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  1. Analog Filter Frenzy: Combining Erica Synths, Befaco, Eventide, Pittsburgh Modular & Endorphin.es for Modular Madness

    This article dives into the exciting world of analog filters through a unique combination of Eurorack modules. Discover the sonic capabilities offered by the Erica Synths Black Low Pass VCF, Befaco Motion MTR, Eventide Misha, Pittsburgh Modular A Filter of Crows, and Endorphin.es Cockpit 2 Black. Unleash your creativity and explore new soundscapes by integrating these innovative modules into your modular setup for a truly immersive experience in modular madness.

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  2. Modular Madness: Bongo Fury meets Snow with Hypnotic Effects & QU Phasing

    In this Eurorack Builds article, we explore the fusion of the Nonlinear Circuits Bongo Fury drum module, Reverse Landfill Snow analog video noise source, Dreadbox Hypnosis analog effects processor, and Djupviks Elektronik DE-11 "The QU" phaser module. By combining these modules, you can create a modular madness of hypnotic effects, phasing, chaotic textures, and 80s nostalgia. With features like twin-T driven oscillators, filtered outputs, BBD Chorus-Flanger circuit, real spring reverb, and sound mangling inspired by Turkish sci-fi, the possibilities for sonic exploration are endless. Additionally, the Allen Synthesis EuroPi reprogrammable controller offers a customizable interface to control and manipulate these modules, allowing for a truly unique and personalized modular music experience.

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  3. Modular Madness: Bagarre, Lich, Sampler & Pamela's PRO

    In this article, we delve into the world of 'Modular Madness,' exploring the creative possibilities of combining the Bagarre stereo mix bus distortion, Lich programmable multi-function module, Sampler for recording and looping stereo .wav files, and Pamela's PRO Workout clocking modulator. From adding character and weight to your mix with Bagarre to creating intricate rhythm patterns and synced modulations with Pamela's PRO Workout, this Eurorack build offers a wide range of sonic capabilities. Dive into the innovative features and functionalities of these modules to elevate your modular setup to new heights of musical exploration and experimentation.

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  4. Modular Madness: Feedback Sub, Vult Caudal & More Unite!

    The article 'Modular Madness: Feedback Sub, Vult Caudal & More Unite!' delves into the exciting combination of Eurorack modules. The Feedback Sub brings complex suboctave generation, adding depth and timbral variation to bass sounds. Vult Caudal introduces a mechanical chaos source with operating modes like Pendulum and Planets, providing modulating signals for a Eurorack system. The Farbfolder analog wavefolder offers harmonically related overtones, while Visible Signals Video Mult ensures accurate signal distribution with buffered multiple outputs. Lastly, Acid Rain Technology's Maestro brings clocked modulation control, enabling synchronized and evolving control voltages for dynamic performances. This union of modules promises a rich and diverse sound palette for modular enthusiasts.

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  5. Metalloid Melodies with Roucha Filters: Modular Madness!

    This article explores the innovative combination of Roucha Legio by Noise Engineering and the Metalloid Percussion Entity by Steady State Fate to create unique metalloid melodies in a modular setup. The Roucha Legio filter offers versatile filter sweeps and wavefolding capabilities, while the Metalloid Percussion Entity focuses on metallic and synthetic metal noise generation. By integrating these modules with the InstruĊ [1]f crossfader and the Doboz Mix123 audio processor, modular enthusiasts can delve into a world of modular madness and push the boundaries of electronic music experimentation.

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  6. EuroFusion: WaveFolder, Line Input, Misha, Aikido, Shutter - Unleashing Modular Madness!

    EuroFusion: WaveFolder, Line Input, Misha, Aikido, Shutter - Unleashing Modular Madness!

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