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  1. Exploring the Versatile Quad Variable LFO: Unleashing Creativity with the Five12 QV-L Module

    Unleash your creativity with the Five12 QV-L, a versatile quad variable LFO offering a variety of waveforms, flexible modulation options, clock sync, presets, customizable parameters, and extensive modulation capabilities. Sync with a Vector Sequencer for MIDI communication, set tempo internally or via a tempo clock, trigger with gate inputs, and save up to 40 presets. With animated waveform displays and convenient output processing, this module is perfect for exploring new sonic territories in your Eurorack system.

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  2. Unleashing New Sonic Dimensions with Innovative Combinations

    Combining the Mosaic Four-Channel Mixer, Nonlinearcircuits Helvetica Scenario, ST Modular Alstaden, and Transient Modules 7J allows for the creation of new sonic dimensions in Eurorack builds. The Mosaic Four-Channel Mixer enables the blending of signals with both audio and CV inputs, while the Nonlinearcircuits Helvetica Scenario offers dual chaos driven S&H with VC slew. The ST Modular Alstaden provides waveshaping oscillator, wave-shaper, and VCA capabilities, and the Transient Modules 7J offers a compact joystick controller module for hands-on expression. Together, these modules allow for a wide range of creative possibilities in sound design.

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  3. Takaab RLFO: Unlocking Random, Stepped and Gradual Control Voltages with Built-in LFO, Sample & Hold and Noise Circuits

    The Takaab RLFO module by Siam Modular is a versatile modulation and control voltage generator. It features a built-in LFO, sample & hold, and noise circuits, making it capable of producing random, stepped, and gradual control voltages. The LFO has two outputs, square and triangle, and is internally normalized to the clock input of the sample & hold. The noise is also normalized to the signal input of the sample & hold, which allows it to output a random, stepped voltage without external patching. The RLFO can also sample any external signal and use external clock, gate, or trigger signals to trigger the sample points of the sample & hold. With its slew circuit on the output, the module can produce more gradual or wobbly control voltages.

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  4. NANO Modules Caixa 104: The Ultimate Portable Eurorack Solution with Integrated Utilities.

    The NANO Modules Caixa 104 is the ultimate portable eurorack solution for performing artists. Designed for small cases, this eurorack module comes with seven integrated modules and an 18-slot busboard with reversed protection headers. It also features a +30W power supply, and a depth of 47mm, expanding to 60mm outside of the busboard space. This lightweight aluminium module weighs only 1.7Kg and comes with a handle, making it easy to take your synthesizer anywhere you go. With its integrated utilities, the Caixa 104 promises to be a reliable and efficient solution for all your music performance needs.

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  5. Exploring the Mighty Sound of the GRP A1: A Portable Analog Synth and Eurorack Module

    The GRP A1 is a powerful and portable analog synthesizer and Eurorack module with a mighty sound. It can be used as a standalone musical instrument or to filter external signals through its Low Pass 18dB VCF resonant circuit. Featuring three internal signals (VCO, SUB, and NOISE), two Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) and an Envelope Generator ADSR, the GRP A1 allows for easy sculpting of cyclic or transient modulation behavior. It can be powered using a USB type C cable or installed in any Eurorack modular system, making it a versatile and flexible addition to any setup.

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  6. Exploring Infinite Modulation: An In-Depth Look at the ST Modular Influencer Eurorack Module

    The article 'Exploring Infinite Modulation: An In-Depth Look at the ST Modular Influencer Eurorack Module' provides a comprehensive review of the ST Modular Influencer module, which offers multiple random CV generators and an extensive range of modulation sources. Divided into five sections, this module includes a VC internal clock and triangle LFO, a fall envelope generator, a sample & hold section, an AND/OR comparator, and a dual smooth random CV generator. Each section is described in detail, explaining its functionality and unique features. The article also highlights the module's versatility, as it can be used as an oscillator and offers input normalization. With its wide range of modulation sources and its ability to introduce unpredictability, the ST Modular Influencer proves to be a powerful tool for generating creative and dynamic CV signals in Eurorack systems.

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