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  1. Exploring the Sonic Depths: Unlocking FM Synthesis with the Jomox Mod FM Eurorack Module

    Unleash sonic exploration with the Jomox Mod FM Eurorack module, an 8-voice FM synthesizer with 4 operators, extensive modulation capabilities, 26 algorithms inspired by the Yamaha DX9, analog filters, VCO mode, MIDI connectivity, versatile effects, and plenty of storage for presets and settings. Discover the power of FM synthesis in a compact and feature-laden unit, perfect for creating modern electronic music and nostalgic retro sounds.

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  2. Exploring the Otherworldly Sounds of the Nonlinearcircuits Fourier Eurorack Module

    Explore the captivating sounds of the Nonlinearcircuits Fourier Eurorack module, an imperfect yet intriguing implementation of Fourier synthesis with Walsh characteristics. With control over sine and cosine signals, this module is perfect for creating shifting soundscapes and drones. While it requires a low pass filter for normal use, it can also be utilized as a unique sequencer or pattern generator with a slow clock signal. Experimentation with CV inputs and audio signals opens up endless possibilities, making this module a must-have for Eurorack enthusiasts.

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  3. Exploring the Sonic Landscapes: Unleashing the Potential of the Nonlinearcircuits Fourier Black Eurorack Module

    Unleash the sonic potential with the Nonlinearcircuits Fourier Black module. Explore shifting soundscapes and drones with this innovative module, inspired by Fourier synthesis and Walsh functions. Patch it into a low pass filter for normal use or experiment with different setups. Utilize fast clock signals for multiplexing channels or slow clock signals for sequencing. Each channel has reset and direction inputs, and CV inputs create unique harmonic effects. With white noise and external signals, the possibilities are endless. Get ready for an exciting journey into the sonic landscapes.

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  4. Unleashing Unpredictable Sonic Delights: Exploring the Nonlinearcircuits Sandy Freckle Pulse/Burst Generator

    Unleashing Unpredictable Sonic Delights: Dive into the Nonlinearcircuits Sandy Freckle Pulse/Burst Generator, a versatile module that produces random waves, acts as a waveshaper/distortion unit, and offers adjustable frequencies for unique sound manipulation. Allow this module to create captivating and ever-changing sonic textures that can be integrated with gates, envelopes, or audio rate signals, making it a must-have addition to your Eurorack setup. Explore the untamed creativity of Sandy Freckle and unlock a world of boundless musical possibilities.

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  5. Unleashing Unpredictable Sounds: Exploring the Nonlinearcircuits Sandy Freckle Eurorack Module

    Unleashing Unpredictable Sounds: Exploring the Nonlinearcircuits Sandy Freckle Eurorack Module - A pulse/burst generator with unpredictable, random sound generation, adjustable frequency sections, and the ability to be fed gates, envelopes, or audio rate signals for waveshaping and distortion. Get ready for sleazy, irresistible, and funny sounds!

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  6. Carp Lust: Exploring Nonlinear Circuits' Karplus Strong-inspired Eurorack Module

    Introducing Carp Lust, a black-panel Eurorack module inspired by Karplus Strong synthesis, offering plucked string sounds and mesmerizing glitchy experiments. Explore the unconventional while paying a humorous homage to the originators. Keywords: Eurorack module, Karplus Strong synthesis, plucked string sounds, glitch experiments, unconventional, homage.

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  7. Exploring Limitless FM Synthesis Possibilities with FM Einheit: A Eurorack Module for Experimental Sound Design

    Explore the limitless possibilities of FM synthesis with FM Einheit, a Eurorack module that allows you to create experimental sound designs with its flexible FM engine. With the ability to patch almost any algorithm you can imagine, it brings you into DX7 territory within the world of Eurorack. It is available as a DIY PCB set, and the building procedure can be found on their GitHub page. Don't forget to source an ElectroSmith Daisy SM separately.

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