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  1. Taking Your Modular System to the Next Level with the Mosaic Line Out Module

    The Mosaic Line Out Module is an essential addition to any modular system for those who want to take their patches to the next level. The module provides modular level to line level adjustment with a knob control, ensuring that your output level is just right. The unbalanced output makes it perfect for sending your modular system to mixers, audio interfaces, desktop effects, and more. By incorporating the Mosaic Line Out Module into your setup, you can maneuver your modular system into an open-ended audio pathway, and with the easy-to-use knob control, it has never been simpler.

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  2. Processing External Audio with the MosaicSound 1U Stereo Line Input Eurorack Module

    The MosaicSound 1U Stereo Line Input Eurorack Module is a compact and versatile solution for processing external audio within a modular setup. Featuring an unbalanced stereo line input and a built-in gain knob, the module allows for easy level adjustment and integration of desktop synths, audio interfaces, and more. With a space-saving 8HP width and Intellijel-compatible front panel, the MosaicSound 1U Stereo Line Input offers enhanced flexibility and creativity for audio processing in a modular environment.

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  3. Enhance Your Modular Setup with Mosaic's Line Input Module

    The Mosaic Line Input Module is a stereo input converter that allows you to input audio from desktop and professional gear into the modular environment. With a built-in gain knob to adjust the levels, this unbalanced module is ideal for use with keyboards, synths, and audio interface outputs. The module offers a convenient attenuator for fine-tuning your levels, which can help prevent distortion. The Mosaic Line Input Module is an excellent addition to a modular setup and can help enhance your sound processing capabilities.

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