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  1. Unleashing Unlimited Modulation: Exploring the Versatility of the five12-qv-l-black Eurorack Module

    Unleashing Unlimited Modulation: Exploring the Versatility of the five12-qv-l-black Eurorack Module. The QV-L is a quad LFO with various waveforms, modulation options, preset capabilities, and clock sync. It features waveforms like Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square, Shark, and more, along with morphing waves and chaotic waveform generators. It offers multiple rate modes for precise control and can be synchronized with tempo clocks. The module includes two linear envelope generators, extensive modulation options with selectable sources and destinations, and customizable CV outputs. It also supports Gate triggering, waveform displays, customizable parameters, and preset saving.

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  2. Exploring the Versatile Quad Variable LFO: Unleashing Creativity with the Five12 QV-L Module

    Unleash your creativity with the Five12 QV-L, a versatile quad variable LFO offering a variety of waveforms, flexible modulation options, clock sync, presets, customizable parameters, and extensive modulation capabilities. Sync with a Vector Sequencer for MIDI communication, set tempo internally or via a tempo clock, trigger with gate inputs, and save up to 40 presets. With animated waveform displays and convenient output processing, this module is perfect for exploring new sonic territories in your Eurorack system.

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  3. Unleash Your Inner Drummer: Exploring the Unique Capabilities of WMD Kraken Eurorack Module.

    The WMD Kraken Eurorack module is a physical modelling snare drum module that utilizes digital synthesis to create realistic snare drums of all sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. It features three built-in distortion types, digital and analog noise sources, and a pitch shifter for a wide range of unique sounds. The module can be sequenced using the Head, Rim, and Accent gate inputs, and paired with other modules for a completely unique set of drums. Kraken is an ideal choice for those seeking to unleash their inner drummer and explore the unique capabilities of a drum synthesizer module.

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  4. Get Creative with Your Mixes: Exploring the Features of the Modbap Modular Transit Eurorack Mixer

    "Get Creative with Your Mixes: Exploring the Features of the Modbap Modular Transit Eurorack Mixer" is an article that discusses the features of the Transit Eurorack Mixer by Modbap Modular. The module is a 6hp dual stereo channel lane mixer with an all-analog signal path and includes a variety of controls such as mutes per channel, gain control per channel, and ducking input per channel. The mixer also has digitally controlled LEDs for level indication and offers a main stereo output with a master volume control knob and an independent 3.5mm headphone output with its own volume control knob. The article highlights the versatility of the Transit Eurorack Mixer and how it can be used in both small and large modular systems.

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  5. Get Creative with Per4mer: A Hands-On Guide to Modbap Modular's Quad Performance Effects Eurorack Module

    The Modbap Modular Per4mer is a 14hp eurorack quad performance effects unit that offers an unparalleled and fun experience by allowing hands-on and CV/Gate controlled eurorack effects. Featuring 4 performance effects (Delay, Reverb, Glitch & Tape Stop) and 2 processing effects (Color and Compressor), the Per4mer allows for a unique creative beat and melody generation experience. With the ability to engage any of the 8 fixed color presets and combining them with the onboard Compressor and Side-Chain input, the Per4mer transforms any audio signal's mood and vibe, making it a powerful tool for live performance. The module also features 4 no-click 24mm mini arcade buttons, clock input, tap tempo, CV control over knobs, gate inputs, and stereo input and output.

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  6. Befaco Lich: Unleashing Endless Possibilities with the Programmable Multi-Function Module

    The Befaco Lich is a programmable multi-function module based on the Rebel Technology OWL platform, resulting from a collaboration between Befaco and Rebel. This module offers stereo in and out, four pot controls with cv inputs, CV and Gate outputs, patch selection with display, and USB MIDI host and device connections. With its 48k 24-bit audio capabilities and various control options, the Befaco Lich opens up a world of possibilities for patch programming and visual interface exploration.

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