator, Mak Mak VCA, & Distortion Buff

    This article explores the combination of three unique Eurorack modules: the AI012 Wave Animator, Mak Mak VCA, and the Buff Distortion module. The AI012 Wave Animator offers a range of timbres and can be used for creating rhythmic variations. The Mak Mak VCA is a versatile quad channel module that can function as a VCA, attenuator, or mixer with saturation effects. The Buff Distortion module provides a rich fuzz texture while maintaining a clear bass and high-frequency response, ideal for creating intense techno percussions. Combining these modules can result in innovative and dynamic soundscapes for your Eurorack setup.

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  3. Unlocking Sonic Potential: A Deep Dive into the Dual Analog Envelope Module ENVOLTURA

    ENVOLTURA is a powerful dual analog envelope module inspired by the classic Roland System 100M 140 Dual ADSR. With intuitive visual controls, built-in VCA, manual level adjustments, cyclical gate generator, and trigger buttons, this module unlocks new sonic possibilities. Featuring controls for ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN, and RELEASE, ENVOLTURA offers versatility in shaping your sound. Modulate the envelope level with precision using the internal VCA and attenuator. Trigger, modulate, and cycle envelopes dynamically with various inputs and switches. Experience enhanced sound-sculpting capabilities and double the excitement with ENVOLTURA in your setup.

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  4. Exploring the Make Noise DXG: A Dual Stereo Low Pass Gate and Mixer Module for Creative Eurorack Setups

    The Make Noise DXG is a versatile Dual Stereo Low Pass Gate and Mixer module designed for creative Eurorack setups. It features a vactrol-free design for classic Low Pass Gate sounds with improved balance and consistency for true stereo operation. The module offers fully stereo I/O, with all left inputs normalized for easy use with mono signals. The STRIKE INput allows the use of gate signals to trigger the Low Pass Gate circuit, creating unique plucking or pinging sounds. Additionally, the DXG includes a summing stage with stereo AUXiliary IN for chaining multiple units and creating larger mixes. This module is part of a decentralized mix console concept, designed to integrate seamlessly with other modules like X-PAN, Optomix, and XOH. The DXG pairs well with a variety of stereo modules by Make Noise and other manufacturers, making it a valuable addition to any modular synthesis system.

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  5. Unleashing Unlimited Creative Potential: Exploring the Voxmachina Leo Leo Matrix Programmer/Sequencer

    Discover the Voxmachina Leo Leo Matrix Programmer/Sequencer, an innovative Eurorack module offering complex CV channels and versatile sequencing capabilities. Unlock boundless creativity with precise control over each stage and multiple clock inputs for both structured and generative music production. Explore endless possibilities in modular synthesis with this cutting-edge device, available at Siam Modular.

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  6. Unleashing the Metallic Noise: Exploring the Steady State Fate Metalloid Percussion Entity

    Unleashing the Metallic Noise: Explore the Steady State Fate Metalloid Percussion Entity, an analog synth module for creating and manipulating metallic and synthetic metal noise. With three oscillators and two signal paths, it offers a range of unique metallic tones. The module features macro controls for enhanced tone variety, including tuning of the noise sources. It also utilizes two state variable VCFs for frequency control and two envelope generators for dynamics. With trigger inputs and normalization of outputs, it offers versatile connectivity options. Discover the power of metallic percussion synthesis!

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