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  1. Waveform Fusion: AI012 Animator, Mak Mak VCA, & Distortion Buff

    This article explores the combination of three unique Eurorack modules: the AI012 Wave Animator, Mak Mak VCA, and the Buff Distortion module. The AI012 Wave Animator offers a range of timbres and can be used for creating rhythmic variations. The Mak Mak VCA is a versatile quad channel module that can function as a VCA, attenuator, or mixer with saturation effects. The Buff Distortion module provides a rich fuzz texture while maintaining a clear bass and high-frequency response, ideal for creating intense techno percussions. Combining these modules can result in innovative and dynamic soundscapes for your Eurorack setup.

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  2. Analog Filter Frenzy: Combining Erica Synths, Befaco, Eventide, Pittsburgh Modular & Endorphin.es for Modular Madness

    This article dives into the exciting world of analog filters through a unique combination of Eurorack modules. Discover the sonic capabilities offered by the Erica Synths Black Low Pass VCF, Befaco Motion MTR, Eventide Misha, Pittsburgh Modular A Filter of Crows, and Endorphin.es Cockpit 2 Black. Unleash your creativity and explore new soundscapes by integrating these innovative modules into your modular setup for a truly immersive experience in modular madness.

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  3. Voltage Harmony: OXI Pipe, Xport, VnIcursal VCA, & Filter of Crows

    In this article, we explore the seamless integration of the OXI Pipe breakout module with the OXI ONE sequencer, enhancing ease of use and connectivity in Eurorack setups. By combining the versatile Xport balanced output module, VnIcursal VCA with its compact design and efficient voltage control capabilities, and the innovative Filter of Crows module offering unique filtering and overdrive functionalities, users can create a harmonious voltage-controlled system for a truly immersive modular synthesis experience.

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  4. Spooky Synthesis: Pittsburgh Modular, 2hp Catnip, Takaab, MRG Kick, and Ryk Modular Combine for Haunting Sounds

    In this article, we explore the spooky sounds that can be achieved by combining several Eurorack modules. First, we have the Pittsburgh Modular Dynamics Controller Bat, which is both a resonant filter and a VCA. It offers a modern interpretation of Don Buchla's lowpass gate, providing a more organic and complex sound. Next, we have the 2hp Catnip, a DSP multi-effects module that pairs perfectly with the Cat Synthesis VCO. This module adds a haunting touch to your sounds, with voltage-controlled cat sounds and various effects. The Takaab 2LPG V2 is a dual passive low pass gate that creates organic and plucky sounds. Its unique response time and filtering capabilities make it a versatile module for spooky sounds. The MRG Kick is a clone of the TR-808 Bass Drum with some additional features. It offers two trigger inputs with different accent levels, allowing for dynamic variations in kick accents. Lastly, we have the Ryk Modular Night Rider, which combines a sequencer and a filter-bank. This module offers four multi-model filters with a four-channel modulation sequencer, allowing for formant animation and dynamic sound shaping. Overall, these modules come together to create haunting and spine-chilling sounds in your Eurorack setup.

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  5. Unleashing the Unique Sound of Pittsburgh Modular's Polar Bear Eurorack Analog Snare Drum

    The article 'Unleashing the Unique Sound of Pittsburgh Modular's Polar Bear Eurorack Analog Snare Drum' delves into the creation and sound of this distinctive module. Unlike other snare drum modules, the Polar Bear does not mimic any famous drum machine's sound but instead draws inspiration from the natural world. The result is a flexible, synthesized snare drum that resembles the real thing but offers more possibilities. The review notes the satisfying snap produced by the Polar Bear and recommends it to those seeking a unique snare drum module.

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  6. Revolutionizing Eurorack Sound Generation with Innovative Modules

    The article 'Revolutionizing Eurorack Sound Generation with Innovative Modules' showcases how several eurorack modules can combine to create unique and versatile sounds. The featured modules include the IDUM which is an instant IDM gate processor, the Equation Group which is a passive resistor ladder DAC, the Dynamics Controller Bat which is a modern VCA and filter hybrid, the ST Mixer which is a stereo panning mixer, and the FX AID Pro which is a multi-effects module with 200 onboard effects and an advanced internal LFO. These modules offer a range of features and capabilities including gating effects, voltage-controlled response curves, headphone outputs, and customizable effect arrangements. Together, they provide a comprehensive toolkit for creating innovative and engaging electronic music.

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  7. Quad VCA Mixer, Pittsburgh Voice, Bongo Fury Drums: A Eurorack Symphony!

    In this article, we dive into the world of Eurorack modules by combining the Quad VCA Mixer module by Behringer, the Pittsburgh Voice module by Pittsburgh Modular, the Bongo Fury Drums module by Nonlinear Circuits, the MIDI THRU module by Manikk, and the I/O Expansion module for the Five12 Vector Sequencer. Together, these modules create a symphony of sound and endless possibilities for creativity and exploration in electronic music production. We explore the features and capabilities of each module, highlighting their unique contributions to the overall modular setup. Whether you're a seasoned musician or new to the world of modular synthesis, this article will inspire you to create your own Eurorack symphony.

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  8. Exploring New Sonic Horizons with the Pittsburgh Modular Taiga: A Comprehensive Review

    The Pittsburgh Modular Taiga is a modern modular instrument that allows exploration beyond traditional analog synthesizers. The Taiga stands out with a trio of huge analog oscillators, the smooth Pittsburgh Filter, and the warmth of the Dynamics Controller, creating new sonic textures and performance possibilities. This comprehensive review covers all aspects of the Taiga, showing how it is possible to break new ground in sound exploration with this full synthesizer voice.

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  9. Diving Into The Pittsburgh Modular Dynamics Controller Bat: A Modern Low Pass Gate With a Variable Decay

    The Pittsburgh Modular Dynamics Controller Bat is a versatile low pass gate that works both as a resonant filter and a VCA. Its unique lowpass gate circuit mimics the natural characteristics of sounds and produces a more complex and organic sound. Unlike the original LPG, the Dynamics Controller Bat has a variable response time and resonance, making it completely controllable. The module is a modern reinterpretation of Don Buchla’s concept of the LPG and provides the best of both worlds - a natural and alive sound with sustain control.

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