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  1. Unlocking Infinite Soundscapes: Exploring the AtoVproject DHO - A Complex Harmonic Oscillator with Internal Modulation

    The AtoVproject DHO, a complex harmonic oscillator with internal modulation, revolutionizes the concept of oscillators by offering four octaves of triangle waves, through-zero frequency modulation, and a four-stage diode wavefolder. Its innovative approach to modulation using an algorithm from the video game industry allows for dynamic control of 10 parameters, leading to infinite soundscapes with just one CV input. With 10 internal LFOs for added movement, the DHO unlocks new sonic possibilities without the need for multiple external modulators. Additionally, the module ships with an expander providing standard oscillator waveforms, PWM, and hard and soft sync inputs.

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  2. Unleashing Creativity with the Ryk Modular Algo: A Quad Complex Oscillator Bank for Eurorack Enthusiasts

    The Ryk Modular Algo is a Quad Complex Oscillator Bank designed for Eurorack enthusiasts seeking to push the boundaries of creativity in their modular setups. This module features four oscillators that can be arranged in series or parallel configurations to craft intricate and dynamic FM or additive soundscapes. The intuitive Algorithm Display provides a visual representation of signal flow between oscillators, simplifying the FM synthesis process. Each oscillator boasts dedicated controls for Level and Frequency, enabling precise manipulation of timbres without the need for menu diving. Modulation inputs for Frequency and Level offer versatile sound design possibilities, particularly when coupled with external envelopes. The Wave Warp control introduces harmonic richness by morphing waveforms from Triangle to Pulse shapes, while Wave Folding options, including Symmetric, Asymmetric, and Soft Clip modes, add further tonal versatility. A Global Detune spread control with CV input facilitates the creation of immersive drone textures. Additionally, the onboard Stereo Chorus effect injects vintage shimmer into FM compositions, all within a stereo output environment for a spatial sound experience.

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  3. Beats from the Grids to Clouds: Crafting Sonic Nightmares

    In this article, we explore the thrilling world of crafting sonic nightmares using a combination of Eurorack modules. Starting with the Blue Lantern Modules Grids MK2, we delve into its percussion sequencing capabilities with Euclidean patterns. We then introduce the Maneco Labs Grone Wave, a lo-fi sample player with 8-bit textures and a MOJ transistor ladder filter modulated by an LFO. Moving on, the Nonlinear Circuits XOR module adds a touch of ring modulation with its simple yet effective design. We also highlight the Erica Synths Edu VCO, a DIY analog oscillator with versatile outputs. Finally, we explore the Wildfire Laboratories Equation Group, a passive resistor ladder DAC with various functions in a modular setup. Join us on this sonic journey from the grids to the clouds as we push the boundaries of sound design.

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  4. Unleashing Creativity: The After Later Audio Bartender - A Comprehensive Guide

    The After Later Audio Bartender is a versatile stereo performance mixer capable of accommodating four stereo channels with the option to switch to mono mode. It features CV inputs for panning and level control, two send buses, and a unique mute function that minimizes clicks. The Bartender's expandable nature allows for cascading multiple units to create larger mixer configurations, along with the possibility of adding Barbacks for additional channels. With features like a cueing system, separate mains section with stereo sends and returns, and a dedicated cue section with headphone jack and fader control, the Bartender offers comprehensive mixing capabilities for eurorack enthusiasts seeking flexibility and creativity in their setups. Explore the possibilities of this module for enhanced sound manipulation and performance control.

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  5. Exploring Natural Complex Chaos with the Frisson Eurorack Module

    natural complex chaos based on Mackey-Glass equations. The Frisson Eurorack module is a unique chaos module that offers easily controllable chaotic patterns based on the Mackey-Glass equations. It features a nonlinear stage, a low pass stage, and a delay stage consisting of 8 Bessel filters configured for sub-audio rates. The module can be controlled via CV or knobs to adjust the frequency and pattern of the chaos. With the switch to CV Phaser mode, the Bessel filter section can act as a voltage-controlled CV Phaser, providing 8 different outputs of delayed and slewed versions of the original CV signal. The module can be built to operate at different frequency ranges by following the provided capacitor values in the Build Notes.

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  6. Filter Fusion Fun: SH5-VCF, Grids MK2, Chance Delay & Fracture

    Filter Fusion Fun: SH5-VCF, Grids MK2, Chance Delay & Fracture combines the unique analog adaptation of the Roland SH-5 mixer and Dual Filter with the SH5-VCF module, the simplicity of percussive sequences with the Grids MK2 module, the innovative chance generation and pulse conditioning of the Chance Delay module, and the multi-particle percussion synthesis of the Fracture module. This article explores the creative possibilities of combining these Eurorack modules to create dynamic and experimental soundscapes.

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  7. Unleashing Creative Potential: Endless Processor Expander Kit - Elevate Your Sound Design Journey

    The Endless Processor Expander Kit enhances the capabilities of the Endless Processor module by offering pitch control over both channels, allowing for octave shifts and the creation of new textures. With an added SD card slot, up to 5 sound banks can be stored and recalled, enabling the preservation of creative moments. Utilizing a web tool, users can extract clickless loops in WAV format from saved sound banks for further manipulation in their DAW or hardware sampler. The kit includes the Endless Processor Ex module, expansion PCB, and necessary cable for connection, providing a depth of 45mm with the expansion PCB attached and 30mm for the Ex module.

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  8. Analog Morphing Alia: Gluing Mixes with Axon-1 Maestro

    In this article, we explore a creative approach to gluing mixes using the Worng Electronics ACRONYM VCO, Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Alia oscillator, Sovage Engineering BAGARRE mix bus distortion, ALM Busy Circuits AXON-1 CV expander, and Acid Rain Technology Maestro clocked modulation controller. By integrating these Eurorack modules, we achieve a seamless blend of stable tracking, harmonic sound generation, mix bus distortion, expanded CV control possibilities, and clocked modulation for dynamic and synced parameter control in a modular setup. These modules offer a unique blend of features to enhance mixing and sound manipulation in a Eurorack system.

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  9. Exploring Randomness and Creativity with the Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source

    The Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source is a versatile voltage-controlled FM radio module that introduces randomness and creative possibilities to your modular setup. With a wide bandwidth selection and a unique Squeeze switch for signal manipulation, this module offers a range of sound exploration opportunities. The LFO section provides triangle and square wave outputs with adjustable frequency ranges, while the Sample and Hold feature generates random voltages from the FM radio or external inputs. Designed for experimentation and sonic discovery, the Air-Wave Modulation Source is a valuable addition to any Eurorack system.

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