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  1. Unleash Sonic Power with ST Modular BUFF: An Analog Distortion and Sustainer Module for Earth-Shaking Sounds

    BUFF is a straightforward yet potent distortion module that can significantly enhance your sounds. It introduces a rich fuzz texture to the input signal, all the while preserving a clear bass and delightful high-frequency response. Equipped with a TONE control for accentuating low or high frequencies, and a SUSTAIN control that facilitates the creation of a protracted and velvety sustain. LEVEL dictates the degree of distortion infused into the signal. This module is especially suitable for creating headbanging techno percussions. BUFF is easy to build and cost-effective, offering wrong polarity protection for added peace of mind.

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  2. Unleash Bold and Wild Sounds with Noise Engineering's Incus Iteritas Alia

    Incus Iteritas Alia unleashes bold and wild sounds with wavemangling FM percussion and instrument voice capabilities. This eurorack module allows you to create kicks, snares, metallic hits, FM plucks, analog-style basslines, and more using waveshaping, saturation, wavefolding, FM, and additive synthesis. With a variety of internal modulation options and easy-to-use parameters, Incus Iteritas Alia is perfect for jamming and experimenting in your modular setup. Additionally, it is available on the 10HP Alia oscillator platform, offering the flexibility to explore different firmware versions through the Noise Engineering Customer Portal. Swappable overlays are also provided for customization without assembly required.

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  3. Recreating Alvin Lucier's I'm Sitting in a Room with Eurorack Magic: A Deep Dive into the Nonlinearcircuits I Was Sitting in a Room Module

    This article delves into the intriguing Nonlinearcircuits I Was Sitting in a Room module, designed to recreate Alvin Lucier's iconic work 'I'm Sitting in a Room.' With nine PT2399 chips in series, the module offers voltage-controlled delay time and fixed delays, resulting in noisy yet captivating effects like reverse delay illusions. Experimentation with different outputs for feedback yields varied outcomes, while utilizing additional processing through VCF or Phase shifter can further enhance the sonic possibilities. Apart from serving as a tool for pseudo stereo, multi-phonic, and spatialization effects, the module demands careful consideration due to its high current consumption on the +12V rail.

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  4. Exploring Chance and Randomness: Tone Science Chance Delay Eurorack Module

    Chance Delay is a groundbreaking Eurorack module that combines randomness with pulse delay and conditioning. Created through a collaboration between Ian Boddy and AJH Synth, this module offers a wide range of functions including chance generation, gate delay, clock division, and more. With manual and CV control options, users can explore a range of possibilities from pulse stretching to sub bass generation. The compact 8hp design and low power consumption make it a versatile and valuable addition to any Eurorack setup.

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  5. Polyphonic Pulse Playground: Endorphin Two of Cups Meets ThunDrum 2140 & More

    In this article, we explore the creative possibilities of combining the Endorphin.es Two of Cups, a 2 voice intuitive sample player, with the Synthetic Sound Labs ThunDrum 2140, a flexible FM percussive membrane drum voice. These modules offer intricate control over sound parameters, allowing for innovative sound design. Additionally, we introduce the Kassutronics Slope module, a voltage-controlled slew limiter and modulation source, and the Synthcube DJ Thomas White Dual LPG for low pass gating capabilities. To enhance polyphony, we integrate the Shkrjn Duophonic Distribution module, enabling the alternating notes of a monophonic sequence between two voices. This combination creates a polyphonic pulse playground for eurorack enthusiasts to explore and experiment with a wide range of sonic possibilities.

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  6. Voltage Odyssey: Lorelei, Mochika X5, DROID M4, Leaves Expander, Switched Mult 1U

    "Voltage Odyssey" takes you on a sonic journey through a combination of five powerful Eurorack modules. The Expert Sleepers Lorelei VCO offers a rich palette of waveforms and modulation options. Paired with the Atomosynth Mochika X5 semi-modular synthesizer, intricate sequences and lush textures come to life. The DROID M4 motor fader unit introduces tactile control with motorized faders, adding a unique interactive element to your Eurorack setup. Mystic Circuits' Leaves Expander expands voltage sequencing capabilities, enabling complex and evolving patterns. Completing the ensemble, the Intellijel Switched Mult 1U provides flexible signal routing options, enhancing connectivity within your modular system. Embark on a voltage-fueled adventure with these cutting-edge modules and unlock endless creative possibilities.

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  7. Granular Dub Envelopes: Hector Autodub A-126-2v A-Envelope UBurst

    Granular Dub Envelopes: Hector Autodub A-126-2v A-Envelope UBurst combines the power and versatility of the Hector Eurorack module with Autodub's interactive dub effects and Doepfer's Frequency Shifter II capabilities. The Velectronic A-Envelope adds associative quad-channel ADSR envelopes for dynamic control. To complete the setup, the Calsynth UBurst provides a compact version of Mutable Instruments' Clouds module for granular synthesis. This article explores the creative possibilities of combining these modules for intricate dub and granular texture generation in a Eurorack setup.

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  8. Diving into the Celtic Charm of the 'Pas-Isel' Eurorack Module: A Unique Four-Pole Resonant Lowpass Filter with a Signature 'Wooly Jumper' Sound

    The Pas-Isel Eurorack module is a unique four-pole resonant lowpass filter that offers a signature 'Wooly Jumper' sound. Combining elements from Buchla and Korg, this diode-based VCF provides a -24dB lowpass response with Celtic charm. It can deliver Moog-esque clean tones at lower input levels and distinctive saturation when the gain is increased, making it versatile for various musical applications. With chunky knobs designed for maximum playability, the Pas-Isel module is suitable for both studio work and live performances. You can purchase the Pas-Isel module from the Dwyfor Tech store on Reverb and explore more in the comprehensive documentation provided.

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  9. Modular Madness: Bongo Fury meets Snow with Hypnotic Effects & QU Phasing

    In this Eurorack Builds article, we explore the fusion of the Nonlinear Circuits Bongo Fury drum module, Reverse Landfill Snow analog video noise source, Dreadbox Hypnosis analog effects processor, and Djupviks Elektronik DE-11 "The QU" phaser module. By combining these modules, you can create a modular madness of hypnotic effects, phasing, chaotic textures, and 80s nostalgia. With features like twin-T driven oscillators, filtered outputs, BBD Chorus-Flanger circuit, real spring reverb, and sound mangling inspired by Turkish sci-fi, the possibilities for sonic exploration are endless. Additionally, the Allen Synthesis EuroPi reprogrammable controller offers a customizable interface to control and manipulate these modules, allowing for a truly unique and personalized modular music experience.

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