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  1. Boucan: Unleash Chaos and Creativity with the Odd Analog Noise Generator

    Unleash chaos and creativity with Boucan, an odd analog noise generator that can function as a tonal equalizer, waveshaper, distortion, and more. It features two channels with independent controls, three types of fixed noise outputs, and voltage-controlled morphing. Inject external sources or use it as an effect unit for unique and pleasing results. Get ready to make some BBBRRRZZZ!

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  2. Exploring New Sonic Territories with Cosmos: The Swiss Army Knife of Eurorack Modules

    Discover the versatile Cosmos: a revolutionary analog module that acts as a VCO, LFO, ring modulator, gate generator, mixer, wave shaper, and more, pushing you to explore new sonic horizons.

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  3. The Resurrection of Altar II: A Eurorack Filter Enhanced for Harmonic Exploration

    Explore harmonic possibilities with the Altar II Eurorack filter. This versatile module allows smooth crossfading from BP to LP to HP, enhancing nuances and harmonics. With CV and resonance control, it's perfect for creating accent patterns and modulating timbre. Increase the signal with the gain knob for distortion and use the filter as a sine oscillator. The latest version now features a second input and refined circuits. Discover the potential of the Altar II in your modular setup.

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  4. Unleashing Unpredictable Sonic Delights: Exploring the Nonlinearcircuits Sandy Freckle Pulse/Burst Generator

    Unleashing Unpredictable Sonic Delights: Dive into the Nonlinearcircuits Sandy Freckle Pulse/Burst Generator, a versatile module that produces random waves, acts as a waveshaper/distortion unit, and offers adjustable frequencies for unique sound manipulation. Allow this module to create captivating and ever-changing sonic textures that can be integrated with gates, envelopes, or audio rate signals, making it a must-have addition to your Eurorack setup. Explore the untamed creativity of Sandy Freckle and unlock a world of boundless musical possibilities.

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  5. Unleashing Unpredictable Sounds: Exploring the Nonlinearcircuits Sandy Freckle Eurorack Module

    Unleashing Unpredictable Sounds: Exploring the Nonlinearcircuits Sandy Freckle Eurorack Module - A pulse/burst generator with unpredictable, random sound generation, adjustable frequency sections, and the ability to be fed gates, envelopes, or audio rate signals for waveshaping and distortion. Get ready for sleazy, irresistible, and funny sounds!

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  6. Exploring the Vintage Charm of the Farbshaper: A Classic West Coast Analog Waveshaper for Eurorack

    In this article, we delve into the vintage allure of the Farbshaper: a classic West Coast analog waveshaper for Eurorack that adds wave folds and interactive CV automation, originally used in function generators and oscillators. Explore its charm here: [Link to Article]

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  7. Exploring Soundscapes with the Knob Technology SGR1806-20: An Analog Drum Synthesizer Powerhouse

    Exploring Soundscapes with the Knob Technology SGR1806-20: An Analog Drum Synthesizer Powerhouse - This fully analog percussion sound synthesizer doubles as a synth voice, offering a V block with 3 triangle oscillators, an N block with 3 noise oscillators, a VC Mixer for smooth V to N crossfading, a wavefolder/waveshaper, distortion, and an envelope with a log/antilog curve. With a pure analog design, this 3U 12HP module is perfect for creating mesmerizing drones, powerful noise, and dynamic drum sounds. Retailing at $350, the SGR1806-20 is a must-have for any eurorack enthusiast.

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  8. Unleashing the Sonic Storm: Exploring the Eowave Tempête Magnétique Eurorack Module

    Unleash the sonic storm with the Eowave Tempête Magnétique Eurorack module, featuring quad complex multimode filters, cross modulation, and oscillation capabilities. This versatile module allows for filtering, weird synth voices, waveshaping, LFO/oscillator generation, crossover, external rhythm following, auto-filtering, and drum generation. With its analog design, it brings warmth and unique behaviors to your sound, creating new textures. Explore the endless possibilities of this 22hp skiff-friendly module and push the boundaries of modular synthesis. (Article Category: Effects & Processing)

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  9. Unleash Your Creativity with the Behringer BRAINS - A Multi-Engine Oscillator for Mind-Blowing Soundscapes

    The Behringer BRAINS is an incredibly versatile digital oscillator that allows for the creation of a wide range of soundscapes, from percussion sounds, leads, and basses, to drones and soundscapes. The module has 20 digital oscillator modes inspired by Mutable Instruments Plaits, each with different control engines and adjustable using four multi-functional knobs. In addition, the module boasts an OLED display for waveform visualization, giving users the ability to create unique, mind-bending sounds for their music production projects.

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