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  1. Step 8: The Revolutionary Eurorack Sequential Tracking/Sampling Register Module

    Step 8 is a new type of modular building block Eurorack module that offers a sequential tracking/sampling register, providing sequencers, sequential switches, counters, and analogue shift registers, among other functions. It features an analogue switch feeding eight track/sample-and-hold stages, each with an analogue output and gate output, controllable through a built-in 8-step counter or addressed directly by an analogue CV. The module uses advanced circuit techniques to avoid noise, distortion, and voltage issues, resulting in transparent signal paths with high precision and bandwidth. Its possibilities become endless with the ability to mute inactive stages, pause the counter, change its direction, shift stages on each step, and more. Additionally, it offers a scanning output, making it easy and intuitive for sequencer or addressed voltage source use.

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  2. Get Spooked with Frequency Central's Horror Show: The Ultimate Noise Generator, Ring Modulator, and Sub Oscillator Eurorack Module

    The article "Get Spooked with Frequency Central's Horror Show: The Ultimate Noise Generator, Ring Modulator, and Sub Oscillator Eurorack Module" features the Horror Show, a 4HP module that combines a noise generator with filter frequency control, a digital ring modulator, and a sub oscillator with three simultaneous outputs. The noise output is normalized to RM X input and Sub Osc input, allowing for five types of noise that can be further affected by twisting the filter frequency knob. The module can also be used as a pulse width modulator and a clock divider. This module is a great addition to any eurorack setup, especially for those looking to create experimental and spooky sounds.

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  3. Exploring the Versatility of the Cre8audio Function Junction Eurorack Module

    The Cre8audio Function Junction Eurorack module is a versatile tool that can be used as an envelope generator, voltage controlled LFO, slew generator, gate signal delay, envelope follower, clock source, voltage controlled clock divider, and more. The module features a fully analog Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers developed 4 stage ADSR circuit with independent Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release controls, with a voltage output range of 0V - 10V. Its Function Generator allows for control of attack, decay, response curve, and modulation input with a voltage output range of +/-5V. The module also includes a triangle and square LFO with a dedicated rate knob and LFO output voltage of +/-8V. Additionally, the module has a 3 channel attenuverting mixer with OR circuit and multiple output jacks for independent use.

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  4. Exploring the Unpredictable and Evolving Sounds of the Reverse Landfill Noise V9 Eurorack Module

    The Reverse Landfill Noise V9 Eurorack Module is a patchable noise source that creates unpredictable and evolving sounds through four square wave oscillators that modulate each other, go through a clock divider, and are mixed. With 20 patchpoints and the ability to patch LDRs or resistors into the patchbay, this module is suitable for creating harsh noise, random control voltage, snares, hi-hats, or "unpure" audio textures. The article explores the unique features of the module and the different combinations that can be made for even more variation in sound.

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  5. Exploring the Unique Features of the XAOC Devices Moskwa II Eurorack Module: A Comprehensive Review

    The XAOC Devices Moskwa II Eurorack Module is an eight-step sequencer that generates gate/trigger and CV signals, with unique features that set it apart from traditional 8-step sequencers. This module offers an array of advanced functions such as eight independent gate/trigger pattern generators, two randomization sections, built-in quantizer and slew limiter, and eight preset slots, enabling the user to program more complex and longer sequences. Additionally, this module features an internal or external clock, clock multiplier and divider, unipolar and bipolar operation, and can daisy-chain with another Moskwa II or expand with the Ostankino II module.

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  6. Exploring the Endorphin.es Running Order Black: A Flexible 2-Track Trigger Sequencer and Euclidean Generator for Your Eurorack Setup

    The Endorphin.es Running Order Black is a powerful two-track trigger sequencer and Euclidean generator that adds flexibility to any Eurorack setup. With a compact 6HP design and zero-jitter clock generation, the module can be used as a precise master clock or as a sub-sequencer/divider. The 101 style 1/16th note input mode with manual or CV controllable amount of trigger repeats and Euclidean mode enabled for each track allow for per step trigger probability in 101 mode and global probability in Euclidean mode. Additionally, separate synchronization inputs, clock divider for incoming external clocks, separate mute buttons for each track, and 8 patterns of trigger sequences stored in the module make the Endorphin.es Running Order Black a versatile module for creating complex soundscapes.

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  7. Exploring the Endorphin.es Running Order 1U: The Versatile Two-Track Trigger Sequencer/Euclidean Generator

    The article 'Exploring the Endorphin.es Running Order 1U: The Versatile Two-Track Trigger Sequencer/Euclidean Generator' reviews the features and benefits of the Running Order 1U Eurorack module. This module is a two-track trigger sequencer and can be used as a master clock or sub-sequencer/divider. It has a 101-style 1/16th note input mode with manual or CV controllable amount of trigger repeats, as well as a Euclidean mode with separate synchronization inputs and per step trigger probability. The Running Order 1U also includes clock division for incoming external clocks, separate mute buttons for each track, and can store up to 8 patterns of trigger sequences. The article highlights the versatility and usefulness of this module for electronic music production.

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  8. Exploring the Endless Possibilities of the Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher: The Ultimate Experimental Eurorack Model

    The Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher is the ultimate experimental Eurorack module that offers endless possibilities for creating micro sounds, glitchy noise, heavy bass, industrial rhythms, vinyl crackle, and more. It has two complex oscillators that are hybrid analog and digital, with both wave and sub outputs that can be synced. Additionally, it features two high and low-speed LFOs, six clock dividers, trigger or gate ins, and a drum out. This 16 hp module is perfect for those looking for happy accidents and experimenting with sounds.

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  9. Exploring the AtoVproject Gaeto Black: The New Clock Logic Module That Rewards Exploration.

    The AtoVproject Gaeto Black is a new type of clocked logic module that rewards exploration. This 6hp module can perform a variety of functions including clock division, legato generation, trigger to gate conversion, rhythm quantization, sub-octave generation with PWM, and generative trigger sequencing. The module stores a 1 if the input signal is over 1V and a 0 if not, and then outputs accordingly on the next clock pulse. The output can follow the pulse width of the clock or be maintained high until the next clock, which can be CV-controllable. Multiple Gaetos can be chained together to create shift register functions. The module is available in both assembled and DIY kit forms, with black or grey panels.

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