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  1. Exploring Unconventional Envelopes: The Black EG2 Eurorack Module by Erica Synths

    The Black EG2 Eurorack module by Erica Synths is a re-triggerable, looping envelope generator with unconventional features like a GATE LENGTH setting, allowing for full ADSR envelopes even with short triggers. It is perfect for experimental setups and can be controlled by trigger sequencers in compact modular systems.

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  2. Introducing the CONTROL Module: Streamlining Control of Your Eurorack Setup

    The CONTROL module is a versatile module for Eurorack setups that simplifies control over four independent stages. Each section generates an adjustable voltage using a potentiometer between -5V and +5V, making it perfect for a range of uses such as checking CV inputs, grouping together module controls, accessing parameters of external synthesizers, and generating continuous GATE signals. Additionally, the module is skiff-friendly and is available with matte black or white panel options. It can be ordered by contacting the manufacturer, Christian from ph modular.

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  3. Elevate Your Eurorack Sequencing with Endorphin.es Running Order 1U Black

    The article 'Elevate Your Eurorack Sequencing with Endorphin.es Running Order 1U Black' focuses on a two-track trigger sequencer module - the Endorphin.es Running Order 1U Black. The module has a sleek design with a width of 6HP and a depth of 30mm. It can be used as a sub-sequencer or as a divider in a Eurorack environment. The module features zero-jitter clock generation, a 101 style 1/16th note input mode, and a Euclidean mode enabled for each track. The module also allows for per-step trigger probability in 101 mode and global probability in Euclidean mode. With separate synchronization inputs, clock divider for incoming external clocks, and separate mute buttons for each track, the module provides excellent sequencing capabilities. Additionally, the module has 8 patterns of trigger sequences stored, making it an ideal solution for both live performances and studio recordings.

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