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  1. Ripple into Randomness: Modulove MVMNT meets Calsynth Ripley

    This article explores the combination of Modulove MVMNT and Calsynth Ripley in Eurorack builds. MVMNT offers precise control over smooth random modulation with adjustable intensity, dual-panel design, and additional firmware options. On the other hand, Ripley is a classic, big-sounding analog four-pole filter with multiple filter modes and self-oscillation capabilities. The synergy between MVMNT's dynamic modulation possibilities and Ripley's filtering capabilities creates a unique and versatile modular setup for creative sound design and exploration in Eurorack systems.

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  2. Pitch Perfect Delays: Behringer VS Erica Synths VS Pittsburgh Modular

    In this article, we compare three notable Eurorack modules for creating pitch perfect delays: Behringer's Perfect Pitch PP1, Erica Synths' Black Stereo Delay, and Pittsburgh Modular's Dynamics Controller Bat. Each module offers unique features and capabilities to enhance your Eurorack setup, catering to different preferences and styles of music production. From versatile signal conversion and deep DAW integration to hi-fi stereo delay effects and modern reinterpretations of classic designs, these modules provide a wide range of creative possibilities for musicians and producers looking to elevate their sound. Whether you prioritize adaptability, sonic depth, or organic sound shaping, exploring the strengths of these modules can shape your Eurorack journey in exciting ways.

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  3. Exploring the Sonic Depths with Wildsync-FatMoog VCF/VCA: A Eurorack Marvel in Filter and Amplification Innovation

    This article dives deep into the innovative features of the Wildsync-FatMoog VCF/VCA eurorack module. Featuring a voltage-controlled 24 db/octave ladder filter and unique waveshaper mods for both Lead (Prodigy) and Bass (Minitaur) sounds, this module offers versatile sonic possibilities. With an attenuverter on the filter CV input, a level attenuator on the VCA CV input, and an output peak indicator, the Wildsync-FatMoog VCF/VCA is a true marvel in filter and amplification innovation.

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  4. Unveiling the Organic Percussive Sounds of Nekyia Circuits Sosumi Eurorack Dual Low Pass Gate Module

    This article dives deep into the mesmerizing world of the Nekyia Circuits Sosumi Eurorack Dual Low Pass Gate Module. Unveil the secrets of its organic percussive sounds and explore the unique Buchla 292 design inspiration behind its dual low pass gate functionality. Discover how handmade vactrols shape the distinctive character of each channel, creating a personalized touch to your sound palette. Learn how to harness the power of vactrols for amplitude and frequency control, and unleash the full potential of Sosumi for crafting harmonically rich and plucky sounds. Elevate your music production journey with the Sosumi's ping input for dynamic accents, and delve into the craftsmanship behind its handmade vactrols. Experience the essence of creativity and innovation with the Nekyia Circuits Sosumi Eurorack module.

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  5. Exploring the Make Noise DXG: A Dual Stereo Low Pass Gate and Mixer Module for Creative Eurorack Setups

    The Make Noise DXG is a versatile Dual Stereo Low Pass Gate and Mixer module designed for creative Eurorack setups. It features a vactrol-free design for classic Low Pass Gate sounds with improved balance and consistency for true stereo operation. The module offers fully stereo I/O, with all left inputs normalized for easy use with mono signals. The STRIKE INput allows the use of gate signals to trigger the Low Pass Gate circuit, creating unique plucking or pinging sounds. Additionally, the DXG includes a summing stage with stereo AUXiliary IN for chaining multiple units and creating larger mixes. This module is part of a decentralized mix console concept, designed to integrate seamlessly with other modules like X-PAN, Optomix, and XOH. The DXG pairs well with a variety of stereo modules by Make Noise and other manufacturers, making it a valuable addition to any modular synthesis system.

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  6. Unleashing the Metallic Noise: Exploring the Steady State Fate Metalloid Percussion Entity

    Unleashing the Metallic Noise: Explore the Steady State Fate Metalloid Percussion Entity, an analog synth module for creating and manipulating metallic and synthetic metal noise. With three oscillators and two signal paths, it offers a range of unique metallic tones. The module features macro controls for enhanced tone variety, including tuning of the noise sources. It also utilizes two state variable VCFs for frequency control and two envelope generators for dynamics. With trigger inputs and normalization of outputs, it offers versatile connectivity options. Discover the power of metallic percussion synthesis!

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  7. Exploring the Versatile Sounds of Farb Highpass: An Analog Transistor Ladder Filter for Eurorack

    Discover the versatile sounds of Farb Highpass, an analog transistor ladder filter for Eurorack that offers CV-able resonance and a Tilt EQ for warmth or sizzling highpass effects. Explore its distinct circuit from classic lowpass filters.

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  8. Unleashing Creative Soundscapes: Exploring the Brinta Granular Sampler

    Unleashing Creative Soundscapes: Exploring the Brinta Granular Sampler - a unique Eurorack module with a circular UI, granular sampling, and various interactive features, allowing for the creation of diverse and customizable sound textures.

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