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  1. Unleashing Creative Potential with the Make Noise Function Module: A Deep Dive into Function Generation

    Discover the Make Noise Function Module: a versatile single channel function generator with unique features like VC Rise and Fall, exponential to logarithmic shaping, Gate and trigger inputs, and a "Hang" function for intricate modulation possibilities. Ideal for crafting complex envelopes, wave shapes, and sample and hold effects in your Eurorack setup, offering a wide range of functions from short bursts to extended cycles. Unlock your creative potential with this analog computer module designed for control voltage manipulation in synthesis, perfectly complementing your modular system for innovative sound design possibilities.

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  2. Creative Chaos: Eurorack Adventures with music-thing-modular, st-modular, boredbrain-music, and intellijel

    In this article, we dive into the world of creative chaos in Eurorack with a unique combination of modules from music-thing-modular, st-modular, boredbrain-music, and intellijel. We explore the motion-sensing capabilities of the music-thing-modular move module, the versatile CV generation of the st-modular influencer, the experimental EQ processing of the boredbrain-music eqx5 module, and the compact yet powerful analog oscillator and LFO features of the intellijel vco-1u. These modules come together to create a sonic playground where unpredictability meets precise control, offering a wide range of modulation sources and signal processing capabilities for adventurous Eurorack enthusiasts.

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  3. Twins of Chorus: Castor & Pollux Harmonize with Chasing Lights and Video Mult

    In this article, we explore the exciting combination of Winterbloom Castor & Pollux, ST Modular Chasing Lights, and Visible Signals Video Mult eurorack modules. The Castor & Pollux module is a dual Juno-inspired oscillator that offers rich, 80s sound with independent and mixed outputs. It also features a unique digitally-controlled chorusing effect. The Chasing Lights module is a versatile analog trigger sequencer with three channels, clock division options, and the ability to chain sequences for longer patterns. The Video Mult module solves the problem of signal loading and voltage drops when connecting one source signal to multiple modules, providing unity gain buffering for optimal performance. By combining these modules, you can create complex and harmonically rich electronic music setups. The article also mentions the Nonlinearcircuits More Black Panel module, which contains three individual cowbell circuits based on the TR-808, and the Ziqal Dimension MK3, a high-quality wavetable processor with advanced features.

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  4. 3D Audio Adventures: From Bizarre Jezabel Filters to Quasar's Spatial Mixer & More!

    In this article, we explore the exciting world of 3D audio adventures using a combination of Eurorack modules. We dive into the features and capabilities of the Bizarre Jezabel Filters, which provide dual/stereo filter options with cutoff control and CV input. Next, we explore the Neuzeit Instruments Quasar, a groundbreaking binaural 3D audio mixer that allows for dynamic movement and positioning of sounds in three dimensions. We also take a look at the Tubbutec 6m0d6, a versatile drum module that offers a range of organic retro drum sounds and industrial sound effects. Lastly, we discuss the Doboz TSNM MkII, a performance-oriented keyboard controller with various functionalities such as arpeggiation, sequencing, and envelope generation. To bridge the gap between Eurorack and stompboxes, we introduce the Intellijel Stomp, which acts as a portal for modular synthesists to explore the sonic possibilities of guitar effects pedals. Join us on this 3D audio adventure and unlock new dimensions in soundscapes.

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  5. Spooky Synthesis: Pittsburgh Modular, 2hp Catnip, Takaab, MRG Kick, and Ryk Modular Combine for Haunting Sounds

    In this article, we explore the spooky sounds that can be achieved by combining several Eurorack modules. First, we have the Pittsburgh Modular Dynamics Controller Bat, which is both a resonant filter and a VCA. It offers a modern interpretation of Don Buchla's lowpass gate, providing a more organic and complex sound. Next, we have the 2hp Catnip, a DSP multi-effects module that pairs perfectly with the Cat Synthesis VCO. This module adds a haunting touch to your sounds, with voltage-controlled cat sounds and various effects. The Takaab 2LPG V2 is a dual passive low pass gate that creates organic and plucky sounds. Its unique response time and filtering capabilities make it a versatile module for spooky sounds. The MRG Kick is a clone of the TR-808 Bass Drum with some additional features. It offers two trigger inputs with different accent levels, allowing for dynamic variations in kick accents. Lastly, we have the Ryk Modular Night Rider, which combines a sequencer and a filter-bank. This module offers four multi-model filters with a four-channel modulation sequencer, allowing for formant animation and dynamic sound shaping. Overall, these modules come together to create haunting and spine-chilling sounds in your Eurorack setup.

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  6. Unleashing Vintage Sounds: Exploring the Behringer 2600-VCO Eurorack Module

    Unleashing Vintage Sounds: Explore the Behringer 2600-VCO Eurorack Module, an affordable reproduction of the iconic ARP 2600 circuitry with four simultaneous waveforms, extensive frequency control, and the ability to integrate into any setup for endless tonal possibilities. Perfect for beginners and seasoned musicians alike, this feature-rich module captures the distinctive sound of the original 2600, making it a must-have addition to your modular synth collection.

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  7. Exploring the Versatile Sounds of Farb Highpass: An Analog Transistor Ladder Filter for Eurorack

    Discover the versatile sounds of Farb Highpass, an analog transistor ladder filter for Eurorack that offers CV-able resonance and a Tilt EQ for warmth or sizzling highpass effects. Explore its distinct circuit from classic lowpass filters.

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