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  1. EuroFusion: WaveFolder, Line Input, Misha, Aikido, Shutter - Unleashing Modular Madness!

    EuroFusion: WaveFolder, Line Input, Misha, Aikido, Shutter - Unleashing Modular Madness!

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  2. Unlocking Sub-Fat Waves: Exploring the Blue Lantern Modules Subharmonic Generator

    In this module review, we delve into the Blue Lantern Modules Subharmonic Generator. This 4hp eurorack module is designed to be a VCO add-on or helper, allowing you to mix in four divided sub harmonics. By patching an original wave from your VCO and a saw, square, triangle, or sine wave into the input jack and connecting the output jack to a mixer module, you can create a blend of harmonics with incredible fatness. With no latency or complex digital circuitry involved, the Subharmonic Generator utilizes the CD4013 Flip Flop IC for its four-divider breakdown. The module's wide frequency spectrum capabilities are showcased through oscilloscope pictures, demonstrating the 7th note down, 7th note one octave down, one octave down, and two octaves down settings on the four knobs. This unrivaled sonic experience comes at an unbelievably affordable price of just $68.50.

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  3. Exploring the Multifunctionality of the Instruō Làrachd: An All-in-One Solution for Eurorack Users

    The Instruō Làrachd is a versatile and multifunctional utility module that serves as an all-in-one solution for eurorack users. This fully analog module offers various methods of interfacing external signals and interactions into musically useful control voltage signals, including a stereo line level to dual mono modular level converter, a condenser microphone, an audio enhancer, an envelope follower, a threshold comparator, and a dual footswitch interface. With its Swiss Army knife-like capabilities, the Làrachd can process line level signals with modular effects, control processors like filters and VCAs with acoustic signals, and even facilitate hands-free recording on the Arbhar or Lúbadh. This module is a must-have for any eurorack setup looking for a versatile and reliable utility module.

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  4. Chain RouterADDAC809: The CV-Operated I/O Router Solving Your Audio Signal Routing Woes

    The ADDAC809 Chain Router is a CV-operated I/O router that simplifies the process of signal routing by allowing one source to be routed through two different chains before being sent to an output. This module offers six routing patterns, including having the input go to either the output or one of two possible chains, or passing through both chains before reaching the output. The Chain Router is a practical solution for audio producers and musicians who want to quickly switch the order of their delay and looper effects without needing to repatch anything.

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