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  1. Exploring the Compact Excellence of the After Later Audio Quarks: A 22hp Take on Mutable Instruments Elements

    Explore the compact excellence of the After Later Audio Quarks, a 22hp version of Mutable Instruments Elements offering identical sound and firmware options. This module strikes a perfect compromise, providing tight spacing like Atom and avoiding the bulk of the original.

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  2. Exploring Complex Soundscapes with the Arcaico Dominus Dual VCO: A Wavefolding Journey

    Discover the immersive world of complex soundscapes with the Arcaico Dominus Dual VCO. Featuring dual VCOs with wavefolding capabilities and independent waveform selection, this module allows for the creation of unique and non-linear sound textures. With a wide frequency range and various control options, including CV control and a shape knob, users can manipulate the sound to produce captivating and diverse results. Whether you are an experienced musician or an aspiring sonic explorer, the Arcaico Dominus Dual VCO is a must-have module for your Eurorack setup.

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  3. Tribute to the Iconic KORG MS-20 Filter: A Review of Black-Noise Sallen Key Eurorack Module.

    The Black-Noise Sallen Key Eurorack Module is a tribute to the iconic KORG MS-20 filter and is composed of a 2 Poles Low Pass and a 1 Pole High Pass. The filter is unique due to its non-linear feedback path and the integration of LEDs instead of diodes. The Sallen Key can be used as a sound source as it can self-oscillate and tracking is accurate across 6 octaves. Overall, the module has been designed to honor the MS-20 filter while also adding new and unique features to it.

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  4. The Cursible: A Versatile Morphing Effects-Send Matrix for Eurorack Synthesizers

    Check out the article titled "The Cursible: A Versatile Morphing Effects-Send Matrix for Eurorack Synthesizers" in the Effects-Send Matrix blog category, which highlights Sacrament Modular's new 14HP 6 channel effects-send matrix called The Cursible. This module is capable of morphing, sequencing, and blending effects, making it a versatile tool for sound manipulation. With multiple modes of operation, including piano, clock, control voltage, manual, random manual, and CV + clock, users have numerous ways to customize their signal routing. Additionally, the module features user-defined morph timing and a fill operation function. The Cursible is currently available for preorder now.

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  5. Exploring the Twisted Brother of Compressors: Introducing the Cosmotronic Peradam Eurorack Module

    The Cosmotronic Peradam is a unique analog distortion module with an internal sidechain that creates complex self-distortion sounds in the main signal. The side-chain is modulated by itself to create a signal at twice the frequency of the original and then modulates the amplitude of the VCA. The module also has a dual-band drive circuit before entering a soft clipper output stage. It allows for a broad palette of distortions, from subtle saturation to massive clipping and complete destruction. The module comes with a +6dB gain switch on the input and a blend slider to dial in your tones. The Cosmotronic Peradam is available for pre-order at an MSRP of €270 and is estimated to ship in January 2022.

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  6. Exploring the Sound Capabilities of Erica Synths Black VCO2: An Analog VCO with Unique Waveshaping Features

    The Erica Synths Black VCO2 is an all-analog, highly accurate and stable VCO that features four simultaneous waveform outputs, a one-octave down sub-oscillator, a SAW waveshaper, and two modulation LFOs. The module is designed to provide a distinct, rounded square wave, unlike the harsh, logic divider based sub-oscillators. With its skiff-friendly design and a wide octave range, the Erica Synths Black VCO2 is an excellent analog sound source with plenty of patch points for modular use. This article explores the sound capabilities of the module, highlighting its unique waveshaping features and its potential uses in electronic music production.

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  7. Exploring the Exciting Features of the Bog Eurorack Module: A Redesign of the Erica Synths Swamp Module

    The Bog Eurorack module is an 8HP redesign of the Erica Synths Swamp module, with added features including a newly added S&H/Heart input, three random audio frequency outputs, external audio input routed to ring modulator, three random CV outputs, clock input and output to sync the module to your modular system, and CV control over the internal clock for even more extreme randomness. Additionally, the smooth range switch has been moved to the front panel, and the skiff-friendly design makes it easy to incorporate into your modular setup.

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