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  1. Unleash Creative Chaos: Exploring the Dynamic Depths of the Sovage Engineering Bagarre Eurorack Module

    Unleash creative chaos with Sovage Engineering Bagarre Eurorack Module! A versatile mix bus distortion unit that adds character, weight, and glue to your mix. Seamlessly transition between VCA, mixer, soft distortion, and hard clipper limiter with voltage control. A must-have for evolving compositions and fulfilling mixing needs – remember, distortion is not an option!

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  2. Unleashing Creative Distortion with the Stoel Music Systems Vacuum Tube Module

    Unleash boundless creative distortion with Stoel Music Systems Vacuum Tube Module: 2 stages of distortion/waveshaping, switch for series gain, harmonics & saturation control, CV controllable, 12AT7 tube recommended, ceramic socket, 650mA +12V current draw.

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  3. Unlocking Sonic Possibilities: Exploring the Zlosynth Instruments Kaseta Eurorack Module

    Unlocking Sonic Possibilities: Explore the Zlosynth Instruments Kaseta Eurorack Module, a tape-based effects processor with tape saturation, delay sculpting, wow and flutter, trigger sequencing, and more.

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  4. Unleashing Sonic Creativity: Exploring the Behringer Radar Eurorack Module

    Unleash your sonic creativity with the Behringer Radar Eurorack module. Generate unique sounds by scratching and tapping the Radar surface while collecting acoustic waves. Connect external microphones and instruments for a wide range of signal sources. Monitor input clipping, envelope follower level, and gate detector activity with 3 indicator LEDs. Transform taps into gate signals and tap profiles into envelope CV with the gate detector and envelope follower. Take control of important parameters with 4 controls and switches. Explore endless sonic possibilities with this versatile module.

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  5. The Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay 2: Elevating Hi-Fi Stereo Delays with Custom DSP

    Discover the Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay 2, a versatile hi-fi stereo delay module with customizable DSP, offering tape, BBD, and digital delay emulations, CV control over parameters, preset saving, and more. Elevate your sound with delicate and unique effects.

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  6. Unleash Sonic Landscapes with the Erica Synths Black Stereo Reverb: A Versatile Hi-Fi FX Module

    Unleash versatile, hi-fi stereo effects with the Erica Synths Black Stereo Reverb: a customizable module with selectable reverb sources, three room sizes, manual/triggered freeze, CV control, preset patches, and adjustable stereo spin. Perfect for designing delicate soundscapes.

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