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  1. Exploring the Triple Cowbell: A Review of the nonlinearcircuits-more Eurorack Module

    Exploring the Triple Cowbell: A Review of the nonlinearcircuits-more Eurorack Module, featuring three TR-808 inspired cowbell circuits with adjustable frequencies and external signal input jacks for oscillator replacement. Originally a joke, this module delivers great sound, but its dense PCB may pose challenges for soldering beginners. Use a gate input to trigger the sound and patch freely for endless possibilities. https://www.nonlinearcircuits.com/modules/p/more

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  2. Unlocking the Rhythmic Power: Exploring the 'nonlinearcircuits-more-black-panel' Eurorack Module and Its Triple Cowbell Delights

    Unlocking the rhythmic power of the 'nonlinearcircuits-more-black-panel' Eurorack module with its triple cowbell delights, offering 3 individual cowbell circuits based on the TR-808, tweakable frequencies, and the ability to patch external signals, this module was initially a joke but received love from users and proves to be a solid addition to any setup. It might be a challenging build for beginners and works best with a gate input rather than a trigger.

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  3. Unleash Unprecedented Soundscapes with the Behringer FOUR LFO Eurorack Module

    Discover limitless sonic possibilities with the Behringer FOUR LFO Eurorack Module. Featuring 4 voltage-controlled LFOs, extensive waveform options, and a range of controls for precise manipulation, this module allows you to unleash unprecedented soundscapes and intricate effects. From wild sequences to otherworldly textures, the FOUR LFO empowers you to shape and patch various waveforms, while offering frequency ranges from 500Hz to a mind-blowing 28 hours. With additional features like zoom mode, reset and sync inputs, and diverse waveforms, this compact module expands your synth setup and takes your creativity to new heights.

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  4. Unleashing Creative Mixing: Exploring the Versatility of the Worng Electronics SoundStage II Eurorack Module

    Unleashing Creative Mixing: Explore the versatility of the Worng Electronics SoundStage II Eurorack Module, a stereo mixer that revolutionizes patch-based mixing in Eurorack systems with its unique placement of inputs in the stereo field and frequency spectrum, featuring carefully tuned analogue filters, dedicated controls for filtering and output levels, bipolar CV inputs for sidechain compression and rhythmic filtering, improved depth control circuit, fully filtered FX send and return, enhanced low end response, improved power consumption, and a log VCA on the output for optimal compression and expansion.

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  5. Exploring the Otherworldly Sounds of the Nonlinearcircuits Fourier Eurorack Module

    Explore the captivating sounds of the Nonlinearcircuits Fourier Eurorack module, an imperfect yet intriguing implementation of Fourier synthesis with Walsh characteristics. With control over sine and cosine signals, this module is perfect for creating shifting soundscapes and drones. While it requires a low pass filter for normal use, it can also be utilized as a unique sequencer or pattern generator with a slow clock signal. Experimentation with CV inputs and audio signals opens up endless possibilities, making this module a must-have for Eurorack enthusiasts.

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  6. Yester Versio: The Glue for Your Eurorack Patch with Delays, Pitch Shifts, and Doom

    Yester Versio is the long-awaited answer to the request for a simple delay on the Versio platform. It's a three-tap delay module designed to be straightforward and easy to control. With controls over panning, delay feedback, and delay time, Yester Versio is perfect for gluing together any patch. It also offers flexible delay syncing options, DJ-style filtering, and the ability to shape delays with Chorus and Fold controls. The module is CV controllable and can be updated with different effects firmwares through a USB connection. Yester Versio is a versatile delay module that will add character and depth to your Eurorack setup.

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  7. Unlocking Creativity in Eurorack: Exploring the Versatility of Noise Engineering Jam Jam

    In the article "Unlocking Creativity in Eurorack: Exploring the Versatility of Noise Engineering Jam Jam," we delve into the features and functions of the Jam Jam module. This four-channel trigger/gate/clock processor offers three distinct modes: Random, Clock Phase, and Gate Delay. Discover how Jam Jam revolutionizes your patching possibilities, allowing for adjustable probability, organic sequencing, and precise timing adjustments. With voltage control over each channel and its musical and fun utility, Jam Jam is a must-have module for unleashing your creativity in Eurorack.

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  8. Unlocking Endless Possibilities: A Comprehensive Guide to Using the Quantus Ampla Eurorack Module for Your VCA Needs

    The Quantus Ampla Eurorack module offers a unique set of features for any VCA needs, including normaling, mixing, and CV options. With four channels of linear DC-coupled properties, it can be used for ducking, volume fades, transitions, mixing, and processing CV signals. Its circularly normalled CV inputs make it easy to create complex effects with minimal patching. The outputs mix down, allowing for a variety of mix configurations. This comprehensive guide explores the limitless possibilities of the Quantus Ampla and how to make the most of its functions.

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  9. Unleashing Creative Control: Exploring the Versatility of the Befaco Motion MTR Eurorack Module

    In the article "Unleashing Creative Control: Exploring the Versatility of the Befaco Motion MTR Eurorack Module," we delve into the impressive capabilities of this module. The Motion MTR, offered by Molten Modular, is a CV and Audio Utility/Realtime Visualizer that allows users to mix, attenuate, and invert signals with the added benefit of clear visual feedback. With each channel functioning as an audio level control with a VU meter, a CV attenuator with a voltage meter, and a CV inverter with a voltage meter, this module offers immense flexibility. Moreover, the inputs are conveniently normalized to 10v, allowing users to generate fixed voltages easily. Notably, the outputs of channels 1 and 2 are summed into Out 3, making it possible to use the module as a mixer. Whether employed as an attenuverter with offset, a mixer, a VU meter, or a combination of these functions, the Motion MTR from Befaco opens up a world of creative possibilities.

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