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  1. Exploring the Sonic Possibilities with the Sebsongs Bread & Butter Eurorack Module

    Polyphonic General MIDI based synth voice with 128 selectable instruments plus drums presets. Features standard V/OCT and GATE inputs, polyphony of up to 64 voices, independent decay for ratcheting chords, and a HOLD function for sustaining notes. Allows simultaneous use of MIDI, V/OCT, and GATE inputs. Stereo outputs with PAN knob for spatial manipulation. Parameters like pitch bend, velocity, and instrument selection are voltage controllable. Available at Thonk and more details on Sebsongs website.

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  2. Unleashing Creative Potential: Exploring the Make Noise Channel Saver Module

    The Channel Saver music synthesizer module by Make Noise is a versatile utility module designed to enhance the creative potential of any modular system. With features such as signal processing, channel manipulation, DC offset generation, and crossfading capabilities, the Channel Saver module offers a wide range of functionality for shaping control and audio signals. Whether you need to scale, amplify, attenuate, or invert incoming signals, the Channel Saver module provides a powerful tool for crafting unique sounds and modulation effects. Additionally, the SUM and INVerted Sum Bus allow for advanced signal processing techniques such as addition, subtraction, mirroring, and inversion. With individual channel outputs for Channels 1 and 2, users can benefit from independent signal routing and modulation possibilities. Overall, the Make Noise Channel Saver module is a valuable addition to any eurorack setup, offering subtle and intentional modulation for a more dynamic and expressive sound palette.

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  3. Unlocking Sonic Creativity: Exploring the Pittsburgh Modular Local Parks Oscillator

    The Pittsburgh Modular Local Parks oscillator offers advanced wave shaping capabilities, including pulse waves with adjustable Pulse Width and Pulse Shift for unique sonic manipulation. The Blade Wave morphs smoothly between a saw wave and the core frequency, adding a chorus-like effect. The module also features a Binary Logic waveform for diverse sound creation. With a built-in voltage controlled modulator, Local Parks is a dynamic oscillator ideal for generating evolving high harmonic sounds in any eurorack setup.

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  4. Exploring the Befaco Pony VCF: A Space-Conscious Powerhouse for Sound Shaping

    Space-conscious lowpass filter and volume processor. A combination of VCF + VCA + Mixer that lets you mix three different sound sources, and shape their tone, and levels in a breeze. The Pony Filter is built around the SSI2144 FATKEYS™ Chip. Has the elegant sound of the classic transistor filter without the associated distortions, due to Dave Rossum’s “improved ladder” topology.

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  5. Exploring Creative Voltage Control with the 'beers-vca-4qmx2' Eurorack Module

    This blog post explores the creative capabilities of the 'beers-vca-4qmx2' Eurorack module. It features dual VCA/four quadrant multiplier functionality with optional clipping/distortion and difference and inverted sum outputs. The module is designed for flexible use in stereo VCA, voltage-controlled panning, crossfading, and ring modulation setups. The article provides detailed insights into operating the module in VCA and 4 quadrant modes, along with practical tips for setting up patches and achieving unique sound manipulations. Additionally, it highlights the module's design considerations, including jumper settings for zener diode clamping, differential and sum outputs, as well as the circuit's deliberate "character" for creative expression.

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  6. Exploring Sonic Frontiers with the Noise Engineering Sinc Legio: A Stereo Oscillator Odyssey

    This review explores the Noise Engineering Sinc Legio, a 6 HP stereo oscillator offering wavemorphing, folding, and phase modulation capabilities. Sinc's diverse algorithms allow for a wide range of timbral possibilities, including phase modulation, FM, and wavefolding. Additionally, Sinc is part of the Legio platform, enabling users to swap firmware for free via the Customer Portal. With its unique features and versatility, Sinc promises a journey into stereo sound-design heaven for modular synth enthusiasts.

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  7. Unlocking Creativity: Exploring the Potential of KIEL in Eurorack Modular Synthesis

    Discover the creative potential of the KIEL module in your Eurorack setup. Learn how this 2hp expander module interfaces with Klima and Idein to generate random stepped control voltages. Explore the features of KIEL such as bit shifting, loop locking, and global voltage range control to add depth and variation to your modular synth patches. Unleash melodies and dynamic voltages alongside your existing gate and trigger signals, allowing for endless sonic possibilities in your modular rig.

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  8. Unlocking Creative Mixing Possibilities with Boredbrain Music Xcelon XP3: A Comprehensive Guide

    This article explores the Boredbrain Music Xcelon XP3, a 3-channel stereo mix expander designed for the Xcelon eurorack mixer. The Xcelon XP3 enhances the main mixer by adding three stereo/dual-mono channels, allowing for expanded creative mixing possibilities. With features like stereo FX sends, dual-mono crossfade mode, CV responsive LED indicators, and twelve discrete control voltage inputs, the Xcelon XP3 offers a versatile and dynamic mixing experience. The technical specifications include audio inputs, CV inputs, input impedance, channel input gain, and dimensions to ensure seamless integration into your eurorack setup. Explore the full potential of the Xcelon XP3 to elevate your sound mixing capabilities.

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  9. Unleashing Creative Sequencing with the Omnitone Melodi Eurorack Module

    Unleash your creativity with the Omnitone Melodi Eurorack module, a semi-random sequencer that generates sequences based on the mood you set. Easily create anything from powerful basslines to sparkly melodies with intuitive controls. Adjust tunable parameters like SKIP, PLUCK, TIE, TREND, SCALE, RANGE, LENGTH, and SPEED to customize your sequences. The module offers gate and pitch outputs, internal and external clock options, and comes in a compact 3U x 8HP x 25mm deep size. Get ready to explore new musical possibilities with the Omnitone Melodi Eurorack module.

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