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  1. Introducing RANDS: A Versatile Eurorack Module for Random Sampling and Sequencing

    Introducing RANDS: A versatile Eurorack module that is a 1:1 clone of the Mutable Instruments Marbles, offering random sampling, sequencing, and voltage generation with adjustable clock rate, gate outputs, random rhythm patterns, and quantization options.

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  2. Up Your Video Game with Syntonie VU007B: A Sync Generator and RGB Encoder Eurorack Module

    The Syntonie VU007B is a highly versatile sync generator and RGB encoder eurorack module that takes your video game to the next level. It has a range of sync generator capabilities and can encode RGB to composite, S-Video, and component signals, making it compatible with a range of different video equipment. The module has RCA sync I/O at the rear and multiple inputs and outputs, including 0-1V RGB jack, and 0-700mV Sync in RCA. The depth of the module varies from DIY to assembled versions, making it ideal for different sized eurorack cases.

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  3. Managing Your Eurorack Signals Made Easy with TipTop Audio's Wayout8 Patchbay Module

    The Wayout8 Patchbay Module from TipTop Audio is a must-have for any Eurorack system, streamlining the management of signals between your DAW inputs and outputs or between different cases. The module's grounding feature ensures that even with nothing plugged into the inputs, your outputs remain grounded and free from noise. With eight passive channels, the Wayout8 can be used for both audio and CV gate without modifying your signals, and it can be mounted in two different ways for maximum ergonomic placement in your system. Plus, it doesn't require any power, making it an easy and essential addition to any Eurorack setup.

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