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  1. Exploring the Sonic Depths with Wildsync-FatMoog VCF/VCA: A Eurorack Marvel in Filter and Amplification Innovation

    This article dives deep into the innovative features of the Wildsync-FatMoog VCF/VCA eurorack module. Featuring a voltage-controlled 24 db/octave ladder filter and unique waveshaper mods for both Lead (Prodigy) and Bass (Minitaur) sounds, this module offers versatile sonic possibilities. With an attenuverter on the filter CV input, a level attenuator on the VCA CV input, and an output peak indicator, the Wildsync-FatMoog VCF/VCA is a true marvel in filter and amplification innovation.

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  2. Unveiling the Sonic Alchemy of the Bizarre Jezabel Blossom: A Deep Dive into Three Linked Filters

    Discover the mesmerizing world of the Bizarre Jezabel Blossom eurorack module as we delve deep into its three linked filters. These filters offer a unique sonic alchemy, allowing for spectral mix and morphing capabilities. Learn how to independently control input and output, while experimenting with FREQ to manipulate all three filters simultaneously. Uncover the potential of SPAN to shift the filters in relation to each other, opening up endless possibilities for sonic exploration and manipulation.

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  3. Diving into the Celtic Charm of the 'Pas-Isel' Eurorack Module: A Unique Four-Pole Resonant Lowpass Filter with a Signature 'Wooly Jumper' Sound

    The Pas-Isel Eurorack module is a unique four-pole resonant lowpass filter that offers a signature 'Wooly Jumper' sound. Combining elements from Buchla and Korg, this diode-based VCF provides a -24dB lowpass response with Celtic charm. It can deliver Moog-esque clean tones at lower input levels and distinctive saturation when the gain is increased, making it versatile for various musical applications. With chunky knobs designed for maximum playability, the Pas-Isel module is suitable for both studio work and live performances. You can purchase the Pas-Isel module from the Dwyfor Tech store on Reverb and explore more in the comprehensive documentation provided.

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  4. The Resurrection of Altar II: A Eurorack Filter Enhanced for Harmonic Exploration

    Explore harmonic possibilities with the Altar II Eurorack filter. This versatile module allows smooth crossfading from BP to LP to HP, enhancing nuances and harmonics. With CV and resonance control, it's perfect for creating accent patterns and modulating timbre. Increase the signal with the gain knob for distortion and use the filter as a sine oscillator. The latest version now features a second input and refined circuits. Discover the potential of the Altar II in your modular setup.

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  5. Intellijel SVF-1U: Unleashing Creativity with Multimode Filtering and Endless Possibilities

    The Intellijel SVF-1U is a powerful Eurorack module that offers a wide range of creative possibilities with its multimode state variable filter. From sweet subtractive synthesis to complex patches, this filter delivers punchy, clean, and precise sound. With dual modulation inputs and dedicated low pass, high pass, and band pass/notch outputs, you can explore new sounds and achieve interesting filter responses. It also features an optional +6dB input boost, asymmetric clipping circuit, accurate 1V/Oct tracking, FM CV input with attenuverter, and the capability to generate low distortion sine waves. Unleash your creativity with the Intellijel SVF-1U!

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  6. Exploring the Versatile Sounds of Farb Highpass: An Analog Transistor Ladder Filter for Eurorack

    Discover the versatile sounds of Farb Highpass, an analog transistor ladder filter for Eurorack that offers CV-able resonance and a Tilt EQ for warmth or sizzling highpass effects. Explore its distinct circuit from classic lowpass filters.

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  7. ADVA 3U: Unleash the Versatility of a Smart Multimode Filter

    The ADVA 3U is a versatile Eurorack module with a fat-sounding analog multimode filter, 7 filter modes, phase keeper, self-oscillation, and two distortion circuits, all in a compact package. It also features a smart interface with CV modulation options and a visual feedback RGB LED ring.

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  8. ADVA 3U: The Versatile Beast of Analog Multimode Filters

    ADVA 3U is a versatile analog multimode filter that includes a VCA, white noise generator, pre and post-distortions, and a smart interface. With 7 filter modes, it provides a wide variety of tones from gentle filtering to hot acid tones. It never inverts the input's phase and offers self-oscillation for all modes. ADVA can be used as an oscillator or sound generator, and features a resonance loudness compensation circuit. The internal white noise generator adds richness to the sound, and two separate distortion circuits provide soft-clipping overdrive and aggressive post-distortion. The smart routing system allows for CV modulation of filter modes, and the interface includes intuitive click knobs and an RGB LED ring for visual feedback.

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  9. SEMSVF: The Creamy and Silky King of Eurorack Filters

    SEMSVF is the ultimate Eurorack adaptation of the iconic Oberheim SEM State Variable Filter, meticulously handcrafted with a distinct creamy and silky filter response. With LP/HP and BP outputs, mix pots for signal inputs, frequency and resonance controls, and CV modulation capabilities, SEMSVF reigns as the king of 3080 OTA filter designs, offering a versatile and dynamic filter module for your Eurorack system.

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