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  1. Unleashing Creativity: Exploring the Voxmachina-Kra-Pao Resonant Low Pass Gate Module

    The Voxmachina-Kra-Pao Resonant Low Pass Gate: A versatile Eurorack module inspired by Buchla vactrols, offering VCA, LPG, and VCF functions with resonance control and fast response VTL5C4 vactrols. Includes dampening control, switch, and knob for dynamic sound shaping. Available at Siam Modular.

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  2. Creative Chaos: Eurorack Adventures with music-thing-modular, st-modular, boredbrain-music, and intellijel

    In this article, we dive into the world of creative chaos in Eurorack with a unique combination of modules from music-thing-modular, st-modular, boredbrain-music, and intellijel. We explore the motion-sensing capabilities of the music-thing-modular move module, the versatile CV generation of the st-modular influencer, the experimental EQ processing of the boredbrain-music eqx5 module, and the compact yet powerful analog oscillator and LFO features of the intellijel vco-1u. These modules come together to create a sonic playground where unpredictability meets precise control, offering a wide range of modulation sources and signal processing capabilities for adventurous Eurorack enthusiasts.

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  3. Unleashing Lunar and Solar Creatures: Exploring the ERD/TOAD Eurorack Module

    Exploring the ERD/TOAD Eurorack Module: Hermaphroditic analogue computer modeling vocal emissions of lunar and solar creatures, inspired by birdsong production mechanisms, redefining pulses and control.

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  4. Unleashing Unlimited Creative Potential: Exploring the Voxmachina Leo Leo Matrix Programmer/Sequencer

    Discover the Voxmachina Leo Leo Matrix Programmer/Sequencer, an innovative Eurorack module offering complex CV channels and versatile sequencing capabilities. Unlock boundless creativity with precise control over each stage and multiple clock inputs for both structured and generative music production. Explore endless possibilities in modular synthesis with this cutting-edge device, available at Siam Modular.

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  5. Exploring Expansive Soundscapes: Unlocking the Stereo Field with the SPM Eurorack Module

    Explore the capabilities of the SPM Eurorack module, a 3-channel mono mixer that allows you to disperse two mono signals throughout the stereo field, resulting in a more expansive and enjoyable auditory experience. With adjustable gain and the ability to pan channels, this module is perfect for cleaning up mixes and widening the sound spectrum in the stereo field.

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