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  1. Unleash Your Creativity with Pet Rock: A Eurorack Module for Daily Rhythm Exploration

    Unleash your creativity with Pet Rock, a 4hp Eurorack module that generates a unique rhythm daily, changing monthly with modulations in style. With independent clockable rhythms, customizable options, and real-time moon phase modulation, this module offers endless possibilities for rhythm exploration. No internet connection required, just pure rhythmic inspiration at your fingertips.

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  2. Revolutionize Your Rhythms with Acid Rain Technology's Constellation - A Parametric Rhythm Generator Eurorack Module

    Acid Rain Technology's Constellation is an 8-channel pattern generator that aims to revolutionize rhythm by combining up to eight individual Euclidean patterns of different lengths and density to create long, complex, and musically interesting trigger and gate rhythms. Its unique parametric approach allows any of these parameters to be modulated with CV through one of eight freely assignable CV inputs, introducing significant ability for its rhythmic output to vary over time. Furthermore, the module can achieve a wide range of true polyrhythms through per-channel clock division and multiplication. Constellation's advanced features include saving and loading channel settings from up to 20 save slots per bank and up to 999 banks, manually playing save slots like a keyboard in live mode, and robust internal and external clock options to sync tightly with all other gear. If you're looking for a rhythm generator that provides intentional, unexpected, and exciting rhythms for the foundation of your compositions, Constellation could be a unique set of tools for you.

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