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  1. Unleashing the Triple Power of the Machineroom Trilobite Eurorack Module: A Review

    The Machineroom Trilobite Eurorack Module is a full-analog triple saw-core oscillator with a white noise source. Inspired by the original Moog schematics and made with through-hole components only, this module features 3 waveforms, 4 octave ranges, an UNISON (FINE) control, independent LIN FM and PWM inputs, and independent audio outputs for each oscillator. The Trilobite can also function as an LFO with a minimum frequency of 3Hz and tracks up to 9 octaves. It is recommended to use independent audio outputs to avoid distortion and the module should be allowed 5-7 minutes to warm up before use. Overall, this skiff-friendly module is a versatile tool for both beginner and advanced synth enthusiasts.

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  2. Get Creative with the Befaco Morphader: A Performative Tool for Crossfading CV and Audio Scenes.

    The Befaco Morphader is a powerful four-channel CV controlled crossfader module that offers an intuitive and easy way to crossfade between multiple CV and audio scenes. With four CV controlled crossfaders, each with their own control and a master fader to control them all, the module makes multichannel crossfading comfortable and effortless. One of the core features of the Morphader is its clever normalization scheme, which allows for easy morphing of CV levels. The module also includes attenuators per input, a CV or Audio switch per channel to change response curve, and LEDs for signal level monitoring. In summary, the Befaco Morphader is an excellent option for those looking to add more performative tools to their live setups.

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  3. Exploring the Versatile Capabilities of the nonlinearcircuits Clump Eurorack Module

    The nonlinearcircuits Clump Eurorack module is a 4x4 CV controlled matrix mixer that offers 16 VCAs and 4 mixers. This module can be used as a regular mixer or as a powerful tool for creating unique sounds. It has gain pots that can boost a signal up to 2x and each VCA has a 1k trimpot to remove any offset voltages. Additionally, each input has a switch to turn off or invert the incoming signal, and the pots act as gain pots with no CV patched in and as attenuators when CV is patched. This module is a versatile tool, perfect for those looking to experiment and explore new sounds.

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  4. Exploring the Unpredictable: A Review of the Mosaic Random Voltage Source Eurorack Module.

    The Mosaic Random Voltage Source Eurorack Module is a compact yet innovative module that adds unpredictability to patches. With three different signals available - Gate, Smooth, and Stepped signals - and the ability to respond to either an internal or external clock, this module offers a variety of modulation possibilities to create subtle variations or completely overhaul patches. The module also includes attenuators for each output signal, making it easy to adjust the level of unpredictability. Overall, the Mosaic Random Voltage Source is a must-have for those looking to add a unique and creative element to their patches.

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  5. Exploring the MachineRoom 204D Dual VCF: A True Analog Filter with Sine Wave Oscillator Capabilities

    The MachineRoom 204D Dual VCF is an analog dual voltage controlled low-pass filter with a cut-off slope of -24 dB/octave as in various Moog synthesizers. It has separate controls for both sections and 4 CV inputs for cutoff modulation, making it versatile for both mono and stereo operations. The module also has an adjustable resonance all the way up to self-oscillation, allowing it to behave like a sine wave oscillator with V/Oct tracking up to 4 octaves. Its skiff-friendly design makes it a great addition to any Eurorack system.

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  6. Expanding Your Mixing Capabilities with the Paratek MKC7 Stereo Mixer Eurorack Module

    The Paratek MKC7 Stereo Mixer Eurorack Module is a powerful tool for expanding your mixing capabilities. This 1U module features 7 stereo pairs with paired attenuators, allowing for precise level control. Its left inputs are normalled to the right input when nothing is inserted, providing a convenient solution for mono sources. The module is available in both Intellijel and PulpLogic panel types and can be ordered by email with PayPal payment. Overall, the Paratek MKC7 is an affordable and versatile option for any eurorack system.

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  7. Elevate Your Mixing Game with the Pаrаtek MKC3 Stereo Eurorack Module

    The Paratek MKC3 Stereo Eurorack Module is a powerful tool that can elevate your mixing game. With 3 stereo pairs and 6 channels, each with paired attenuators, this mixer unit allows for precise control over each sound source. The module also has a feature where the left inputs are normalled to the right input when nothing is inserted, making it easy to mix mono sources. The module can be ordered directly through email and comes in both Intellijel and PulpLogic panel types. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your mixing skills to new heights.

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  8. Adding Flavors of Unpredictability: Exploring the Mosaic Random Eurorack Module

    The Mosaic Random Eurorack Module is a compact yet innovative addition to any modular synth setup. Building on the Source of Uncertainty module created by Don Buchla, the Mosaic Random offers three flavors of unpredictability in the form of Gate, Smooth, and Stepped signals. Each signal can be modulated by a master rate, which can either be generated internally or externally. With onboard attenuators for all outputs, users can easily create subtle variations or complete overhauls of their patches. This module is perfect for those seeking pleasant unpredictability in a small package.

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