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  1. Traffic: An Innovative Trigger-Based CV Controller for Eurorack Modules

    An innovative trigger-based CV controller, Traffic, takes your macro oscillators to the next level, enabling you to explore new sonic territories and create a complete drum set with the modules you already have. This controller allows you to effectively control multiple sounds from a single oscillator using triggers, making it easy to switch between kick, snare, and hi-hat sounds. With its three rows of three knobs and simultaneous outputs, Traffic offers seamless synchronization of triggers and CV values. It also features a unique Groove mode and an alternate firmware called Water. Watch it in action here: [link]

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  2. The Mochika X5: Explore High-Quality Analog Sounds with a Versatile Semi-Modular Eurorack Synthesizer and Sequencer

    The Mochika X5 is Atomosynth's semi-modular eurorack synthesizer and sequencer that provides users with high-quality analog sounds and a versatile range of features. This module includes a full synthesizer with unique wavefolding triangle and square oscillators, a vactrol filter, and a 16-step sequencer. With its semi-modular design, the Mochika X5 offers users the ability to create complex patches and explore new sounds with ease.

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