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  1. SoundForce uVCF 6: The Juno 60/106 Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter for Your Eurorack Setup

    The SoundForce uVCF 6 is an upcoming 6HP Eurorack module that provides a voltage-controlled low pass filter selection between 4 poles (24db/octave) or 2 poles (12db/octave), with FM CV input, VOCT input, and Q CV input. The filter is a Eurorack interpretation of the Juno 60/106 VCF section, built using modern and widely available parts, as the original custom ICs are now obsolete and unavailable. The module also features loudness drop compensation (LDC) to avoid signal loss with high levels of resonance. Despite the differences in sound between the Juno 60 and 106 synthesizers, the topology of their VCFs is exactly the same, and the uVCF 6 aims to bring that character into the Eurorack format.

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  2. Get Creative with the Erica Synths Black High Pass VCF: Voltage Control and Overdrive in One Module

    The Erica Synths Black High Pass VCF is a must-have for any sound designer who is serious about analog sound. It features a highly stable, 24dB/oct resonant high pass VCF with voltage control over cutoff and resonance, as well as a built-in post-filter overdrive circuit with user-adjustable drive amount. When used in combination with the Black Low Pass VCF and the Black Filter Coupler, it creates the ultimate analog modular system with a Holy Trinity of VCFs. This module also offers gain loss compensation on high resonance, cutoff CV attenuverter, and voltage control over cutoff and resonance. Get creative with the Erica Synths Black High Pass VCF and take your sound to the next level.

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  3. Exploring the Wild Possibilities of Atovproject's CDVCA: The World's First Class-D VCA with 1V/Oct Tracking

    Atovproject's CDVCA module is a world-first Class-D VCA that offers a unique approach to VCA technology inspired by Class-D amplification. The module turns the input signal into an ultrasonic PWM signal, which is then scaled and filtered back down to the original signal. The module also features 1V/oct tracking, which allows for crazy waveshaping that tracks melodies. The innovative clipping method of the drive control results in distortions with a defined character, and the module generates a simple square wave with no input, making it a versatile tool for sound creation.

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  4. Exploring the Versatile Eurorack Module: Sinc Bucina by Noise Engineering

    The Noise Engineering Sinc Bucina is a highly versatile Eurorack module that offers a resonant low-pass VCF and VCA combo with a variable filter slope, RC envelope generator, and slew. It is a great sequel to the Sinclastic Empulatrix module. The module features a velocity-dependent Ping input for classic release-only LPG behavior and a Gate input that offers complex slewing for dynamic modulation. The Envelope Out allows the internal envelope to be routed out into a patch for even more versatility and modulation possibilities. Overall, the Sinc Bucina is a great addition to any Eurorack setup for producing creative electronic sounds.

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  5. Exploring the Dynamic Capabilities of Steady State Fate's Multi-Mode Low Pass Gate with Timbre Modifying Circuits

    The Steady State Gate by Steady State Fate is a unique and versatile multi-mode low pass gate with additional timbre modifying circuitries, including a wave folder, soft saturation overdrive, and QAOS resonance character modifier. It has 6dB/Oct bandpass, 6dB/Oct lowpass, and 12dB/Oct lowpass filter modes, as well as manual frequency cutoff and resonance control with CV input. The module also has a voltage controlled decay envelope tailored to the vactrol LPG response curve, and an excite input that conditions gates, triggers, and external envelopes to "pluck" the low pass gate with sensitivity to envelope attack up to about 50ms. It can be used as a standalone VCF or as a standalone VCA with high-end roll-off.

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  6. Exploring Textural Oblivion and Rarefied Musings: A Review of the Anomaly Eurorack Module by Noisereap

    The Noisereap Anomaly Eurorack module is a unique combination of VCF and broken wavefolder that allows for the creation of "textural oblivion," "occult sputterings," and "rarefied musings." The module's BAD output produces "bonkers asymmetric distortion," courtesy of the intentionally broken wavefolder. The output buffers also offer built-in harmonic saturation, making the lowpass and highpass outputs feel more present than usual. The resonance profile is pingable, but on its own terms, and creates wild effects that are perfect for percussive blips or abrasive techno kicks. Overall, the Anomaly is an excellent option for sound processing enthusiasts looking to create unconventional and experimental sounds.

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  7. Experience Juno 60/106's Iconic Sound with SoundForce VCF/VCA 6 Eurorack Module

    The SoundForce VCF/VCA 6 Eurorack Module is an exciting new release that offers an interpretation of the iconic Juno 60/106 VCF, VCA, and HPF sections. The module was built based on the original service manual documentation with modern components, and comes in both black and grey background colors. This module is perfect for electronic music enthusiasts who want to experience the distinctive sound of the Juno 60/106 in a new way. The SoundForce VCF/VCA 6 is set to be released in February 2021, so mark your calendars!

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