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  1. Unlock the Potential of Your Eurorack: Introducing the bluebox Eurorack Edition

    Introducing the bluebox Eurorack Edition, a versatile mixer with effects and multichannel recording for Eurorack. Control up to 6 mix settings with CV inputs, connect to your computer via USB-C, and enjoy features like EQ, reverb, delay, and a built-in compressor. Record and play back audio WAV files, route tracks to various outputs, and create professional mixes. This module offers flexibility, superior sound quality, and a user-friendly interface, making it an essential addition to your Eurorack system.

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  2. Drumming Delight: Traffic, Particles, and More for Modular Rhythm Evolution!

    In this article, we explore the combination of the "jasmine-olive-trees-traffic" and "patching-panda-particles" modules to enhance your modular rhythm evolution. The "jasmine-olive-trees-traffic" module is a powerful trigger-based CV controller that allows you to control multiple sounds from a single oscillator using triggers. It features three rows of knobs with corresponding outputs and a global trigger output for seamless synchronization. The CV outputs can range from +-8V and can be set to unipolar as well. The "patching-panda-particles" module, on the other hand, offers four channels of trigger modulation and pattern variation. With various features like shifting, scrambling, muting, and probability triggers, it allows you to create complex and groovy patterns effortlessly. By combining these modules, you can take your rhythmic ideas to the next level and explore new sonic possibilities. Watch them in action and discover the potential of your modular setup.

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  3. Traffic: An Innovative Trigger-Based CV Controller for Eurorack Modules

    An innovative trigger-based CV controller, Traffic, takes your macro oscillators to the next level, enabling you to explore new sonic territories and create a complete drum set with the modules you already have. This controller allows you to effectively control multiple sounds from a single oscillator using triggers, making it easy to switch between kick, snare, and hi-hat sounds. With its three rows of three knobs and simultaneous outputs, Traffic offers seamless synchronization of triggers and CV values. It also features a unique Groove mode and an alternate firmware called Water. Watch it in action here: [link]

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  4. Unleashing the Power of Analog Saturation with the British Noise Electronics Cascading FET Amplifier Eurorack Module

    The British Noise Electronics Cascading FET Amplifier Eurorack Module is an analog saturation powerhouse that is made up of four cascading JFET amplification stages, each of which can be used separately. The module gives users a lot of control over the amount of gain and distortion, while also allowing for easy use in a stereo configuration with its shared EQ knobs. It is an excellent option for users looking to add analog saturation and distortion to their Eurorack setup.

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  5. Get Creative with Per4mer: A Hands-On Guide to Modbap Modular's Quad Performance Effects Eurorack Module

    The Modbap Modular Per4mer is a 14hp eurorack quad performance effects unit that offers an unparalleled and fun experience by allowing hands-on and CV/Gate controlled eurorack effects. Featuring 4 performance effects (Delay, Reverb, Glitch & Tape Stop) and 2 processing effects (Color and Compressor), the Per4mer allows for a unique creative beat and melody generation experience. With the ability to engage any of the 8 fixed color presets and combining them with the onboard Compressor and Side-Chain input, the Per4mer transforms any audio signal's mood and vibe, making it a powerful tool for live performance. The module also features 4 no-click 24mm mini arcade buttons, clock input, tap tempo, CV control over knobs, gate inputs, and stereo input and output.

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  6. Exploring the Dual Euclidean Sequencing with Rebel Technology's Stoicheia Black

    The article titled 'Exploring the Dual Euclidean Sequencing with Rebel Technology's Stoicheia Black' delves into the functionalities of Stoicheia Black, which is a dual Euclidean sequencer. The module generates rhythmic sequences algorithmically based on an input trigger signal, and each sequence is regulated by a column of three knobs and a switch. The article highlights that the length of the sequence is measured in clocks or beats and can range from 1 to 16, with the center position being at 8. The number of on-beats is controlled by the third knob, where fully clockwise sets every beat 'on.' The article provides an overview of the top knob's function, which adjusts the beat the sequence starts on, allowing users to rotate the sequence left or right. Furthermore, the updated version of Stoicheia doesn't require a 5V rail and is available in kit form from Befaco Synths.

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  7. Bigger Sound in a Smaller Package: Reviewing the After Later Audio Beehive Uplaits Eurorack Module

    The After Later Audio Beehive Uplaits is a compact, 8hp module that offers full-size knobs for the four main functions of the module. It is a functionally identical clone of the Mutable Instruments Plaits and provides a bigger sound in a smaller package. The module comes equipped with new aluminum knobs for a non-slip texture and allows for more finger space over the standard Davies knobs. With its compact size and depth of 25mm, the Beehive strikes a nice balance between size and playability. Overall, this module is an excellent option for those looking to save space in their Eurorack setup without sacrificing functionality.

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