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  1. Guru Gara Synth: Unleashing Creative Sidechain Techniques with Dual Side Chain VCA Module

    Discover the Guru Gara Synth Dual Side Chain VCA Module, a unique Eurorack module that mimics sidechain compression techniques, allowing for dynamic and creative sound manipulation. Control gain reduction using audio input or CV, adjust attack and decay, and customize the depth of gain reduction. With its dual unit design and handcrafted PCB front panel, this module delivers innovative modulation and envelopes for your eurorack setup. Perfect for artists seeking to unleash their creative sidechain techniques in electronic dance music and beyond.

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  2. Maximizing Sound Control: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Guru Gara Synth's Dual VCA Module

    The article titled 'Maximizing Sound Control: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Guru Gara Synth's Dual VCA Module' provides a comprehensive guide to using the dual voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) module, based on CEM3360/AS3360 technology, from Guru Gara Synth. The module features two separate audio inputs and outputs, as well as CV inputs and CV amounts that allow for the independent amplification of each audio signal. The article highlights how to use this module effectively to achieve maximum sound control.

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  3. Get the Best of Both Worlds with the AJH Synth MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA: A Five-Channel Audio Mixer with Built-In VCA and Overdrive Circuit

    The AJH Synth MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA is a versatile module that combines a five-channel mixer, built-in VCA, and overdrive circuit. The mixer section features tactile LED switches, which allow for quick muting and unmuting of channels, and a four-segment LED level meter for monitoring output levels. The VCA can be switched from linear to exponential response, making it suitable for use as a sub mixer or standalone VCA. The overdrive circuit adds smooth distortion, with the amount of distortion varying based on channel and master output levels. Overall, the MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a feature-packed mixer with additional VCA and distortion capabilities.

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  4. Exploring the Wild Possibilities of Atovproject's CDVCA: The World's First Class-D VCA with 1V/Oct Tracking

    Atovproject's CDVCA module is a world-first Class-D VCA that offers a unique approach to VCA technology inspired by Class-D amplification. The module turns the input signal into an ultrasonic PWM signal, which is then scaled and filtered back down to the original signal. The module also features 1V/oct tracking, which allows for crazy waveshaping that tracks melodies. The innovative clipping method of the drive control results in distortions with a defined character, and the module generates a simple square wave with no input, making it a versatile tool for sound creation.

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  5. Exploring the Warm Crunch of Super Synthesis TVCA: Reviewing the Simple yet Effective 2-Input VCA with Smooth Distortion

    The article titled 'Exploring the Warm Crunch of Super Synthesis TVCA: Reviewing the Simple yet Effective 2-Input VCA with Smooth Distortion' provides a comprehensive review of the Super Synthesis TVCA, a two-input VCA module with a smooth distortion circuit. The article highlights the TVCA's features, including individual gain per input, a CV input to control the VCA, and a single output that mixes both inputs. The review also covers the TVCA's smooth and warm distortion, which is perfect for adding character to a modular synth setup without overwhelming the signal. Overall, the article provides a positive evaluation of the TVCA and its capabilities.

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