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  1. Flavorful Patching: Pizza, Hector, 6m0d6, Jumble Henge & Ctrl Take the Eurorack Stage!

    Flavorful Patching: Pizza, Hector, 6m0d6, Jumble Henge & Ctrl Take the Eurorack Stage!

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  2. Mute Signals with Ease Using the Eurorack SIGNAL SWITCH Module: A Review

    Looking for an easy and discreet mute solution for your Eurorack setup? Look no further than the SIGNAL SWITCH module by ph modular. This MUTE module consists of eight identical stages, each with an illuminated push button for muting incoming signals. The use of vactrols helps to avoid clicks and adds a fading effect when muting the signal. The module also includes an internal routing feature and a jumper on the back to split the module into two independent floors. The SIGNAL SWITCH module is available as an assembled module and can be shipped worldwide.

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  3. Mix it Up: A Review of the ph Modular Stereo Mixer Eurorack Module

    The ph Modular Stereo Mixer Eurorack Module is a new product that offers four stereo inputs, each with their own mute and attenuator, directed into a stereo output with its own attenuator. The module is manufactured by ph Neutre, tested and assembled by hand, and comes with a ribbon cable and screw M3. This mixer is built to last and all "ph" modules are repairable. To order, contact the manufacturer via email.

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  4. Introducing the CONTROL Module: Streamlining Control of Your Eurorack Setup

    The CONTROL module is a versatile module for Eurorack setups that simplifies control over four independent stages. Each section generates an adjustable voltage using a potentiometer between -5V and +5V, making it perfect for a range of uses such as checking CV inputs, grouping together module controls, accessing parameters of external synthesizers, and generating continuous GATE signals. Additionally, the module is skiff-friendly and is available with matte black or white panel options. It can be ordered by contacting the manufacturer, Christian from ph modular.

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