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  1. Exploring the Dynamic Possibilities of the Djupviks Elektronik Star Maker: A 4-Input Stereo Panning Mixer with Clock Sync and Creative Features

    Explore the dynamic possibilities of the Djupviks Elektronik Star Maker, a 4-input stereo panning mixer with clock sync and creative features. With inputs for audio and CV, this 12HP module offers stereo outputs and a gate output. Adjust active steps, insert pauses, and control the division of the audio clock. Utilize the manual stepping and start position button for sequencing. This versatile module is a must-have in any eurorack setup. Read the full article on Thonk.co.uk.

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  2. Unleashing Unlimited Modulation: Exploring the Versatility of the five12-qv-l-black Eurorack Module

    Unleashing Unlimited Modulation: Exploring the Versatility of the five12-qv-l-black Eurorack Module. The QV-L is a quad LFO with various waveforms, modulation options, preset capabilities, and clock sync. It features waveforms like Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square, Shark, and more, along with morphing waves and chaotic waveform generators. It offers multiple rate modes for precise control and can be synchronized with tempo clocks. The module includes two linear envelope generators, extensive modulation options with selectable sources and destinations, and customizable CV outputs. It also supports Gate triggering, waveform displays, customizable parameters, and preset saving.

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  3. Exploring the Versatile Quad Variable LFO: Unleashing Creativity with the Five12 QV-L Module

    Unleash your creativity with the Five12 QV-L, a versatile quad variable LFO offering a variety of waveforms, flexible modulation options, clock sync, presets, customizable parameters, and extensive modulation capabilities. Sync with a Vector Sequencer for MIDI communication, set tempo internally or via a tempo clock, trigger with gate inputs, and save up to 40 presets. With animated waveform displays and convenient output processing, this module is perfect for exploring new sonic territories in your Eurorack system.

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  4. Exploring Uncharted Sonic Territories with the Imitor Versio Eurorack Delay Module

    The Imitor Versio Eurorack Delay Module is the perfect tool for adventurous musicians seeking to push sonic boundaries and explore uncharted territory. With 12 delay taps and a wide range of parameters designed to create unique and unusual echoes, this module is perfect for experimentation, creating vintage soundscapes, and adding a touch of retro flair to any composition. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious novice, the Imitor Versio has something for everyone.

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  5. Dance to the Beat of Your Own LFO with Crazy Chicken's Eurorack Module

    The Crazy Chicken Dance Eurorack module is a versatile LFO with eight waveforms, tap-tempo and clock sync, and amplitude control. It also has CV-modulation capabilities for all parameters and two outputs with unipolar and bipolar signals status LEDs. This module has a frequency range from 0.05Hz to audio-rate, allowing users to dance to their own beat.

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