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  1. Unleash Bold and Wild Sounds with Noise Engineering's Incus Iteritas Alia

    Incus Iteritas Alia unleashes bold and wild sounds with wavemangling FM percussion and instrument voice capabilities. This eurorack module allows you to create kicks, snares, metallic hits, FM plucks, analog-style basslines, and more using waveshaping, saturation, wavefolding, FM, and additive synthesis. With a variety of internal modulation options and easy-to-use parameters, Incus Iteritas Alia is perfect for jamming and experimenting in your modular setup. Additionally, it is available on the 10HP Alia oscillator platform, offering the flexibility to explore different firmware versions through the Noise Engineering Customer Portal. Swappable overlays are also provided for customization without assembly required.

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  2. Unleashing Sonic Mayhem: Exploring the Hybrid Additive Phase-Modulation Voice of Debel Iteritas Alia

    Debel Iteritas Alia is a powerful hybrid additive phase-modulation voice module that offers a wide range of synthesis algorithms, from classic FM tones to complex additive textures. With its intuitive envelope controls, extensive CV options, and massive timbral range, DIA is a versatile and compact synth voice suitable for various musical applications. Additionally, the module is part of the Alia oscillator platform, allowing for firmware updates through the Noise Engineering Customer Portal. Stay tuned for hotswappable overlays to customize your module effortlessly.

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  3. Unleashing Lunar and Solar Creatures: Exploring the ERD/TOAD Eurorack Module

    Exploring the ERD/TOAD Eurorack Module: Hermaphroditic analogue computer modeling vocal emissions of lunar and solar creatures, inspired by birdsong production mechanisms, redefining pulses and control.

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  4. Unleashing Musical Binary: Exploring the Schlappi Engineering Nibbler Eurorack Module

    Unleashing Musical Binary: Exploring the Schlappi Engineering Nibbler Eurorack Module - This CMOS Four-Bit Digital Accumulator counts in binary, offering rhythmic gate outputs, stepped voltage outputs, modulation possibilities, and the ability to create subharmonics and modem-like sounds, all with individual logic chips instead of a CPU.

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  5. Unleashing the Metallic Noise: Exploring the Steady State Fate Metalloid Percussion Entity

    Unleashing the Metallic Noise: Explore the Steady State Fate Metalloid Percussion Entity, an analog synth module for creating and manipulating metallic and synthetic metal noise. With three oscillators and two signal paths, it offers a range of unique metallic tones. The module features macro controls for enhanced tone variety, including tuning of the noise sources. It also utilizes two state variable VCFs for frequency control and two envelope generators for dynamics. With trigger inputs and normalization of outputs, it offers versatile connectivity options. Discover the power of metallic percussion synthesis!

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  6. Exploring the Versatile Power of the Basimilus Iteritas Alia: A Universal Drum Synthesizer and Beyond

    Explore the Basimilus Iteritas Alia, a versatile drum synthesizer that goes beyond percussion, offering creative sound design possibilities in just 10HP.

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  7. Unleashing the Unpredictable: Exploring the Helical's Autoregressive Algorithmic Synthesis

    Unleashing the Unpredictable: Exploring the Helical's Autoregressive Algorithmic Synthesis - A polyphonic Eurorack module with a unique generative engine that creates an unfolding sequence of notes, influenced by pitch and duration. It offers two channels with up to eight voices of polyphony each, common settings for musical parameters, and wavetable oscillators. The Helical is perfect for generative music composers seeking fresh sonic palettes.

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  8. Manis Iteritas Alia: Unleash the Gritty and Dark Industrial Powerhouse on Your Eurorack Setup

    Unleash the gritty and dark industrial powerhouse of the Manis Iteritas Alia, a modular voice with aggressive sawtooth waves and versatile modulation options. Perfect for leads, basslines, drums, and detuned madness, this 10HP module offers firmware-swapping capabilities and dedicated envelope output. Plus, feel good knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes towards pangolin conservation.

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