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  1. Unleashing Creative Video Manipulation: A Review of the Reverse Landfill Blur Eurorack Module

    The Reverse Landfill Blur Eurorack Module is an analog video filter that can be used to achieve blur and softening trail effects. It comes equipped with a blur amount potmeter, a gain adjustment for matching or unmatching blurred and dry signals, and a 3-way switch for selecting different blur ranges. With input and output jacks and video rate CV control, this module can be used on any kind of video input signal for unique results. A camera feedback feature allows for voltage controlled soft trailing wash-outs and fades. The module also has a CV input that can be adjusted between 0-1v or 0-5v for easy interfacing with other eurorack modules. Overall, the Reverse Landfill Blur Eurorack Module is an excellent tool for unleashing creative video manipulation effects.

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  2. Unleash the Horror: Exploring the Possibilities of the 2hp Catnip Eurorack Multi-Effects Module

    The 2hp Catnip Eurorack Multi-Effects Module is a companion module to the Cat v2 Synthesis VCO that offers voltage-controlled cat sounds and transforms them into something spooky. The module runs at 96kHz, 24-bit, and offers a variety of effects to create unique and creepy sounds. It's a must-have for anyone looking to add a horror-themed twist to their electronic music production. The module is only available directly from the manufacturer while supplies last.

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  3. Grit Eurorack Module: Adding Character and Fastness to Your Sound

    The Grit Eurorack module by British Noise Electronics is a versatile module that adds character and fastness to your sound. It is a voltage-controlled analog filter with a high pass and low pass switch, and features a unity gain distortion pre-filter with an "GRIT" button, and a parallel saturation post-filter that allows for the perfect blend of saturation. The LED limiter indicates when the audio is in the sweet spot range for the filter, making it easy to add some serious fastness to your signal while maintaining the desired level and adding extra harmonics and character. If you're looking to add some grit to your sound, the Grit Eurorack module may be the perfect addition to your setup.

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  4. Exploring the Wide Range of Analog Waveforms with the ST Modular OBERHAUSEN Eurorack Module

    The ST Modular OBERHAUSEN Eurorack module is a complex analog oscillator that offers a wide range of unique and character-filled waveforms. It features two principal oscillators and two modulation oscillators, each with a variety of waveform options. The module includes a blend mixer and eight slide potentiometers to mix and blend waveforms, as well as several input and CV options for further customization. The OBERHAUSEN is a skiff-friendly module that is well suited to sound designers and musicians looking to create complex and distinctive electronic music.

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  5. Exploring the Dynamic Sound Sculpting Capabilities of Kassutronics Wavefolder Eurorack Module

    The Kassutronics Wavefolder Eurorack module is a highly versatile tool for sound shaping and synthesis, featuring voltage-controlled wavefolding and a range of controls for symmetry and overdrive. With its integrated VCA and expansion points for extra CV inputs, this eight-hp module has the ability to create a rich range of timbres and textures that can be used in a variety of musical contexts. This article explores the unique dynamic sound sculpting capabilities of the Kassutronics Wavefolder module, highlighting its ability to produce complex and nuanced sounds that are ideal for electronic music production and performance.

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  6. Exploring the Capabilities of Verbos Electronics' Polyphonic Envelope Module

    The Verbos Electronics Polyphonic Envelope Module is explored in this article, which is a set of attack-hold-decay envelope generators that can be used independently or together. The module features a unique cascade logic that allows the envelopes to trigger sequentially in three modes, with each envelope having its own gate input, CV output, and end pulse output. This means that the module can be used in up to four-voice polyphonic patches or patches combining the cascades and independent gating. Additionally, all parameters of the module can be voltage controlled. The article highlights the Skew controls that allow for changing times as each new envelope turns on, as well as the facility to make the envelope level 10 volts and get lower as they cascade or start lower and end at 10 volts by the fourth envelope.

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