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  1. Unleashing Creativity with Erica Synths Drum Modulator: A Comprehensive Review

    The Erica Synths Drum Modulator is a dual syncable LFO module that offers eight waveforms with adjustable pitch noise and high pass/low pass filter for noise. This Eurorack module also includes two outputs per channel with adjustable phase shift, Sync input and Rate CV input, and a VCA for Channel 1. In this comprehensive review, readers will learn how to use the Drum Modulator to unleash their creativity and create unique rhythms.

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  2. Tribute to the Iconic KORG MS-20 Filter: A Review of Black-Noise Sallen Key Eurorack Module.

    The Black-Noise Sallen Key Eurorack Module is a tribute to the iconic KORG MS-20 filter and is composed of a 2 Poles Low Pass and a 1 Pole High Pass. The filter is unique due to its non-linear feedback path and the integration of LEDs instead of diodes. The Sallen Key can be used as a sound source as it can self-oscillate and tracking is accurate across 6 octaves. Overall, the module has been designed to honor the MS-20 filter while also adding new and unique features to it.

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  3. IDUM: The Gateway to Intelligent Dance Music with the Instant IDM Gate Processor

    The IDUM Eurorack module by Mystic Circuits is a gate processing effect designed to turn inputs into Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) effortlessly. It aims to make the process of creating complex electronic music easier and more accessible to the average modular user. With eight effect modes and CV modulation inputs for all controls, IDUM can vary sequences or turn music into controlled chaos. It also features an eight-step looper and the ability to manipulate external sequencers using the clock output. IDUM is beginner-friendly and encourages users to tweak the module to taste or to add new features with its open-source code and hardware based on the Arduino Nano Every.

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  4. Exploring the Versatility of Popple: The Multi-Mode Stereo Filter Based on Mutable Ripples V1

    The article 'Exploring the Versatility of Popple: The Multi-Mode Stereo Filter Based on Mutable Ripples V1' delves into the After Later Audio Popple, an 8hp multimode stereo filter based on the Mutable Instruments Ripples V1 filter section. The module maintains the smoothness of Ripples filter while offering two separate audio paths with shared resonance and frequency cutoff controls along with CV inputs. The article highlights the versatility of Popple, including its ability to self-oscillate at high resonance settings and act as a dual sine wave oscillator with the v/oct CV control. Overall, the article presents Popple as a powerful and flexible filter option for any Eurorack setup.

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  5. Exploring the Unique Sound and Features of the Grendel Drone Commander 2 Eurorack Module 2020 with Silver Panel Version

    The Grendel Drone Commander 2 is a unique Eurorack module that expands upon the sound and features of its predecessor, the Drone Commander. It offers an extensive clock generator and LFO section, two oscillators, mix control, and resonant bandpass and low pass filters. The module also includes an envelope, glide, and switching functions on each of its 12 potentiometers for increased control. The Drone Commander 2 has a distinct transistor sound and internal rhythmical modulation, making it a versatile and creative tool for electronic musicians and sound designers.

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  6. Exploring the MachineRoom 204D Dual VCF: A True Analog Filter with Sine Wave Oscillator Capabilities

    The MachineRoom 204D Dual VCF is an analog dual voltage controlled low-pass filter with a cut-off slope of -24 dB/octave as in various Moog synthesizers. It has separate controls for both sections and 4 CV inputs for cutoff modulation, making it versatile for both mono and stereo operations. The module also has an adjustable resonance all the way up to self-oscillation, allowing it to behave like a sine wave oscillator with V/Oct tracking up to 4 octaves. Its skiff-friendly design makes it a great addition to any Eurorack system.

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  7. Exploring the Enhanced Features of Toppobrillo Multifilter 2: The Ultimate Eurorack Filter Module

    The Toppobrillo Multifilter 2 is an updated version of an already great filter module that adds a ton of functionality. The new features include a dual-input crossfading mixer with voltage-controlled gain, variable mode output with a continuously-variable voltage-controlled response, a dedicated "Ping" input that percusses the filter, and a low noise design. It is a 12HP module with a shallow form-factor and an MSRP of $249. With all these enhanced features, the Toppobrillo Multifilter 2 is the ultimate Eurorack filter module to explore for your next music project.

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  8. Exploring New Sonic Horizons with the Pittsburgh Modular Taiga: A Comprehensive Review

    The Pittsburgh Modular Taiga is a modern modular instrument that allows exploration beyond traditional analog synthesizers. The Taiga stands out with a trio of huge analog oscillators, the smooth Pittsburgh Filter, and the warmth of the Dynamics Controller, creating new sonic textures and performance possibilities. This comprehensive review covers all aspects of the Taiga, showing how it is possible to break new ground in sound exploration with this full synthesizer voice.

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  9. Discover the Unique Sounds of the Bastl Instruments SoftPop SP2: A Semi-Modular Synth with Integrated Quantizer and Sequencer

    The Bastl Instruments SoftPop SP2 is a semi-modular synthesizer with an integrated quantizer and sequencer. It's a unique instrument that has been in development for three years, and is a rework of the original 2017 CASPERxBASTL Softpop. The SoftPop SP2 is a radical subtractive synth that excels at both melody and noise equally, ranging from bassline bangers to angelic chord progressions and distorted beats. Its patchbay is eurorack compatible, and it has the additional capability of processing inbound audio through the filter and VCA. The SoftPop SP2 comes with a 16-pin eurorack power header that requires 5 volts in the bus-board, and adaptors for mounting to eurorack rails are available as open-source files.

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