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  1. Unlock Unrivalled Creativity with the Malekko Heavy Industry VARIGATE 8+ Eurorack Sequencer

    The Malekko Heavy Industry VARIGATE 8+ Eurorack sequencer is a powerful and compact sequencer designed for ultimate control over an entire modular system. Featuring 8 gate channels, 2 CV channels, custom scale and key selection, 100 presets, and various random and mute functions, this sequencer allows for unparalleled creativity in creating songs and live performances. Additionally, each channel has independent clock division, sequence length, and direction, as well as the ability to pair CV channels with gate channels or run independently. With the VARIGATE 8+, the possibilities for musical experimentation are endless.

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  2. Unleashing Unique Soundscapes with Norand Morphos: A Dual Morphing Analog Oscillator with 3D Morphing and Contextual Modulation

    The Norand Morphos is a dual morphing analog oscillator that allows for the creation of unique soundscapes using its 3D morphing and contextual modulation. Its preset strips come with sensors that detect vertical, horizontal, and pressure information from your fingers, making it easy to use for live jamming. The two all-analog oscillators provide pure harmonics with four waveform types, and its stable TZFM allows for modulation of every parameter under CV through its three modulation modes. Overall, the Norand Morphos is a powerful tool for those looking to unleash their creativity in eurorack sound design.

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  3. Polyeffects Hector: Bringing Virtual Modular to Your Eurorack Setup

    The Polyeffects Hector is a 30HP virtual modular Eurorack module that offers a huge range of creative possibilities with over 100 different modules including filters, sequencers, effects, LFOs, and a granular texture synthesizer. The module is CV, audio, and MIDI capable with 6 inputs and 8 outputs. It also features a convolution reverb that enables users to capture and replicate the sound of real spaces and vintage reverb tanks. With Hector, users can have access to the sound of famous studios, concert halls, deep caves, and even their own bathroom. The module shares the same firmware as Beebo and allows for easy preset swapping.

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  4. How to Optimize Your Eurorack System's Power with the Endorphin.es Shuttle Control: An In-depth Review

    The article 'How to Optimize Your Eurorack System's Power with the Endorphin.es Shuttle Control: An In-depth Review' is a comprehensive guide for eurorack enthusiasts on how to use the Endorphin.es Shuttle Control module to effectively manage power consumption while maintaining a versatile performance. This 12 bit USB-to-MIDI-to-CV converter module with 16 arbitrary assignable channels has an internal PSU that can be powered from various sources and is capable of working as a simultaneous USB on-the-go device and host. The Shuttle Control module is polyphonic and MPE enabled, allowing for up to 8 voices of polyphony, polyphonic key aftertouch, MIDI clock and many more MIDI events to be translated into CV. The article provides a detailed overview of the module's features and functionalities, including how to use the web-based editor for editing presets.

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  5. Exploring the Versatility of Happy Nerding FX AID Pro: A Eurorack Module with 200 Onboard Effects and Advanced Internal LFO

    The Happy Nerding FX AID Pro is a highly versatile Eurorack module with 200 onboard effects that can be arranged in any order via an online editor. It features an OLED screen which shows the current effect's number, name, and three parameters, as well as an advanced internal LFO which can be routed to the sample rate, parameters 1-3, or effect selection. Other features include stereo input level control, SRR input routing, manual control of the sample rate, 10 user storable presets, and an easy update process. The module is perfect for those looking for a flexible and powerful effects processor.

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  6. Exploring the Versatility of Happy Nerding FX AID XL Black Gold: A Review of its 32 Unique Audio Effects and Advanced Features

    In the article 'Exploring the Versatility of Happy Nerding FX AID XL Black Gold: A Review of its 32 Unique Audio Effects and Advanced Features', the author provides a detailed review of the module. The Happy Nerding FX AID XL Black Gold offers 32 unique audio effects arranged in 4 banks of 8 effects, with separate modulation inputs for all three effect parameters plus a Sample Rate Reducer (SRR) input. The module also includes four user storable presets and can be reflashed with other effects in any order. The author praises the versatility of the module and its advanced features, including its analog Dry/Wet control with a dedicated CV input and high-quality stereo signal pass. Additionally, reflashing the module is a straightforward process, allowing for customization and experimentation with various effects.

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  7. Exploring the Unique Features of the XAOC Devices Moskwa II Eurorack Module: A Comprehensive Review

    The XAOC Devices Moskwa II Eurorack Module is an eight-step sequencer that generates gate/trigger and CV signals, with unique features that set it apart from traditional 8-step sequencers. This module offers an array of advanced functions such as eight independent gate/trigger pattern generators, two randomization sections, built-in quantizer and slew limiter, and eight preset slots, enabling the user to program more complex and longer sequences. Additionally, this module features an internal or external clock, clock multiplier and divider, unipolar and bipolar operation, and can daisy-chain with another Moskwa II or expand with the Ostankino II module.

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  8. Exploring the Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII: A Eurorack Module for Precision Pitch Control and Dynamic Performance.

    The Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII is a powerful monophonic keyboard controller for Eurorack that offers precise pitch control and dynamic performance capabilities. With 12 tuneable note plates, two transposition buttons, and a 16-bit DAC for accurate pitch output, this module provides maximum human control through its pressure sensing capabilities and dedicated CV output. It also includes an arpeggiator, sequencer, quantizer with user-editable scales, pressure CV recorder, envelope generator, random voltage generator, slew limiter, and vibrato. The module can store up to 17 presets, including keyboard layout, sequence, and all options under settings. Firmware v4.0 adds new features, such as rhythm sequencing for the arpeggiator, improved recording mode for the note sequencer with overdubbing, pressure-controlled transposition, and more. The new version is more compact, with illuminated pushbuttons replacing the transposition plates, a narrower panel, matte black finish, and gold-plated holes for better LED display visibility. The module no longer requires an external 5V power source, and the MPR121 breakout board now also accepts those made by Adafruit.

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  9. Exploring the Endless Possibilities of the Five12 Vector Sequencer: A Comprehensive Review

    The Five12 Vector Sequencer is a digital sequencer with 8 independent parts, 16 sub-sequencers per part for internal modulation, chance-based operations, and presets with a playlist function. It features built-in outputs supporting various CV and MIDI connections, bi-directional trigger I/O connections for sync, clock and trigger functions, and two CV inputs for external modulation. It also features a sharp and contrasty OLED display panel with 8 encoders for editing parameters, a ninth encoder for editing subsets of steps, and a group of buttons that form a one octave keyboard. Per-step chance operations make it easy to add a variety of generative behaviors to each sequence. There is also a micro-SD card installed on the back of the unit for saving projects. With all of these features, the Five12 Vector Sequencer offers endless possibilities for sequencing and modulation.

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