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  1. Get Creative with Your Mixes: Exploring the Features of the Modbap Modular Transit Eurorack Mixer

    "Get Creative with Your Mixes: Exploring the Features of the Modbap Modular Transit Eurorack Mixer" is an article that discusses the features of the Transit Eurorack Mixer by Modbap Modular. The module is a 6hp dual stereo channel lane mixer with an all-analog signal path and includes a variety of controls such as mutes per channel, gain control per channel, and ducking input per channel. The mixer also has digitally controlled LEDs for level indication and offers a main stereo output with a master volume control knob and an independent 3.5mm headphone output with its own volume control knob. The article highlights the versatility of the Transit Eurorack Mixer and how it can be used in both small and large modular systems.

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  2. Exploring the Dynamic Soundscape: Endorphin.es Cockpit 2 Golden - The Ultimate Stereo Channel Performance Mixer with Sidechain Ducking

    The Endorphin.es Cockpit 2 Golden is a powerful stereo channel performance mixer that takes your sound exploration to the next level. With four stereo channels and on-board compressor with external sidechain control voltage option, it adds the perfect dynamics to your mix. It also features a stereo output that can drive a wide range of headphones, making it a versatile option for both live performances and studio sessions. Don't miss out on this ultimate performance mixer that guarantees an immersive and dynamic soundscape.

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  3. Ciao Black by Bastl Instruments: The Compact Eurorack Module for High Quality Line Outputs and Headphone Amplification

    The Bastl Instruments Ciao Black is a compact Eurorack module that provides high quality line outputs and headphone amplification for modular enthusiasts. With four line outputs (including two balanced outputs and one stereo output that can double as a second headphone output), this module is perfect for both recording and live performances. The headphone output can easily switch between the stereo channels, and a dedicated switch allows you to mix channel A and channel B. The Ciao Black also features an internal normalization that converts mono signals to stereo, and a line level clipping indication per channel.

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