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  1. Exploring the Otherworldly Sounds of the Nonlinearcircuits Fourier Eurorack Module

    Explore the captivating sounds of the Nonlinearcircuits Fourier Eurorack module, an imperfect yet intriguing implementation of Fourier synthesis with Walsh characteristics. With control over sine and cosine signals, this module is perfect for creating shifting soundscapes and drones. While it requires a low pass filter for normal use, it can also be utilized as a unique sequencer or pattern generator with a slow clock signal. Experimentation with CV inputs and audio signals opens up endless possibilities, making this module a must-have for Eurorack enthusiasts.

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  2. Exploring the Sonic Landscapes: Unleashing the Potential of the Nonlinearcircuits Fourier Black Eurorack Module

    Unleash the sonic potential with the Nonlinearcircuits Fourier Black module. Explore shifting soundscapes and drones with this innovative module, inspired by Fourier synthesis and Walsh functions. Patch it into a low pass filter for normal use or experiment with different setups. Utilize fast clock signals for multiplexing channels or slow clock signals for sequencing. Each channel has reset and direction inputs, and CV inputs create unique harmonic effects. With white noise and external signals, the possibilities are endless. Get ready for an exciting journey into the sonic landscapes.

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  3. Exploring the Versatility of the vaemi-shift-register Eurorack Module as a Sequencer and Oscillator

    The vaemi-shift-register is a versatile Eurorack module that can function as both a sequencer and an oscillator. As a dual 4-bit Shift Register module, it stores and shifts data in accordance with a clock signal reference. It can be used as a 4-step sequencer that outputs a 5V gate signal. The first output gives the same pattern entered in the data signal but synced with the clock, while the subsequent outputs give delayed versions of the pattern. When used in the audio rate range, it functions as an oscillator with clock signals that are audible to humans. The module also has a reset input for clearing the memory of data. It is possible to create loops and manipulate the phase of recorded patterns by redirecting outputs to the data input and starting the Shift Register at different times. The module is a DIY or assembled kit available from en.vaemi.net.

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  4. Exploring Data Routing and Digital Chaos with Xaoc Devices' Poczdam Eurorack Module

    The Xaoc Devices Poczdam Eurorack module is a binary data routing solution designed for the Xaoc Leibniz subsystem. This module enables manual or remote switching between two Leibniz data sources, while modifying individual bits of the data stream and re-clocking the data with its onboard voltage-controlled wideband oscillator or any external clock signal. The Poczdam module is advantageous with complex Leibniz setups that require reconfiguring data flow between various modules and can also be utilized for waveform splicing, disrupting rhythmic loops, or generating digital chaos.

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  5. Elevate Your Eurorack Sequencing with Endorphin.es Running Order 1U Black

    The article 'Elevate Your Eurorack Sequencing with Endorphin.es Running Order 1U Black' focuses on a two-track trigger sequencer module - the Endorphin.es Running Order 1U Black. The module has a sleek design with a width of 6HP and a depth of 30mm. It can be used as a sub-sequencer or as a divider in a Eurorack environment. The module features zero-jitter clock generation, a 101 style 1/16th note input mode, and a Euclidean mode enabled for each track. The module also allows for per-step trigger probability in 101 mode and global probability in Euclidean mode. With separate synchronization inputs, clock divider for incoming external clocks, and separate mute buttons for each track, the module provides excellent sequencing capabilities. Additionally, the module has 8 patterns of trigger sequences stored, making it an ideal solution for both live performances and studio recordings.

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